The Bachelorette Weekend

Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Bachelorette is one week from today.

My sister and my friends have done all of the planning and they've left me out of it, which is exactly how I wanted it to be. My friends live all over the place so the only tricky part was going to be picking a destination. For this part, I obviously gave some input.

My first thought was a little lofty:

San Fran/Napa. 

What's not to love about a girls weekend spent drinking wine in Napa, with a quick stop in one of my favorite cites, San Francisco?

The price. That's what. Flights and hotels, even AirBnBs were too expensive so we ruled this one out almost immediately.

So then we toyed with the idea of Scottsdale.

I went there for my friend Kate's bach just a few months ago and had a great time. Plus, my BM Tyeler is from Scottsdale so she could show us the ropes. But then someone told us Scottsdale would be way too hot in June. I'm not scared of hot weather by any means, but this idea got nixed as well.

At this point I was just tempted to do Chicago. Why not?

Chicago is an awesome city in the summer. We could rent a boat, play by the beach, have a fun spa day at The Wit followed by drinks on their roof top after. I don't usually treat myself to spa days, but a bachelorette is the perfect time to do something like that I figured. I actually just got my first facial at The Wit a few weeks ago and it was absolutely amazing. Even today, I can still see the improvements it did for my skin. On the way out I asked if they do large party spa days and they said of course. A day of champagne and getting pampered is something I could get on board with...

But alas, the destination for my bachelorette will not be Chicago after all. Instead, we decided to mix things up and we're heading to Austin next week. Like I said, I don't know a lot of the plans but what I do know is that we've rented a house with a pool and I'm most definitely bringing a pizza raft. Because I am a child. Other than that, I guess I'll find out...

I'm not really a penis necklace kind of girl, so I've made a strict request for no genitalia accessories. However, no one likes a stick in the mud either. So I am game for whatever comes my way.

Luckily my friend/BM Kam lives in Austin so she's got some fun spots picked out, but if you have suggestions for anything Austin let me know!

Where should we go? What should we eat? How do we get around since Uber isn't there anymore?! Tell me all of the things.


  1. You'll have a great time in Austin! I haven't been but my husband has, and a few friends and they've all loved it! I was the same about no genitalia accessories, too. Not a fan. Hope you have a blast!

  2. Be sure to check out Rainey Street! I think you'd like that area much more than 6th Street! Where are y'all staying? Bummer that Uber isn't here anymore, but if you're in the downtown area, you can walk to most places... Or take pedicabs. I recommend Milk + Honey for spa treatment.

  3. AUSTIN IS AMAZINGGGGG!!!!!! Dude I would totally crash the party if I weren't going away already and also if I were a huge creep. I'm totally not a creep. You're gonna have somuchfun!!

  4. You're going to have such a blast in Austin! I bet that they're already planning on taking you out on 6th Street, but you should definitely get Torchy's Tacos at least once! They have an amazing variety of tacos, and my favorite is definitely the Trailer Park, which is a fried chicken tender with cheese and lettuce on it. You can make it "trashy" and they'll take the lettuce off and add queso.

  5. I live here! Austin is amazing, have a great time. Leave the chlorine and go to Barton springs pool, it is the gem of our city. A few pieces of advice:
    1. Be respectful, use sidewalks, skip dirty 6th and don't loudly call food trucks gross. This city gets TONS of Bach parties that ruin it for fun groups like I'm sure yours will be. Good choice on forgoing the penis stuff, people may not know you are a Bach party right away and will be much nicer.
    2. Avoid telling people you are in an Airbnb. These houses are pricing out minorities who have lived downtown for centuries (especially on the east side), it's a very tough and controversial topic so just avoid that and keep it on the DL.
    3. I am having my wedding in Austin in October. I have spend an embarrassing amount of time creating a travel guide on Check it out for all my insider recs.
    4. Uber and lyft have left, download Fare. I have taken cabs in hundreds of cities but would never take one here. They will tel you your card was declined or they don't have a reader (which is illegal in TX) and take you to an atm for cash, then run the card anyways. Happened the 4/4 times I have used a cab here. We have major transit problems here, use cap metro as you can.

  6. Definitely hit up the food trucks! They're everywhere and soooo good, especially Torchy's. Steer clear of 6th. It's a tourist trap for the most part. Have fun!! It's like no other place.

  7. I'm from Austin!

    For food I highly recommend
    1) the Franklin
    2) the salt lick

    Nice restaurant with a fun atmoshphere
    1)hula but
    2) oasis
    3) chuys
    4) Maudie's

    (No particular order)

    For breakfast
    1) magnolia
    2) Torchys tacos
    3) tacodeli

    For burgers
    1) p Terry's
    2) hop doddys

    Highly recommend milk and honey as well!
    Also Jason's well
    Zilker park
    Barton springs
    Lake Austin

  8. you do know my bach was in austin? I'm slightly offended you haven't personally asked me for recs!

  9. Dinner/drinks at Jacoby's, Justines or Hillside Farmacy!! Hillside also has a great brunch menu. I'd personally skip the crazy/grossness of 6th and head to the eastside and hit up the White Horse and other bars in that area for a good time! Also there's tons of distilleries/wineries/breweries located in the city and slightly outside of it if you're still looking into those kinds of things!! Have fun, Austin is great!!

  10. My good friend is the executive chef at Freedmen's, a delicious bbq place that has a great patio and bar inside. Highly recommend!

  11. Enjoy it, looks like you have tons of recs so I won't add mine.

  12. At first when you said you'd have your bachelorette in Chigago, I was going to show you this:
    But then you chose my hometown so I'm excited! I agree - 6th street is overdone (started going out there at 18), but if you wanna get really crazy that's where to go! Barbarella's is where to go to dance. If you want to have a fun but chill time, Rainey Street is great. I really like 2nd street, too. What's nice about Austin is pretty much anywhere you end up will be wonderful - food & atmosphere-wise.

  13. Oh gosh, please please please go to Via 313 for pizza. They have some of the best Detroit style pizza, and I used to live in Detroit. It's not quite Chicago, but it is DAMN good.

  14. luckily, it seems like you'll be game for some other fashionable bachelorette accessories so thats the good news. I have never been to austin but seems like its a fun place! have a great time! will be following along on snapchat! ;)

  15. I just got back from a Bachelorette party in Austin this past weekend! I second the comment from above about Hillside Farmacy - the food was awesome! Also, if you are sticking around some on Sunday (we had a later flight) go to Banger's on Raney Street - they have mimosas served in huge steins, a play area for dogs, and a live band. It made the Sunday Scaries / Sunday Blues go away!

  16. I live in Austin! If I find out where you ladies will be...I may stalk if you see some chick being weird peeking around behind a tree that's me. :) If you need any recs for food places or anything, let me know!

    I live on the east side and am pretty partial to this part of town but Rainey may be up your alley. Stay away from dirty 6th...unless you are wearing the penis veil and all.

    Have a blast! I love it here! There is never a dull'll have fun no matter where you go!

  17. You will have such a blast! I've never been to Austin, but am super excited that I'll be living so ridiculously close to it after July. I've heard the food is just unreal there, obvi bbq is a must! Also Lake Travis looks so fun and I'm sure your girls have all the fun stuff planned! Have such a fun time and enjoy :)!!

  18. I've only been to Austin once, but everyone rides around in little bicycles carts. There's a name for this I just don't remember lol...but when it got dark they were everywhere. And you'll have SO much fun! It'll be hot though lol....

  19. definitely go to rainey st! 6th street is worth going to atleast for a little bit, just to experience it :) have a great time in texas!

  20. Not sure if you guys are still there or not BUT the best queso I've ever had is in Austin (Kerbey Lane). Stop there if you can!