The Bachelor Party

Thursday, April 28, 2016


This year is bananas.

Bananas in a good way, the very best way really. It's just hands down the busiest year I've ever experienced. So I am in a get shit DONE mode today and have about three hours before I need to head to the airport.

First of all, your comments yesterday were awesome. Thank you. I love that I can come here and just shoot the shit and know that I have a cool community of people stopping by who aren't crazy internet-folk. I really appreciate that.

Speaking of crazy, Chris left for his bachelor trip yesterday. He'll be in Vegas until Sunday. Yesterday was Wednesday. He will be in Vegas Wednesday- Sunday.... WHY? I don't know. He is nuts. No one goes to Vegas for that long. I once went to Vegas on a Thursday and was booking an early flight home by Saturday. I had to get the hell out of there. A fan of that city I am not. The energy there feels dirty to me.

But Chris? Oh he loves Vegas. Funny how we are so different about some things.

He'll be there with fifteen other guys. And I literally just sighed so loud typing that. The Fremonster boys are an interesting bunch. They always run at least ten deep and their history runs twenty years long, for some even longer. I feel like this is more common with guys than girls. Or maybe I was the only loser who came out of high school with barely two friends?

My fear is that they don't realize they're not 21 anymore and things are going to get out of hand and someone is going to end up in the hospital or in jail. This is a very real fear of mine. If you'd hear some of the stories these guys have, you would understand why. So please keep Chris in your thoughts this weekend.

As for me, I'm heading to Steamboat with my mom and sister, and niece and nephew to do wedding stuff. Chris and I will be having drastically different weekends. I'll think about him tomorrow morning when I'm doing a hair trial at 8 a.m. and assume he'll just be getting home for "the night."

Wedding hair and makeup trials. How should I feel about this? Have any tips? I guess I'll let you know how it all goes tomorrow... Oh boy, oh boy.

jean shorts.
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I'm going to end with a request from my animal loving people.

I'm asking you for a favor... again. And we all know it won't be my last. Because when someone contacts me about a dog who needs help I'm going to relay the message, it's what you would do too. This sweet little pup named Lupita needs some funds to beat her tumor. Her mom gets up every morning at 6 a.m. to drive her to treatment an hour from her house, so this isn't the story of an owner giving up by any means, it's an owner who needs help. It's someone who clearly loves their dog as much as we all do and she could use some assistance. And did I mention she's nine months pregnant? Talk about a stressful time.

Click here to donate, then send me an email if you want and I'll give you free ad space as a thank you. The ad can be for your blog, your business, or even if you just want to put a smiling pic of your fur baby on my page for a month. Please just help Lupita, she and her mom are both in a bind.

It's Thursday, we've almost made it!

I'll be bouncing around the Midwest for the next couple weeks and may be slightly MIA on here, so follow on snap @thedailytay and I promise to show you 100 different clips of avocado toast. Jk jk.


  1. I seriously only came out of college with like 3 good friends and one really great friend who moved. I get it.

  2. My fiancee just came back from his bachelor trip to New Orleans and DID survive...but only barely. I know the feeling!

  3. Out of high school with barely two friends... Tim runs in huge pack since 2nd grade. What's wrong with them? Or us?

  4. Hahaha - My husband had his bachelor party in Vegas and honestly, 12 years later I still have absolutely zero idea what occurred, how they survived and how much money he lost. Good times!

  5. ha! my thoughts are with chris! as for you, welcome back to the land of bipolar weather, as snow is coming again this weekend! wishing you a fun weekend :)

  6. I didn't know you were doing hair trials this weekened!! how fun! you'll have a blast. And I'm sure chris will too. crossing my fingers one of his groomsen doesn't end up in a wheelchair like one did at Michael's bachelorette. Oh boys.

    donating now!

  7. AW MAN! I just got back from Vegas this Sunday and was there from Wed-Sun... I was terrified for it. And it turned out okay, until Sunday rolled around. I am finally just now starting to feel like myself again. I felt permanently car sick and unhealthy for about a couple days straight.

    Godspeed, Chris. Godspeed.


  8. Fifteen guys?! I don't even know 15 people. I hope Chris doesn't get into too much trouble; I'd be just like you, fearing that someone is going to go to jail.

    Good luck at your hair/makeup trials! I'm excited to hear how they go. Mine are coming up soon, too.

  9. I came out of hs with 1 best friend and some acquaintances. Now, I'm lucky enough to call those 5 girls my best friends. I'd do anything for them.

    My boyfriend however, is like Chris. Has his friends he's always had 20 years +. And if they were to all go to Vegas; my Brock would end up arrested AND in the hospital. I'm a lucky girl, I get to worry about that on the daily.

  10. Ugh, I feel blessed that my bf doesn't have 15 friends LOL... just drink lots of bloodies and it'll be Monday before you know it! ;-)

    Also, best wishes to Lupita - she's got my donation!

    PS can't wait to watch your snaps this wknd!!

  11. Wow 15 guys?! I'm sure that he will be just fine too. My husband went to Vegas with a few of his fraternity brothers over the summer and he came back alive. So don't worry! :-) Have a fun time at your hair and makeup trial. I only did a makeup trial (this was pre-Pinterest haha) and it went well. Just tell them that you want to look like yourself. :-) Take care and enjoy the rest of your week! :-)

  12. I'm not a fan of Vegas either. I can handle a day or two, but that's about it.

  13. UGH LV is the worst. I live in Reno and whenever I have to go for work, I get on the first flight out I can

  14. Despite me being male, I didn't have that many close friends (and no "dude-friends") from high school or college. I have always seemed to relate better in a friendship sense to women for some reason. Thankfully, some of my acquaintanceships from high school were really true friendships.

    I was in Vegas for 4 days after my 21st birthday, but for Vegas standards, it was EXCEPTIONALLY low-key. No clubs, sparing alcohol, controlled gaming. But it was fun to see the Wayne Brady and Mac King shows!

  15. My parents went to Vegas a couple of years ago for TWO WEEKS! Who does that??

  16. Yea, I definitely left high school with very few friends. Do I still talk to any of them? Not really... only a few of the ones I went to middle school with. Most of my friends were the neighbor kids I grew up with, but they all have kids now so it's a little different trying to hang out with them.

    And my friend wanted us to go to Vegas for a week before. I didn't end up going with her.. That's just crazy to be there that long! And yes, Vegas is extremely dirty. It reminds me of the end of 22 Jump Street where they're sitting there like "spring break is actually really smelly" haha.

  17. Go Lupita! Go Fluffs! Go Doggies! Go Dog Mommies!

  18. Oh girl, I'm SO with you on needing to get out of Vegas STAT. Totally not my scene either. Idk how people can stay for more than like 2 days!