Start To Summer Bucket List

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Summer in Chicago always takes its sweet time getting here. It won't be consistently warm until late June, perhaps even July. So when we get a nice day outside like we did today, you have to take advantage.

I wasted no time in breaking out my summer cut-offs and new sandals. And as Harlow and I set out to galavant around Chicago and enjoy the nice weather, I started thinking of my "start to summer" bucket list. Or something of the sorts.

It goes a little something like this:

1. Patio it up.
Brunch, happy hour, lunch, dinner, whatever. Chicago is full of great patios and I plan to stop by all of them. If you live here, what's your favorite spot?

2. Watch the Cubbies!
And by that I mean eat hotdogs and drink beer at the stadium. Baseball is nothing without those two components.

3. Get on the water.
Whether it be a kayak, paddle board, or renting a pontoon. Getting out on the water is always a good time.

4. Dog beach, every day.
(Harlow added this one.) I do love the dog beach, but I steer clear of the water there because... well I'm sure you know.

5. Walk everywhere!
I get a little lazy in the winter and rely on cabs and buses more than I should (but hello it's freezing) so when summer finally gets here I like to be on my feet as much as possible.

I'm over the moon for these Timberland sandals from Zappos because they are SO COMFORTABLE. It feels like I'm walking on a layer of cushy padding. Also, I have very wide feet so it's pretty hard for me to find a sandal that doesn't give me blisters and can withstand about five miles of walking per day.

Sweater. Shorts.

Well these sweet things have solved all of my problems. And there's just something about the look of them that reminds me of fun beach sandals I used to have as a kid. I'm just so excited to pack away my boots and scarves and finally live life without 100 layers on.

Zappos is my go-to for ordering online because they're crazy fast, have free shipping, and a 365 day return policy!

Chicago, you did good today. Now let's go for another hot one tomorrow.

Shoutout to my friends at Zappos x Timberland for allowing me to bring you this post and get us all in the summer spirit!


  1. Yes! Give me all the summer bucket lists! And also wide footed sandals for optimum comfort.

  2. Buying kayaks is the best thing we could have done this month. Can't wait to get out there!

  3. Love your sweater!
    Abbie E||

  4. Cute post, love your outfit and summer ideas! Sophie x

  5. One of the things that I would love to do this summer is take our dog to the beach! He's never been, and I'm wondering if he's going to freak out over the ocean and be scared or freak out and go nuts! Those shoes are so adorable and perfect for the summer!

  6. You are so lucky you even have a dog beach near you!!! sounds like you have a nice realistic bucket list :)
    XO Ellen from Ask Away Blog