The Wrong Wedding Dress

Friday, February 26, 2016

I just tried on my wedding dress for the first time.

They sent me the wrong one. Well, kind of. The dress I took photos of was strapless. The dress I ordered was strapless. The dress at my parents house that I just tried on was not strapless.

But everything else was the same. Kind of.

When I put it on I immediately broke down and started to cry. The worst possible thing that could have happened, happened. It's my absolute nightmare. MY WEDDING IS RUINED. LIFE IS OVER.


I was a little annoyed. But que sera sera, accidents happen. My wedding is still like five months away. The boutique obviously said they'll fix it asap. But I'm kind of tempted to keep the sleeves for the ceremony and then ditch them for the reception. I'm using the term "sleeve" loosely here. They're more like caps. Or something. I'm not sure.

My mom went into Dance Mom mode and suggested we fix it ourselves. She actually said the words "velcro buttons." And "hot glue gun." HOT GLUE GUN.

I was like, MOM this is not a dance costume! I'm not doing a tap number to Johnny Be Good in a recital at the Norfolk Senior High Theater. 

Classic mom and her damn hot glue gun.

I still love the dress, it's just a little different. And the good thing is I don't have to get it altered at all. I should probably just stop eating pizza and stuff right before the wedding because it's slightly hard to breathe in. Or maybe that was just nerves? But I'm pretty sure it was my pizza pooch.

Before I wrap up for the weekend I'll end by telling you 42 years ago on this day my parents went on their first date.

My dad asked my mom out in gym class. She thought he was going to ask for her homework. But instead my dad swept her off her feet and asked her to go to a community college basketball game with him. If I could insert the crying laughing face emoji here I would. Instead I'll show you a pic from when they went to prom together.

My mom's hat. My dad's bow tie. THEIR HAIR. It's all too good. They're ridiculous.

I wrote about how to have a good marriage here, based on what I've learned from them. Read it for a chuckle. Have a good weekend, everyone. March is almost here!


  1. If you can wrap your head around it, this very same thing happened to me. Though I needed the sleeves for the church we were getting married in and alas, my dress arrived strapless. I had a lace maker create a removable backing/cap sleeve get up and it ended up working perfectly!!! I took the sleeves off for the reception and everyone was like...did you change dresses?!?

  2. Your mom is the best for wearing a sunhat to prom.

  3. Oh man, that picture is great! The hair and color of his tux are my favorite parts.

  4. hahaha hot glue gun. i think your mom and my mom would get along. i'm sure it will get fixed. I"M POSITIVE. but that's still frustrating af.

  5. Ohh hell no! I hope they fix it ASAP. 2 weeks before my wedding, I got my dress back from getting alterations, and the way the lady had me bustle it was not how I had asked. She let me take it back for free and "fixed" it but it still made me look weird in the back. The night before my wedding my maid of honor fixed it for me how I wanted it. I don't know why it had to resort to being so last minute, but sweet baby Jesus!

  6. When I first read the title my mind immediately went to thinking about Bridesmaids and the moment Lil stepped out in her awful wedding dress. Thank god it isn't that bad. I love that you aren't majoring on the minors and taking everything with such grace. I've met a ton of brides who were not that easy going, so you're a real treasure! Also can we talk about your mum's hat? I don't hate it.

  7. Glad you didn't totally freak out and that there is still time to get the correct one.

  8. Ugh that's so frustrating! At least they have time to fix it though. Not with the glue gun though, haha. Ahh!

  9. I love how a huge hat like that was just like, totally normal to wear to prom back then lol. Your parents are quite the lookers! Also your dad looks like dax shepard or something. Anyway that's so lame about your dress but at least you found out far enough in advance! Plenty of time to figure it out :)

  10. I feel like something similar happened to my wedding dress? That, or like it didn't show up til like the 11th hour, and I didn't finish getting it tailored until like 3 days before the wedding. Thank god no crazy changes needed to be made!

  11. I love old family photos! PLEASE share more with us :)

  12. I'm sorry about the dress, but at least it's fixable!