Spring Fashion- The Good, The Bad, And The Tassels

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My flight leaves at 5:50 a.m. tomorrow for a bachelorette in Colorado. That is painfully early. But it was roughly $48 via Southwest, so sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

My friend had one request for her bach: drinking in sweats in a cabin.  And some casino time... She's a big fan of keno. Lols. See why we're friends? And so this will be the most laid back bachelorette ever. I've packed sweats, sweatshirts, and yoga pants. For the "big casino day" I may get fancy and put on jeans. Who knows?! Time will tell.

We might also get old timey saloon photos taken, it's still up in the air. But after a day of drinking I'm pretty much positive said saloon photos will happen.

Anyway, because I'm all over the place with my thoughts since it's 10:00 p.m. and my cab is coming in just about six hours I'm just going to ramble and hope a post idea is born.

First, I have to tell you I stumbled across a big sale at Target today that is going on through tomorrow. Buy one thing, get the second 50% off. Shoes, clothes, accessories, it includes a LOT of stuff.

I snagged these Sam & Libby gladiators, and because I was basically saving myself money by getting a second pair for 50% off I also got these fringe peep toe booties...

Speaking of fringe, I'm seeing some interesting styles I don't know how about to feel about this spring.

Like pom poms. What's going on with this? Sometimes I feel like the people who are creating these fashion trends just say, "let's do something really stupid and see if it catches." Or they just let their kids just start crafting.

That sounds more harsh than I meant it. I'm simply saying I'm not a fan of something like this...

found on google somewhere. I don't know. google "pom pom stuff."
But maybe I'll eat my words in a few months and be all over this style. It's happened before. I've seen similar styles of this sandal for sale around $800. Not kidding.

They kind of remind me of the jewels people buy to put in their Crock sandals. Anyone else? Okay.

Then we've got tassels everywhere. I'm mixed on this, as well. I like them on a pillow like this one from Target. But on a dress? I don't know.

Also, whenever I hear the word "tassel" I think of nipple tassels. I know that's weird, but one time a friend in second grade told me she went to the Sturgis Bike Rally and that's what the women wore. It obviously scarred me a little because I've never forgotten it.

And of course we've all seen this bag on Instagram from every single fashion blogger ever. It's pretty cute I think, would probably go really well with my red nipple tassels.

The other thing I've noticed all the cool kids are wearing are these cute off the shoulder dresses. I love this style, but the name of the dress is a little off...  Isn't that considered an offensive term now? A comedy teacher told me that last year.

Anyway. Fashion trends are interesting. Thanks to Instagram I seem to notice them more now than ever.

Lastly, I'm going to end on this very important question that has been bothering me for quite some time. If you're in a lake and the two people next to you are drowning, who do you save? Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner?

And don't say neither because we're all nice people and they can't help it they were born completely flawless.

Gotta go. It's time to get weird at Kim's bachelorette. Follow on snapchat @thedailytay as we're sure to do some pretty stupid stuff.


  1. My family started doing White Elephant Christmas roughly ten years ago and the very first gift opened at the very first one we did was a set of nipple tassels. Of course, it was opened by my eight-year-old cousin who didn't understand why all of the adults were losing their minds. He thought they were special hats for his GI Joes.

  2. Ummm I want to booties. Damn you Target for leaving Canada!! I actually really love tassels though lol

    1. Target leaving Canada was one of the saddest things in my life last year. I'm not sure if that says I'm shallow, or that last year was a pretty good year for me. Either way, I miss it terribly.

  3. i gotta have those shoes. why does every fashion blogger have that tassel purse?

  4. I actually love those over the top pom pom shoes but then again I'm just obsessed with crazy shoes in general. I think the ones you pictured are actually like $300 on Etsy. Crazy pom poms can't be that expensive of a material right?!

  5. I've seen those tassel sandals on quite a few fashion bloggers and I don't know what to think. I suppose if they arrived at my door id be inclined to wear them but I think they retail for more than a car payment, so....

  6. Thanks for always keeping me up to date on fashion Tay;) BTW THOSE BOOTIES ARE SO CUTE! *as I run to Target right now* okay I wish but I'm currently sitting at my desk being distracted by tassels.....

  7. Have a blast girl!!

    Her Heartland Soul

  8. hahah oh my god I'm so embarrassed. I totally bought jewels to stick in the holes of my Croc flats. I'm embarrassed I even own crocs at all okay. But I go to Disney a lot and my feet are hurting by the end of the day. I put this pair on and it was like standing on a cloud. But I thought the jewels hiding the holes (there are 4 small holes on the toe- not like the OG crocs) would hide the fact that they are ugly ass crocs. But...they don't. It just looks like I'm a fashion-less loser with a bedazzler.

  9. Didn't you know that everything is offensive now? :P
    And really, those pompom sandals are just hideous. Some things in fashion, I just don't get...