Makeup For Those Who Don't Know How To Wear Makeup

Thursday, March 3, 2016

My first mistake was going into Sephora on March 1st. My skin hasn't seen sun in approximately six months. I think the saleswoman saw my dead eyes and aching soul and jumped all over me. She definitely took advantage.

I initially went to the makeup store just to buy a new eyebrow pencil. Learning how to pencil in my brows was definitely a top highlight of 2015, a real game changer. I love the Brow Wiz found here, it makes me feel like I have a face.

But one thing led to another and I suddenly walked out with all of this.

It's a lot of shit. I know.

For someone like me, who has been buying the same Target makeup for the past ten years, this is a big deal.

I blame it on the wedding. It's been making me do crazy stuff lately. I also just bought this face brush. I've been seeing beauty bloggers rave about this (only it wasn't the $20 one I bought on amazon) so I thought what the hell, let's give it a whirl. Two weeks in and I really like it. Look at me go.

But back to the makeup stuff. I grew up in a house where makeup was never a big thing. My mom never wore much, so I never wore much. Thus the reason at age 28 I bought foundation for the first time in my life. I thought BB Cream was foundation: it's not. Nor is tinted lotion. Only foundation is foundation.

Who knew?

I told the woman I wanted something that is: light, not cakey, won't give me an obvious face/neck line, won't give me ghost face in photos, and it MUST be easy to put on for a person who a. doesn't know how to put on makeup and b. doesn't like to/doesn't want to spend more than three minutes doing it.

And so she brought me this YSL stuff. You can also find it on amazon here. And surprise, surprise, I really like it. It makes all of my sun spots disappear, my skin is all the same color for once! In terms of thickness, it's apparently the lightest foundation you'll find which is perfect for me.

Then she showed me some NARS bronzer, and I thought bronzer was just bronzer until I tried on the good stuff. And then there was no going back. Once I put on NARS how could I buy my regular $7 Target stuff that is probably meant for 12 year olds? I just couldn't.

She then talked me into a Smashbox eyeliner that sharpens itself! Talk about luxury. And when I mentioned that eyeliner never stays on me because my eyelids are droopy (according to my mom) she told me there's an easy fix. Apparently a good primer keeps your eyeliner from disappearing onto your top eye lid.

And so we've got Urban Decay eyeshadow primer. WHY NOT. Bye bye, eyeliner under my brows!

And I couldn't walk out of there without a good anti-wrinkle/dark spot corrector now could I? Of course not. So this Clinque serum is apparently some new formula that will absolutely change the damage already done to my face. Tomorrow I'm going to wake up and look 18. I can't wait.


And I got another Olaplex hair perfector because I used my first bottle insanely fast and am kind of obsessed with the results. For someone who has had the same length of hair since 1973, I can't believe this stuff actually works. Has anyone else tried it? What are your thoughts?

Like I said, my upcoming wedding is making me doing crazy stuff. But I figured I've been cheap on beauty stuff for 28 years, might as well loosen the pockets a time or two right now.

This concludes my first and only makeup/beauty post because chances are this stuff will last me for at least 10 + years. It better. What are your makeup go-tos?

And now me and all of my new makeup are packing up and heading to Scottsdale tomorrow for my bestie's bachelorette. It's going to be a great weekend. Hope you have a good one, as well!


  1. I just found the urban decay primar and it is a game changer. Urban DecayS Naked on the Run palette is amazing has all makeup you need in a compact minus foundation

  2. Brow wiz is my jam! I'm so fair I never look like I have full eyebrows without filling them in. It's super easy to use though!

  3. WHAT?! You're coming to Scottsdale?! Have so much fun!!

  4. Dang. I need some eye primer. I have the same problem, and like you, know nothing about this stuff.

  5. Sephora is the devil LOL!! I have such a love/hate relationship, I hate how much I spent, but love how I look! I hope you have a fabulous weekend in Scottsdale!

  6. Yeah, I definitely still buy all of my makeup in the $7 price range at Target! I honestly rarely walk out of the house in any makeup but concealer.

  7. I used to be one of those girls who would NEVER leave the house without makeup on. In the past couple of years, it's rare that I actually put any on at all. I have the desire to make myself look more presentable, but I have a crippling case of laziness and I just never bother.

  8. I had this exact experience last year. I used to throw on some mascara and call that a relatively put together day. Then in the middle of winter, I walked into a Sephora and dropped way too much on whatever the guy working there told me would help. The one thing that I really recommend is Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer; it's the closest thing to foundation that I'll even consider wearing.

  9. I wear make up have done most of my life, I know that BB cream isn't a foundation but in fact is worn under foundation, I also know because my nanna told me that you should always apply make up to your face and neck, you also need to apply moisturizer to you face, neck and chest before you add your BB cream then your foundation and finish off with a light dusting of face powder

  10. I want to try the Brow Wiz- I've been using cover girl eyeliner on my brows since high school, oops. Also- 100% agree with the good bronzer- I had no idea what I was missing. I also didn't realize it was't supposed to be half gold sparkles/ half bronzer.

  11. I absolutely LOVE Olaplex. I'm completely obsessed. My hair has never been this soft or shiny or tangle-free. Plus it's super healthy and almost never breaks now. After trying to grow my hair for years, this is the only thing that has actually worked. I swear I'm not selling this stuff haha, I just love it!

  12. I absolutely LOVE Olaplex. I'm completely obsessed. My hair has never been this soft or shiny or tangle-free. Plus it's super healthy and almost never breaks now. After trying to grow my hair for years, this is the only thing that has actually worked. I swear I'm not selling this stuff haha, I just love it!

  13. Urban Decay eye primer is the bomb. My eye shadow would always understand up in my creases 10 minutes after I put it on now matter what quality I was using. I can now use anything from cheap target shadow up to my naked pallet and my shadow doesn't budge!