The Worst Day

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I just started crying on the phone with a customer service agent.

So I'm doing okay.

"I'm a small business owner and this is really putting me behind," I wailed in between sobs. "I'm a SMALL BUSINESS OWNER."

Help me.

My wedding is exactly four months from today and I had a really cutesy post in mind I was going to write. But life had something else planned and I just can't get myself to barf that cutesy post out at the moment.

So instead I'm sitting on my couch in my robe ugly toddler crying. In a second I might move to the floor and start pounding my fists on the floor. Harlow is very worried about me. He hates when I toddler cry.

This isn't uncommon for me. I've always been a frustrated crier. When I was a kid I used to put my head in my desk during math class and just sob. FRACTIONS! Why God why? Long division? Geometry? Pi? Noooooooooo. NOOOOOOOOOO.

Crying in class as a kid was almost as humiliating as calling your teacher "mom." It showed weakness and vulnerability.

So on days like today when my eyes are red and swollen and I can't stop sniffling from crying, I'm glad I work from home.

The problem is small, but annoying. Basically the shipping system built into my nebrowse site has locked me out. Shipping is completely disabled right now and the customer service at endicia is less than great and they're saying I can't get back in. Like ever.

There's fraudulent shit going on they refuse to believe isn't me and they've proceeded to lock down all of my other accounts as well. Last night I revealed this shirt and got a nice little chunk of orders but now I have no way to print the labels to mail them.

shorts. loafers. 
Like I said, it's just a dumb problem. But hey, I've cried about way less before...

Because yes, I can walk to the USPS to mail them. I'll just have to wait in a very long line, and wait even longer for my 50 + packages to get labels, so all in all this problem will probably put me behind about 4-6 hours of work.

My hope is that endicia will stop being a bag of dicks and will work with me on this. Perhaps it wasn't my best move to sob and shout on the phone. Or call them a bag of dicks in this blog post, but that's where I'm at right now. I've been better.

I'll be okay. And I'll be back later with that cutesy wedding post. Don't you worry.



  1. Sorry that happened! Set up an online UPS account! We have one at work and it is super fast to print off labels at home. You'll be sent a bill at the end of the month for all that you shipped. Even if you get the weight of your items wrong, they'll still mail the item and charge you the difference later. Just drop it on a UPS drop box and you're done. It's perfect for emergencies and saves you a trip to the dreaded post office.

  2. I'm definitely a frustrated crier. And a happier crier. I'm just a crier in general and it's definitely kind of embarrassing. Literally just cried in a meeting where my boss was telling me that she was going to miss me (I'm changing jobs) and I just started bawling. In front of my entire facility's management team.

    So, yeah, I'm doing okay too.

  3. Endicia sounds like an unfortunate stomach virus so they already lost points before they even started, but I'm sorry this is happening! I hope it gets cleared up soon!

    1. LMAO this comment cracked me uppppp. Taylor - noooo! Hang in there. picture a kitten dangling from a branch by her toes (that is of course only like 5 inches off the ground so she doesn't actually get hurt) with the caption "hang in there". that's the meme I'm sending to you. Hugs!

  4. I hope you're doing all right. I've had very different problems this week, but have dealt with them much the same way, so I feel your pain.

  5. I hope everything works out!!

    Her Heartland Soul

  6. Oh no! This is terrible news. I'm a huge fan of the online UPS account route.

  7. Oh man! I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I hope everything will work out!

  8. I'm sorry for that mess you are dealing with! I am a frustrated crier, too. I rarely cry for any other reason. I hope everything gets solved with your shipping issues, you are a TROOPER.

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