The Hangover

Monday, March 21, 2016

Having one of those Mondays where it's time to reevaluate life again. Spending four days snowed in a cabin on Rainbow Road will do that to you. By the last night we had run out of all food and couldn't make it to town so we were passing around a bowl of butter noodles to eat for dinner. I kid you not. Things got messy.

I can tell you one thing, I'm definitely not the smug pre-vacay girl you see in the photo below.

hat. jacket. travel bag.
I'm far from it. It always makes me laugh to see my "going there" travel outfit versus "coming back." It's a world of difference. On both the inside and the outside.

I knew this bach trip would be one of the wilder ones I'd experience in life, and that it was. You remember the crazy girls in high school who did a lot of stupid stuff and never seemed to be scared of getting in trouble? That's who these girls were. While they retold their high school tales of huge house parties and sneaking into hotels I reminisced on that one time I snuck out, only to sneak right back in. I felt TOO guilty.

If there's one thing to be said about Catholicism, it's that catholic guilt is very real. Perhaps it's not the worst thing to have as a teenager...

Anyway, we arrived early Thursday and it didn't stop snowing until Friday late afternoon.


We had to venture out Friday evening but our only way to get a ride was by walking the first part of the way. Also, it should be noted that none of us brought snow boots. When we booked the cabin we weren't exactly sure what we were getting ourselves into. I don't think any of us realized just how up there it was.

Friday night was spent in town drinking with the locals at their number one dive bar. Things got a little crazy once all the miners got off work and settled into the bar fresh in their work mining overalls. And then one thing led to another and it suddenly felt like we were all on the Hangover.

Teeth got chipped, people went missing, a baby was found in the closet. You know how the story goes.

I'm back in the comfort of my house today and have probably 20 hours of work to complete at this very moment. Also, Harlow is demanding a walk and six trips to the park.

So basically it's time to get my life together. Wish me luck.


  1. Have you read In a Dark Dark Wood? It reminds me of your bach weekend, just much creepier!

  2. man, that looks gorgeous. looks like y'all had a blast. but you'll always pay for it monday. ugh.

  3. I was JUST talking to my bestie about Catholic Guilt and how is it SUCH A THING.

    I'm hosting my parents for Easter Brunch. Pray for me. Say five rosaries.

    Butter noodles ..... mmmmmmm.

  4. Catholic guilt is a real thing. I'm almost 27 and still get it.

  5. What a vacation!! Glad you made it home safe and sound. :)

    Her Heartland Soul

  6. Those are super cute pictures. And one my friends start getting engaged.. well I'm kind of nervous for bachelorettes..