8 New Things I've Tried In 2016

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

checkered loafers.

1. A flat white.
I didn't want to like this drink because liking new coffee drinks leads me to buying new drinks rather than drinking good old fashioned coffee at home like I should.

What is it? I'm not sure. But I think it's like a stronger, less sweet latte with more espresso shots thrown on top. But the people at Starbucks have fooled me before, so it could just be a latte with a new name.

2. In the past few weeks I've started every morning listening to the same song, "It's a Beautiful Morning," by The Rascals on repeat. Just over and over and over. I know it sounds strange, but you should try it. This songs puts me in a weirdly good mood.

3. Zero calorie noodles.
There's a reason these things aren't very popular. They're not terrible... but they're not exactly enjoyable either. The best way I've found to eat them is making an Asian style shrimp soup with a LOT of soy sauce.

4. Sprig.
This is my new fav delivery service. They describe themselves as an "Uber Like Meal delivery." I describe them as healthy gourmet dinners delivered fast AF.

The menu changes daily, you get 4-5 meals to choose from, you get to see the calorie content, they're like $11-$13 a piece and they're delivered within 15 minutes. Yes, sometimes the food is a wee bit dry, but it's delivery and it's fast so I kind of know that going into it. Also Sprig always gives a good side sauce to spruce up whatever you're eating. (Just realized this one sounds very sponsory, I assure you it's not.)

5. Hair products.
Like treatments and stuff. I'm the LAST person to buy expensive products for my hair... thus the reason it's been the same length for 100 years. But I'm determined to grow a few more inches by my wedding so I bucked up and finally bought some good stuff. And I almost hate to report that they work. It's only been three weeks and I've seen a total change in my usual snappy, dry, gross hair.

I bought Olaplex Hair Protector from my stylist, but after a quick search I just found it on Amazon right here for much cheaper. Of course. I know better than to buy products at a salon but I was desperate. Stylists must love brides-to-be.

6. I've started writing my goals for the day on a notecard every single morning.
Not a to-do list really, but things to focus on for the day. And for some reason a notecard is so much easier for me than a notebook. It's a total mental thing, obviously. But these are the games I have to play with myself.

7. I've started going in depth with my Facebook boosting skills.
(In depth for me, anyway.) I've recently started doing social media for a real estate agent so I had to sharpen my skills in this area. And boy oh boy there's an abundance of knowledge out there! If you're not using Facebook for your business or blog, you are missing out. I might write a post on this soon if I can figure out how to include all the fancy images and stuff.

8. These earrings.

Truthfully, this last one doesn't really fit my list because buying earrings isn't new for me necessarily, I just really want to show off these cute heart earrings I think are perfect for Valentines Day.

My friend, Bon, sells them (along with a ton of other cute studs) and they are ridiculously affordable at only $7. Also, they arrived at my doorstep before I even clicked submit. So skip the chocolates and send these as V Day gifts this year, instead. Bonus: Use code tay20 and get 20% off!

What new things/products have you tried in 2016?

If you know of something that will make my skin better, hair instantly longer, and abs finely toned all within a day- do share!


  1. My understanding of a flat white is that it's just a different proportion of espresso and milk (and the type of milk). Kind of how a latte and cappuccino are different proportions of the same drink, which changes the taste. But I'm totally with you on hating to try new things because if you like it then you want to keep buying it. That's why I refuse to buy non-drugstore foundation. The LAST thing I need is to love something that is expensive and I use every day.

  2. I love Bonnie's shop! The birthstone jewelry makes great gifts! So if you're like me and you get terrible dry skin on your face during the winter...use olive oil! Cheaper than a fancy moisturizer, and it seriously works. My face used to be so gross from October-May, and now it actually looks all rosy and healthy looking.

  3. Teach us your Facebook ways! I really neglect my blog's Facebook page, I'm so bad I sometimes even forget to publish my new posts on it. It just seems so lonely! I need to check out the Olaplex hair treatment, I am so bad to my hair.

  4. I'm not really one to splurge too much on hair products, but I do prefer salon quality. The last time I was at the salon to get highlights, my hair dresser talked me into getting that Olaplex hair treatment done that day. I normally say no, but I am so happy I decided to get it! My hair wasn't as dry after getting highlights. I didn't know you could buy it online though, I'll have to check that out!


  5. Wait, I have the BEST shampoo stuff for you that can grow your hair and make it awesome! Ha, let me sell you stuff! (I swear I buy 99% of the stuff I buy from other blogger's;)

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  7. I am forever listening the same song on repeat! I know my friends hate me and probably have musically-induced deja vu every time they get in the car with me, but like you said, there's certain songs that just put you in a good mood!

  8. For hair I recently started using the Living Proof products. Im normally too cheap to pay for good shampoo but this is worth it. Also, Try spaghetti squash instead of the zero calorie noodles. I was a skeptic, but now I love it! Stab with a knife, microwave 7 min. Flip it and microwave 7 more min. Then, slice and clean out the seeds. The rest just scrapes out like spaghetti!

  9. I have no clue what to do with my blog's FB page, please please tell me. And snap that song more often, it put me in a good mood the other day too!

  10. BRB, looking up Sprig to see if they're in my area!

  11. I love listening to the same song over and over in the morning! It really goes get you buzzing for the day!

  12. I'd be interested in a Facebook post about boosting views! It's such a huge overwhelming area that I've avoided looking into what I know will be helpful.

    I do the same thing with To Do lists! But I do it the night before because there's no way I can focus on making a list before work. They really hep though!

  13. I don't drink coffee but I know here a flat white is just basic coffee with a bit of milk in it, it's the type of coffee my dad drinks

  14. Those earrings are adorable - also show me your ways with the blog FB. Mine is just ... sad

  15. Cute earrings!

    Her Heartland Soul

  16. I would love to hear what you've learned about boosting posts! I feel so lost with things like that right now. Also, love all those earrings!

    toast the girl almighty

  17. I also tend to choose my favourite drinks, because 8 times out of 10, I don't like new ones.
    In 2016 I tried hot chocolate with coconut syrup in Starbucks. It was good but didn't taste like "bounty sweets" as barista promised me.
    2. In a japanese restaurant I tried coffee with apple syrup. Tasted disgusting. Never drink it even for free!

  18. Seriously, flat white. I can't even begin to explain my love for that stupidly amazing latte.

  19. I don't know about that flat white thing. It seriously sounds like you're drinking paint.

  20. I haven't had a flat white yet. I'm a sweet coffee person...I'm not sure how I'll feel about it.

  21. I'm really glad i'm not a big fan of hot drinks, Starbucks would ruin my bank account! I'm really interested in the notecard idea, might try it out and maybe get more done in a day, if it works miracles really do exist haha! Those earrings are so damn cute I love Bonnie's blog and her jewellery (actually added it to a wishlist post on my blog along with your shirts) it's so cool to see that my other favourite blogger loves it as well!

  22. I've mostly tried some new beauty products this year, I caved and got a serum for my face since I'm 26 now and am terrified of getting fine lines...oy vey growing up is not cheap. I think I might need to invest in some new hair products too as I want to grow my hair!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

  23. In 2016, I have tried using my new bread-maker to make my own sandwich bread and pitas. The latter turned out pretty well, but I'm still figuring out that I need (a) a bread knife and (b) more knowledge about storage of homemade bread. It's a learning experience, and you always risk starting out with some near-debacles!

  24. Flat whites are the best thing ever. I hadn't heard of them until we moved to Australia and now they are my favorite. I'm pretty sure they are like a latte but with more coffee and less milk. I need to listen to that song, anything to perk me up in the morning.