10 Things You Have To Know About My Wedding

Thursday, March 24, 2016

*Title is clickbait. You don't actually have to know anything about my wedding. It's a wedding.

ripped jeans found here. MARRIED AF SHIRT.

Anyway, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by life yesterday...

The wedding is officially less than four months away at this point. The four month mark makes me nervous for some reason, like in terms of getting shit done. Things are getting real. And that deadline is getting closer and closer.

We have the big stuff done, but it's all of that little stuff that makes me itchy. The weird stuff like programs, and ceremony music, and goody bags, and ...  what else is there? I think about all of these little things late at night while I'm laying in bed and my mind is racing. And I tell myself to get up and write them down, but I never do.

Also the thing I keep wondering is how does it all come together? HOW? We don't have a wedding planner, so it's obviously up to us to do it. And we're fully capable of course (we're not the first people to plan a wedding, I get it) I'm just not a detail oriented person by any means. So that worries me.

And then the person playing devil's advocate in my head always like to whisper, just chill out! It's only one day. If everything doesn't go absolutely perfect it's okay. Life goes on.

But that little whisper is often shut out by every other thought in my head surrounding that one day and what I hope happens.

Ultimate goal: I want everyone to have a good time. That's it. I just want a really fun wedding weekend.

I don't need the "bride spotlight," that can go to Harlow. I'm not worried about perfection, I think the silly moments that just happen are often the best. All in all, I prefer comical over romantic.

We're writing our own vows and every time I've sat down to work on them it turns into a standup set. And I know, I know, not everything is a joke. This is a big life step and I should take it serious and blah blah blah, but standup is so much more fun. If I were a wedding guest I wouldn't want to sit and listen to how much the bride and groom love each other, they're getting married, they must like each other. I'd rather hear some one liners and some hot bits.

I feel like it will be instinct to grab the mic and start warming up the crowd,  How's everybody doing? We having a good time? So what's the deal with mountains, anyway?

Just kidding. There's a time and a place. Apparently.

So here's what's on my list for this week:

Order invites. (Are we behind? Or on time?)

Find Harlow a bow tie. This one brings me more joy than it should.

Solidify a videographer. After extensive searching I think we've found a good team that comes highly recommended out of Kansas City. 

Figure out hair and makeup. I've found a hairstyle that I can already tell I'll look back on in five years and be like WTF? But I don't care. I love it. Let's just say I've always been really into Christina Aguilera in Lady Marmalade. lols. Or I'll go for the vintage look. So it's either 1980s or 1920s....

Bridesmaid getting ready attire. Yay or nay? It's cute for pics, but ... but I haven't found the perfect thing that doesn't seem too weird, or too pricey. If you have suggestions let me know!

Lastly, HONEYMOON. I am so excited for a honeymoon. Chris and I need to lock this down asap before flights get super expensive.

jean shorts found here.

And now is the time in the post when I tell you to buy all of your friends the MARRIED AF shirt because it's just fun. And guys love it (pic of Chris wearing his coming soon...) And of course the Honeymoon top for the honeymoon.

That is all. I'm off to order my wedding invites and pick up my wedding dress for the second time.


  1. Weeeee wedding! My number one piece of advice? Enlist your bridesmaids - especially that one, type A, already has had her own beautiful wedding, has a color printer and tons of ink, and is endlessly patient and you probably wouldn't have survived life much less your wedding without? Yeah that one. That's the bridesmaid that saved me and made me surprisingly stress-free throughout.

    As I type this, I'm realizing I basically used my friend as a free wedding planner. So. I shld probably send her her THANKYOU note by now. Right?

    1. enlist her to do what???? what ?? how?

  2. Invites should usually be sent out around six weeks before the event. Any earlier and people forget, any later and people are booked" is the idea around that timing. I'd say you're good to go on that timing.

    I'd prefer the funny vows, if I were a guest! A little humor mixed in with some romance can go a long way in the whole "make our wedding fun" thing.

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  4. I was a bridesmaid in one wedding where we all wore white mens' button up shirts and the photos turned out really cute, plus they were essentially free or next to free. In another wedding, we all received colorful bathrobes as part of our gift to get ready in. My wedding? Everyone came as is and I didn't worry about it.

    1. I saw some wedding photos where the girls wore men's button up shirts and they all had different fun knee high socks!

  5. All of my bridesmaids accidentally wore nearly-identical chambray shirts while getting ready for my wedding with the exception of myself in my comfy flannel, so maybe it'll all work out?

    Ditto to having friends help out. I designed programs and other wedding signs for my best friend's wedding fo free while another bridesmaid took the lead on arranging flowers for bouquets. Your friends have been through this before and learned what to do; use them for the awesome free resource that they are!

  6. I'll be your wedding planner! - check us out eventsbystephaniecourtney.com

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  8. We got married just a few weeks after I finished up my final spring semester of college and life was CRAZY. Do you have any friends that are always asking about what your latest wedding plans are? or bridesmaids who adore weddings? Ask them for help.

    To be honest, I kind of hated wedding planning. It is so much work for just one day. I found all the work and planning(or all the work and planning my friends helped with) to be worth it in the end. Just remember as long as you're married at the end of the day, it will be the best day ever!

    P.S. Harlow's bow tie sounds adorable!


  9. you will get it done and if you don't it'll still be a blast. I'm 100% certain. also good luck on the dress... fingers crossed.

  10. I actually kind of like the idea of putting a little humour into your vows... but I do event planning so maybe I've just worked on one too many overly sappy weddings.

    Then again, people do tend to take themselves too seriously if you ask me, and your wedding should show your personalities :)

    Nellwyn | www.thecardinalpress.com

  11. Go to TJ Maxx and buy everyone the same $12.99 pj set to get ready in. Cute and they can wear it again, unlike 99% of the bridesmaids dresses out there. I wish I had more advice to give, but at the 1.5 month mark, I started taking a xanax every day so most everything turned into me telling my mother to pick something out because I didn't care!

  12. Four months will fly and your wedding will be here before you know it! Don't stress the small stuff - even if something goes wrong (maybe the wrong color flowers or something minor), you and your fiancé are the only ones who would know anyway.

    As for your bridesmaids, why not make them their own tanks or t-shirts? :) You have a great knack for cute tees. One girl gave us Old Navy tanks w/ Bridesmaids across... it was cute. I gave my girls a tank and a zip up, no wording, so they could wear it again. I got married in May, so it was a little brisk and they wore it in between photo shoots.

    I gave my bridesmaids pizza and wine/ beer a couple of weekends before the wedding and they helped me with the arts and crafts stuff.

    Good luck!!!

  13. I'm 44 days away and so calm it's making me anxious. I've had 17 different things go wrong in the last 2 days and have remained cool.

    Things you'll forget about for the invite: enclosure cards, rsvp cards (if you're doing them), and that they'll probably require extra postage.

    Things you'll forget you have to think about: how are you going to get gifts from the ceremony to the reception or to the place you're keeping them?

    I'd be happy to give you advice or help you with any of the detailing. I hand letter and have helped a few friends with wedding details. No cost, just building a portfolio over here and love to help a Taylor out :)

  14. I axed programs - it was actually my mom's idea. It's a wedding. We all know what's going to happen, and they usually end up left behind in the pew/seat, someone's car, or the trash. Put the money towards Harlow's look. :)

    1. I love this idea - who needs programs??

  15. Buy your bridesmaids a white button down with their monogram (or just first initial) on the front. It's great for pics and they can wear them anytime they get ready for a special event and don't want to mess up hair and makeup! And I would just skip the programs...nobody cares about them anyway :)

  16. Last week I hit the 90 day mark for my wedding countdown and that freaked me out, my list of what I needed to do went from "oh I can get that done at some point" to "shit if I don't get that done in the next couple weeks I'll be behind".

    You are definitely on track for invitations, I'm just under 90 days out and we are halfway through our invitation design process with our designer, so don't stress, what I've heard is you give people about 3 weeks to the RSVP date from when you send them and 3-4 weeks between RSVP date and wedding date, so you have a couple months to get them finalized.

    For the bridesmaid getting ready attire, that is my gift to them, I'll be wrapping it up with a note to give them at the rehearsal. I tried to pick something they will wear again and not just "I'm a bridesmaid for one day" outfit.

    Also that honeymoon vibes shirt is so cute! Have to get it!

  17. Ahh wedding planning goes by so fast. I miss it a little bit.

    Okay so I love Christina and had to watch that video again. Are you crimping your hair for the wedding?

    Her Heartland Soul

  18. For getting ready clothes for my girls I found black strapless maxi dresses at Forever 21 for $10. I wore the same thing, but mine had a flower pattern on it. So cheap and could be used at least as a pool cover up later!

  19. I got Sprout's bow tie from an Etsy shop called Silly Buddy. You can see him looking handsome af here: http://www.feathersandstripes.com/our-boston-summer-wedding-part-one/

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