Dreams Are Made At Dog Bars

Thursday, February 11, 2016

So things got a little hairy yesterday.

It all started with a vodka tour at 2:00 afternoon at CH Distillery. It was a work thing, I swear. Sometimes I really like "my work," I'll admit it. The distillery was gorgeous, the drinks were amazing, and the people were great. A good time was had by all. Local and non-locals, if you're in the area I highly suggest you take this tour.

Expect a full recap in a few days.

For now let's focus on what happened after the tour. It was 4:30, Claire and I were a little buzzed, so we figured what the hell, let's ride this out. We went to my house and grabbed Harlow and decided to have a few drinks at my neighborhood dog bar. It's a real dive. It's always dark, a little bit smelly, and the bathroom graffiti is Pulitzer worthy.

Anyway. One thing led to another and suddenly Harlow is on the bar, strutting his stuff back and forth like he's the cute Russian girl in Coyote Ugly. I think if I would have asked him for water he would have sprayed me with it and then kicked me with his jeweled cowboy boots. Harlow's antics are getting more ridiculous by the day, and I certainly don't help the cause.

At the time, it was hilarious. But looking back, I'm wondering why on earth the owner let this happen. Then again, the owner is almost always drunk. So I assure you, he didn't mind. He loves Harlow.

At this point it's 5:30 p.m., Claire and I have had one too many, and we're having in depth conversations about the indie movie we're going to film this summer in Nebraska, which will obviously get us into Sundance 2017. Maybe 2018? WHY NOT. Dreams are made at dog bars.

We parted ways around 6:00 p.m. and the first thing I did when I walked in my house was heat up a bucket of leftover super bowl dip and bathe myself in it. I can still taste the regret in my mouth today.

It was a random fun Wednesday to say the least.

But now I have to go because I have a screenplay to finish and I think my friend Jimmy John just got here. Byeeeeeeee.


  1. I am dying over Harlow as the Russian girl in Coyote Ugly. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. I can only hope that you and Claire will be coming back to her hometown to film.....which happens to be my town too! ;) I'm sure the guy from your post yesterday would love to see Harlow in his jeweled cowboy boots!

  3. That sounds like a great afternoon! I would love to see a dog on the bar.

  4. I love the idea of a dog bar, I hate going out for drinks and leaving my pup behind! He never judges my drinking! hahah
    Random fun days are definitely the best fun days.

    toast the girl almighty

  5. Weekday hangovers are the worsttttt. But I'm glad you had fun!

  6. OMG you have a legit indoor dog bar?!?! We get a summer outside dog drinking night here, but not a whole BAR! That sounds fabulous!

  7. I'm pretty sure your indie movie should star Harlow & his rise to fame while walking on bar tops or something. Maybe Harlow, making his was in a new city as a struggling musicion and falling into a bar tending/dancing job. may sound a little familiar but Harlow will give it a whole new spin and plus people like remakes.

  8. I wish we had a bar that we could take our pup to! There are a couple of breweries that we can take him to though!