My Middle School Agenda

Friday, April 1, 2016

I loved middle school.

Just a few things worth noting about this photo once you stop staring at my lazy eye.
1. I'm wearing candy around my neck AND wrist.
2. My Hawaiian dress is from Limited Too and it's SO COOL.
3. I have a braid in my hair with a snap jewel on the bottom. Also v cool.
4. You can't see my shoes, but they are pink platform flip flops from Target. They have a big heart between the toes.
5. This photo was taken on my 13th birthday. I felt very old....

This was probably the time in my life when I was most into fashion, boys, rollerskating, and GLITTER LOTION.

Just glitter in general. I used to put lip gloss on my eyelids and then cover them with thick silver glitter. And you know what? It looked good. So good.

Thus I bring to you: my middle school agenda.

1. Get every glitter lotion Bath and Body Works carries.
It was a HUGE deal when Bath & Body came to the Norfolk, Nebraska Sunset Plaza. My friends and I would spend hours browsing the samples, dreaming about the day we were rich enough to buy up the entire store.

2. Plan birthday party invite list. 
Bday party invite lists were also a very big deal in middle school. Come to think of it, EVERYTHING was a big deal in middle school. But especially bday parties. I still remember the kids I pissed off at the wrong time and didn't make the cut for their 52 person party list. It still hurts.

3. Recreate bedrooms from Limited Too magazines.
Was there anything better than a lime green and bright purple room from a Limited Too magazine? Complete with fuzzy rugs and butterfly chairs? No, no there wasn't.

4. Keep inflatable furniture intact. 
I had a blow up couch and a blow up ottoman in my room. But unfortunately my cats hated that furniture and they would pop it every night, so my couch was marked with tape patches everywhere and eventually I just started storing the furniture in my closet because I couldn't handle the stress.

5. Achieve the perfect "messy bun."
Every girl wanted to create the perfect messy bun in their hair. But it was usually only one girl who held the power and she wouldn't share her secrets. Instead, she would do everyone else's hair in the locker room before school.

6. Create a perfectly folded triangle note. 
Passing notes, you guys! Is this still a thing? Probably not. It's now all about text messages and snapchats. Poor kids, they will never know the joy of learning to fold a perfect gossip filled note that will inevitably be found by the teacher.

7. Lunch time snacks.
In middle school I ate pizza, french fries, or cookies every single day. One time someone dared me to eat eight Little Debbie Zebra Cakes as fast as I could. And I did. And I felt fine.

8. Buy a new disposable camera at Wal Mart! 
Disposable cameras were everything. You'd take 34 pics and maybe just maybe get five that weren't a close up of your forehead or thigh. Whenever a friend would show up with a new yellow or green camera you knew it was going to be a good night!

9. Decorate picture frames for all those awesome blurry photos!
Seashells, ribbon, buttons, puff paint, they all make great photo frame decor!

10. Buy 100 new gel pens for planner. 
In middle school you were only as good as your planner was. It's a hard truth to face, but a truth it was. For someone like me who is not artistic at all, or even remotely good at "bubble writing," I really had to fake it here. But damn it, I tried.

What was your middle school agenda?

Also, you probably want to check out this post regarding my bday wish list from 1998. There's some real gems on there.

Have a great weekend! I'll be in California for a few days with my college pals partying like it's 2006. Follow on snap @thedailytay.


  1. I remember I invited a bunch of my classmates to a sleepover for my 14th birthday, and it was a disaster. Drama, drama, drama. EVERYONE was crying. I run into these people at Walgreens now, and they go, "Hey! Remember your pity party!" Only every time you all bring it up...
    Overall, junior high wasn't terrible, though. I got good grades, and was reasonably popular. That was fun.

  2. For me in junior high having a notebook with a friend was popular. You had 1 for each friend and you wrote notes back and forth, and then folded the old pages into triangles haha. I remember lugging about 10 of those bad boys around to write in during study hall. The worst was when a teacher took one..then they had an entire book full of gossip. I also remember caking silver glitter, that may have been lip gloss, onto my eyelids.

  3. Haha this is too funny - and all 100% correct. Oh the blow-up furniture - though one time, we actually used it to go sledding because we live in the south where it rarely snows with no sled. I'll still take some of those gel pens...

    Southern Style

  4. Oh my gosh, pretty much all of those things, I did. Yup. I love the glitter lotion as well. & the messy bun...yup, still trying to master that & mine is looking pretty good today. Tee hee!

    Have a good weekend! :)

  5. I used a disposable camera last year for this project, oh my god, you are so right about only getting 5 good photos from a roll. Sadly the technology has not improved

  6. Oh my god, the glitter! Why as this even cool? I remember one time in middle school wanting glitter eye shadow like all the popular girls wore, except I was lacking actual glitter eye shadow. I did, however, have a bottle of green glitter nail polish that I was certain would look great on my eye lids. Such a stupid, stupid girl. I only got part of the first eyelid done before the burning nearly blinded me.
    I literally still can't look at glitter/shimmer cosmetics without cringing.

  7. All of the above. It was a fashion faux-pas to have the messy bun without two pieces of hair sticking out right in the middle of your face. Butterfly clips were all the rage, and you better believe I was taping up every centrefold post for Teen Beat. I was a big fan of navy blue eyeliner in my waterline, but a think white line on my eyelid. I was cool too.

  8. Lol...uh the messy bun. All my 7th, 8th grade photos have this horrible messy bun. And I also had a blow up couch in my room, that I never, ever used sucked lol.

  9. Ugh Limited Too. Their stuff was SO overpriced I remember! "I want this $40.00 T-shirt with a dog on it that says 'Limited Too', Mom!"

  10. Maybe I'll have to write a blog post about this--though it will probably have way too serious of a tone! We'll see what happens!

  11. OMG I feel like my agenda was the exact same! Reading this post I kept saying, out loud honestly, "Yep, Yep, That too, YES!"

    Good times! Good times!



  12. This is wonderful. Oh, the good old days. Gel pens were everything. EVERYTHING.

  13. ALL the butterfly clips. And, oh, the gel pens. SO so good.

  14. Yaaaas to all of this! The gel pens, the glitter lotion, and Limited Too. All the best things!

  15. I miss Limited Too!

    Her Heartland Soul

  16. Oh goodness! I was home schooled, so I didn't have all of the school drama, but I remember those little password diaries, and when someone was mad at you, they'd lock you out! And trying to slip a note to your crush, to get his attention so he would like you, but without actually letting him know it was you. Dang, we were dumb :).

  17. I can relate to ALL of these things. I was always trying to make my room cool back then. Now I'm like just give me the comfy bed and let me sleep and leave me alone. Can I also say that I was pretty obsessed with glitter eyeshadow too. I can't say it looked good though.

  18. oh geez this is so everything. It tickles my nostalgia bone. That hawaiin limited too dress hahaha. It's funny once you mentioned your 13th birthday I started thinking of MY 13th birthday party in which I wore a very similar dress cause it was luau themed. And so yes when I got to the part about birthday party invite lists I said YES! I swear I thought I was going to be a party planner back then.

  19. oh also holy shit yes to the messy bun comment. I can still vividly recall the girls who could do it with ~no bumps~.

  20. Trying to remember all of the weird stories with my colleagues from here we came up with all the items mentioned before - eye-shadow glitter, notebook and sleep-overs.. But one more interesting thing is that one colleague when at the age of 10 still though that a space behind his bed was something mysterious and all the food removed there disappeared! There was quite a predictable end of the story :)