Winning The Golden Vodka Ticket

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CH Distillery for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Twas a cold winter's day when my friend Claire and I decided we needed to mix things up a bit and beat the Chicago gloom somehow. We were both feeling beat down and were looking for something to raise our spirits.

So what do you do in Chicago when you want to have a good time and forget about everything else for an hour or two? Well you head to a vodka distillery, CH Distillery to be specific.

CH Distillery is located in the West Loop and it's Chicago’s only distillery making grain-to-bottle Vodka from Illinois-grown ingredients.

Upon first entering we sat down at the beautiful bar and immediately felt better. The weight of the Chicago winter had been momentarily lifted as we let the warm atmosphere of CH take over. We talked to the bartender for quite a bit and she surprised us by making us drinks based on our personality. Having no idea what Claire or myself thought we liked or didn't like in a cocktail, she totally nailed our drinks.

Take whatever you think you know about how vodka tastes and toss it aside, because the vodka distilled at CH has such a clean, light sweetness to it, it goes down as smooth as anything you've ever tasted.

After the bartender created some of the best drinks we've ever tasted, Claire and I grabbed our cocktails to-go and started the tour to see how the magic happens.

I think we both felt a little bit like we'd found the golden ticket and were being allowed into the chocolate factory. We were like two giddy kids as we walked through the doors into the area where all of the action happens. Or maybe that was the vodka talking.

We learned the process for making vodka, the work that goes into it, and had a better understanding for why CH vodka tastes so much better than others.

And we also took a traditional vodka shot complete with a pickle and bread on the side.

It was an informative, interesting, and best of all, very fun tour.

So would I say it was it a good day? Yes, yes it was. If you live in Chicago or are simply visiting, add a tour of CH on your list of things to do. Make sure to check out their CH Distillery Events and their CH Distillery Spirits.

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  1. This is cool, but what were your drinks?? Did she explain how she thought they fit you?

  2. What an awesome opportunity!!

    Her Heartland Soul

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