That Time I Rushed Harlow To The Vet

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A few weeks ago it was raining all day in Chicago and Harlow was sulking because we hadn't been on a walk.

He was playing it up big. Huffing and groaning and moping around like he was the most bored person ever. If you follow him on snaptchat @thedailytay you know that he can get very dramatic.

Around 3:00 p.m. he settled down and snuggled up under a blanket. And then all of the sudden I felt his heart start beating really fast, I actually felt the change because his entire body was sprawled across my legs. He must always be touching me.

Then he jumped off the couch and scurried to the backdoor. Of all the things I haven't taught Harlow, I'm happy to say I think he's finally learned that puking is like potty, it has to happen outside. Not on any white rug in the house that he can find like he used to prefer.

For the next thirty he refused to come inside. Like I said, it was raining, and Harlow hates rain. He usually acts like he'll melt if a drop touches him. So for him to lay in the grass in the rain I knew something was wrong.

I turned to google, found out that he was definitely dying, and debated for about two seconds whether or not to take him to the vet. In Harlow's five years of living we're no stranger to the vet. I've rushed him there several times. I'm always certain he's dying. One time he was hacking and making weird popping noises with his mouth. I was sure he was choking on rat poison. Nope. Just a layer of dried Frosted Flakes caked to the roof of his mouth.

So Harlow and I hustled out the door and walked the few blocks to our vet. On the walk there he already seemed a little better. By the time we got to the vet's office he was a lot better, tail wagging, excited to be somewhere new even if it was the vet. And when we got back into the vet's room and Harlow was standing on the counter trying to grab treats I knew exactly what had happened.

Does Harlow look sick to you? No. Not at all.

He had played me. This was all a set up to leave the house, or have a walk, or just to teach me a lesson. I'm still not sure. Harlow just looked at me with that sassy little twinkle in his eye like, ha ha. Don't you ever forget who's in charge...

The vet was pretty amused with the situation and she basically just pat Harlow on the head, called him "the biggest Vizsla baby" she'd seen, and sent us on our way.

Was he ever really sick? I have no idea. His heart rate did pick up for a while and he threw up a few times, but other than that he was fine the second we got home from the vet. So who knows. It was typical me to overreact. I always do when it comes to Harlow. He's my Harby, how couldn't I?

And speaking of dogs, this pic is hard to look at, but concentrate on the good here. The before photo is "Nola" when Felines and Canines (the shelter in Chicago where I send the majority of t-shirt funds) first rescued her from a shelter in the South. She was too scared to even come out of her kennel. One year later, she's a different pup. She's Willow now. And look at Willow's smile.

I love seeing F&C post updates on their Facebook page. They bring in so many abandoned pups and find them great homes extremely fast. Or when they take in a cat like Driver, the poor kitty in Chicago who some bastard threw boiling water on, and then posted a video of it to social media... The owners, Abby and Kelly, swooped right in and started working miracles on Driver and payed all the medical bills.

I'm sharing this right now because last night I was fortunate enough to send a little over $530 to their shelter just from the past few weeks of sales, thanks to all of you who who continue to support the animals shirts I sell. And yes, I'm totally bragging right now but I don't care, it feels really good to help pups like Willow and cats like Driver.

I want to send even more money their way. So for the next couple of days, if you post a photo on Instagram with your dog, or just want an excuse to write a post about your dog, tag me and use the hashtag #ijustwanttohangwithmydog and you'll be entered to win this shirt. Tell me why you want to hang with your dog, or why you love them. Anything goes. And it's the same idea for the cat shirt if that's more your thing.

I'll post more info on Instagram @thedailytay later today as well. If you'd like to donate to Felines & Canines right now click here. It's not just Chicago animals they rescue, but they look for animals in the worst situations all over the country and bring them in.

And that's my animal PSA for the day. Go have yourself a good Wednesday.


  1. You are my favorite blogger. Once I finally get my ass in gear with mine, I will definitely emulate yours by throwing in a crazy pet story every so often. And fundraise for animals. For sure.


    Also: I have to email you about a tricky tray that the animal rescue I volunteer for is putting on in April; and also about that hair stuff.

  2. And I will get a dog one day again. I will. Man I miss dogs. Cats are great though. So great. AHHH ANIMALS.

  3. I'm so glad Harlow was okay! Punkin is my cat baby. <3

  4. Speaking to my heart today! Killed me leaving my pup to head to work today, and those eyes she gave me - heartbroken. I sat there petting her thinking how I could get out of silly responsibilities to hang with her, I just miss her so much! ...I've decided she's going to my hair appointment with me. I'm that person, but I simply can't leave her alone. Good on Harlow for tricking you into doing what he wants...funny how that works!

    Ashleigh |

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  6. love that you're doing this. i love that this gives back. seriously you are such an inspiration to us all!

  7. I'm so glad Harlow was all right! And I love the cat shirt, as well as the fact that your shirts benefit these sweet animals – I didn't know that before. Love.

    PS I hit enter too early and my first comment posted before I was ready, so I deleted it, but now it shows that I deleted it, and now I'm leaving my *actual* comment and it will show both comments and I look like a crazy person.

    Which, probably, is not all that inaccurate.

    Ok good talk.

  8. That before picture of Willow is shocking and disgusting and wrong. Thanks for being an advocate for animals so that more of them can be after pictures.

  9. We can check into pet owner over-reactors anonymous together. Pretty sure our vet thinks I am nuts because I bring Cornflake in for "flea observation". One can only hope that I will tone down the over reacting once we have a real baby haha!

  10. I can't click on the links to watch animal abuse, so I'll just take your word for it. I'm still convinced everyone who abuses or kills animals will one day become a serial killer of humans. Even if I don't have a relationship with an animal (like my dog) I still have compassion on them...

  11. Oooh Harlow. I'd like to say I do NOT have an overly dramatic dog who also likes to fake sick, but that would be a lie. The vet bills rack up and I think he actually enjoys it :) Glad Harlow is okay!

  12. Yes Felines and Canines!! They are the BEST! And I'm still thanking you for talking about them, because you made me go there to find my rescue baby :)

  13. Well I am glad that Harlow is ok but faking sickness, didn't know dogs did that thought it was just children who didn't want to go to school, not dogs who just want to get out of the house

  14. I'm the same way with my cat, Chandler. She had been getting sick for about a week, we took her in, she had blood work done, x-rays & an ultrasound just to find out that she had some kind of bug. Really?! I put my baby through all that & had to have "the discussion" all because she had a bug! Ugh! She's doing fine now but I know how it is & us, fur baby parents know when our fur baby isn't feeling well. I'm glad that Harlow is feeling better though.

  15. love that shirt! and so awesome that it goes to such a good cause! and I have two pups that are my babies and I totally overreact as well! I think its just one of those things.. but good thing you have a good vet :) will definitely be donating since those dogs and cats deserve the best life! thanks for sharing! Harlow is such a good looking pup!

  16. Sooo I have a (very odd) question. I wear my 'Just want to hang with my dog' shirt at least once a week and I was wondering if you'd ever consider making dog tees? I thought it would be funny if I had a matching gray shirt for my dog that said DOG. Weird? Probably.

  17. I'm so glad Harlow is ok (even though he was being a baby, haha). My pup does the same thing but it hasn't reached dramatic levels of needing a visit to the vet (yet.. knock on wood). Also, I'm obsessed with my dog shirt. I'd wear it every day if I could!