That Summer Feeling

Monday, April 18, 2016

I got a taste of summer this weekend and now I'm craving it. There's a certain energy in the air when summer is on the horizon, especially in Chicago.

People go nuts here when it gets nice outside. It's because we all know that warm weather is fleeting and so we try to pack a year's worth of fun into three short months. Not a minute can be wasted.

I rode my bike by the lake and could barely move there were so many other people enjoying the lake path. On the way home I noticed every single brunch patio was packed. So were the parks, the sidewalks, and everything in between. I thought to myself, where in the hell have these people been all winter? Oh yea, hiding inside just like me.

We went to dinner last night and sat on the patio and might have been the only sober people there. Did I mention Chicagoans like to get after it with their day drinking? Yesterday the Hawks and the Cubs played so Sunday Funday was extra intense. I won't deny that I happen to enjoy the sport/drinking culture that goes on in this city.

When we left the restaurant a girl in Cubs gear was lying on a chair with her legs in the air scissor kicking and everyone was clapping. No judgement here, she seemed to be having a great time. This morning maybe not so much...

Also it's worth noting that Chicagoans are some tough ass people to survive the winters that we do, but boy oh boy do we get pale and sickly looking from nine months inside. I saw legs fresh out of winter that nearly blinded me. And those were my own.

Putting on shorts for the first time of the season is always a traumatic experience for me. Everything always looks a little dryer, whiter, and flabbier than I remember...

On that note, I'm heading back to pilates this week. I've taken a four month break and it shows. And with Harlow gone I'm not going on 100 walks per day and that also shows. Speaking of Harlow, I don't talk about him when he's at camp because it's too hard and I miss him too much.

But I will give you a few details about what camp means later, for now I'll tell you he's got his own beach, barn, and constant playmate and is living life off leash so it's nice for him to stretch his city legs like this every once in awhile. And I get constant updates like this that KILL ME but also make me happy. Clearly he's bonded with cousin Timber.

On that note I have three huge boxes coming in today.... Guess what time it is?

T-SHIRT LADY TIME. I'll make sure to send everyone a post card from T-Shirt Town, I have a feeling I'll be there through the night and into the wee hours of tomorrow morning. I need to get myself one of those t-shirt guns so I can walk around town shooting t-shirts at people like the bat shit crazy lady I become when I go into t-shirt mode. Checking Amazon now...

Just loving life over here. Tackle Monday!


  1. I love that bike so much!

    Her Heartland Soul

  2. WOOOOO SPRING AND SUMMER ARE HEREEEEEE and it's the best everrrrr. All I want to do is be outside!!!!! Gratuitous over-exclamation point user over here and I don't careeee. the forecast for this week is TOO PERFECT.

  3. Oh I'm familiar with that pale-leg issue! I have the Irish coloring in my family plus I live in New England plus I'm anemic - I'm definitely going to blind some people when I break out the shorts!

  4. SHUT UP we all saw your abs in one of your recent IG pics lol! You've still got it. Speaking of, I still really wanted to hear more about the pilates classes. It sounded like you are working out with quite the crowd. And the first shorts of the season is the worst. Thought about putting some on to walk my dog this afternoon since it is 88 here in SC,but I just cannot let anyone see me like this. I have to get my legs out on my balcony for a few days first before they go out in public.

  5. I have not ridden a push bike in many years and if I tried now I think I would fall off, motorbikes never tired to ride on and have no plans to ever try

  6. Yay for the coming of summer! It's about 90 here today and I am loving it!

  7. Spring in Canada is the exact same. Give us a little and we go a long way. Tanks and flip flops even though it's not THAT warm out. But there really is something about it. Everyone seems happier.