Lessons Learned at Disney

Monday, April 11, 2016

Let's flashback to last Monday.

Chris and I were in California and my cold had just hit me super hard. I spent Sunday night tossing and turning because I couldn't breath and couldn't stop coughing. Chris was up late doing boy things with his friend Tyler, so I assumed Disney wasn't going to happen. And because I was feeling like hell, I was okay with that.

But low and behold, Chris popped out of bed at 6:00 a.m. to shower Monday morning. I grabbed his phone to look at the time and the first thing I saw was that he had downloaded the Disney app the night before.

My almost 30 year old fiance was dying to go to Disney. He might deny it, but it's the truth.

We knew we had to beat that infamous LA traffic so we wanted to get in the car before 7:00 a.m. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and literally got into the car wearing my pjs. I'm good at getting ready in the car, I used to do it all the time when I had a job that sometimes required me to drive across the state of Kansas before 6 a.m. Nothing humbles you faster than putting on makeup in natural car light.

We were in the Disney parking lot before 9 a.m. We stepped outside and the first thing I heard was crying screaming children and I knew the day of fun had begun.

We waited in line for the trolley to take us to the park and right as we were about to get on, an overly aggressive mom jumped over from her line and literally pushed us out of the way so she could take our spot. When something like this happens Chris doesn't even notice. Me on the other hand, I notice. I was in no hurry, and yet the anger bells inside me couldn't help but ring.

Stay cool, Taylor. It's not worth it... You'll be fighting moms all day if you start now....

So instead I just remarked to Chris, someone's a little anxious to get to the park. Did I need to say anything at all? No, definitely not. And yet I did.

At which point the mom snapped back at me, WE'RE ALL TOGETHER! SO WE HAVE TO RIDE TOGETHER! I actually saw smoke come from her ears and fire drip from her mouth. And I couldn't help but admire her intensity for just a moment.

Once inside the park I saw that mom everywhere. Not the exact person, but different versions of her.

She was trying to get her Fast Pass at Space Mountain but the machine wouldn't work. She was waiting in line for the bathroom, but her child refused to go into a specific stall. And she was at lunch, pissed off that she didn't know she had to get a reservation to eat at any of the "nice" Disney restaurants.

That last person was actually me... Who knew the Pirates of the Caribbean restaurant required a reservation made in the 90s?

But my favorite was the mom who had to tell her daughter Daisy to "stop licking all the hand rails." Daisy's mom made it very clear she would have rather been in Hawaii. I couldn't help but think that perhaps Daisy's mom should be a little less worried about Hawaii and a little more worried about finding who had just given her five year old daughter some acid.

Is it just me, or do I kinda look like the girl from the Ermahgerd meme?


For as busy as the park was, we actually rode a lot of rides and covered a lot of ground. By 2 p.m. we had eaten everything the park had to offer, our feet were covered in blisters, my cold meds had worn off, and Chris had thrown up twice. He gets motion sickness, bless his heart.

But we carried on for two more hours!

Our last ride was Space Mountain (for the third time) and as we waited in line I reflected on the fact that the roller coasters at Disney are a lot like the Disney experience itself. There's high points and low points. Times when it gets very dark and cold, moments when you're not sure what's next, a few seconds when you think you might die, and the scent of sweaty child seems to linger everywhere. But overall, it's worth it.

Would I go back to Disney? Absolutely. With children someday? Probably not. Seems like more of an adult place, you know?

Overalls found here.
Just another day at Disneyland.

Coming tomorrow...That Time We Registered For Our Wedding.


  1. I had three take always from my Disney trip in Feb. 1. I'm a pretty damn good parent compared to the other bozos. 2.leggings are (still) not pants, and 3. people are oblivious to everyone, everything, and just pretty much life in general. Oh and riding a roller coaster four times in a row as an adult isn't a good idea.

    1. haha, yes leggings are not pants and you see them everywhere at Disneyland!

  2. Ugh I haven't been to Disney since I was a tiny kiddo! I want to get back and actually experience it.. as an adult. Looks like you had such a fun time!

    Emma | Seeking the South

  3. Actually taking more than one kid at a time to Disneyland by yourself = not fun. But taking just one kid and doing whatever the heck they want with no time table or rush = best day ever.

  4. You're so cute! I agree... Disney is totally more for adults! haha

  5. when you get turned into a real meme... you'll be sorry!

  6. When I think of Disneyland, I think of my sunburned shoulders, feeling sick from too much candy, and seeing the worst that America has to offer (similar to that mom you ran into). However, my little sister's birthday overlaps with her school's February ski week each year, so she, my stepmom, and another mother and daughter have started going to Disneyland each year and apparently it's great. It turns out that if you go with another parent in the off season and stay in an on-site hotel, you can switch off drinking by the pool and taking the kids on rides with no lines. Definitely stealing that parenting tip when the times comes.

  7. So fun - I love Disney! I would have been annoyed with that lady, too, and said something along that same line. So glad you guys had a good time!

  8. Bahahah. This is the perfect, most accurate reflection of Disney.

  9. i have a love/hate thing with disneyland. i love seeing my kids enjoy it, but i can't stand the billion other people there! i hate crowds, long lines, heat, slow walking people, whining, crying, and everything being super expensive. and that's what disneyland is.

  10. I'm actually considering taking all three of my kids to disney this year for Christmas. Yes I'm insane!

  11. Oh my god I wrote a post like this after our day in Magic Kingdom last fall and let me tell you..it was magical. Daisy sounds like a good time though, I'm bummed I missed that.

  12. Oh my gosh, I could totally relate to being "that mom". Too frickin' funny...I love it! I really do hope that someone found out who popped Daisy the acid. Ha, ha!

    Also, I love your meme. :)

  13. I live within walking distance of Disneyland. I used to go all the time until I couldn't afford the annual pass anymore. I love it. Always have, always will. But it IS kind of funny how many grumpy, crying children there are at the happiest place on Earth.

  14. Aw I'm glad you enjoyed it overall. I live pretty close to Disney World so my boyfriend and I have annual passes. It's not uncommon for people our age (without kids!) to go all the time lol