Austin Bachelorette Party- Day 2 & 3

Thursday, June 9, 2016

You didn't think I was done with the Bachelorette recaps yet? I made my mom take all of these ridiculous photos, so damnit these photos must be shared!

(Last post about it, I swear.)

For Friday and Saturday night we rented a house in West Lake complete with a pool, free muffins, and even better (as we'd learn around 2 a.m. Saturday morning) a karaoke machine. Also, I just decided I'm going to write in bullet points today because I'm tired.

*Friday we floated and had pool beers.
Hat found here.

*This swan raft is actually pretty fun. Same with the pizza raft.

*Also here's the other swan photo you never see on Instagram. I hope you like it.

*High waisted swimsuit (that actually covers your butt!) is found here.

*In true bride-to-be fashion, I was very excited to wear this outfit Friday night. I won't deny it.

*I was feeling pretty sassy in my shoes, the dress, and of course the fun little purse.

*Look below my right knee, I have a bone spur the size of a marble from an old basketball injury.

*It flares up when it's about to rain, about to snow, or when I'm about to drink too much.

*Just casually laughing while I make my mom take blog pics... Lols. 
*Having all the fun.

*And the sorority pic...

*Clearly loving it.

*Having a better attitude.

*Saying yes and. (Improv joke.)

*From left to right: Texas, Ohio, Nebraska, California, ME, Louisiana, Nebraska, and Texas.

*I met every one of these girls in college, in Theta, our sorority.

*The joke is when you're in a sorority you buy your friends. And for me that is absolutely true. How in the hell else would I have met people? It took me five years to get friends in Chicago. And I "bought" those friends from Second City. No shame. Meeting/talking to new people isn't my strong suit. I have to do it some way. 

*Seconds after the photo shoot a monsoon ran through Austin and it down poured for hours. 

*Somewhere in between calling cabs and going to dinner I dropped my wallet outside and found myself without an ID. Enter the part in the weekend where I sulk for three hours because I realize I won't get let into any bar. 

*Also my hair is ruined. I was equally upset over both.

*Dinner  ^^ and I'm in full on sulk mode. I was being very dramatic in my head thinking, "why oh why did I have to lose my ID On the one night all of my friends have gotten together? My life is so hard! Boo!"

*Long story short, the ID wasn't found Friday night (it was found Saturday morning on the side of the road soaking wet) but I was still able to go to bars and dance in the rain with everyone else and have a really great night.

*We'll end with a few more pics and then wrap this up because isn't allowing me to space things correctly today and I'm starting to pull my hair out.

*Saturday was spent on Lake Travis with about 100 other bachelor/bachelorette parties and it was a blast.

*Saturday night no photos will be shown because we'd been drinking all day and another rain storm ran through and every photo I've seen I look like a hot wet mess.

*We ended the night at an outdoor rave complete with a DJ spraying champagne everywhere and food trucks right next door. It was amazing.

My sister/MOH went all out with matching tank tops, water bottles, koozies, cookies, gift bags full of all the things Pinterest says to do. I don't know what got into her, but she took her Matron of Honor role VERY seriously.

*Terrible pic, but you get the idea.

To conclude, if you want to have the best bachelorette, I suggest going to Austin and I suggest having my sister as your MOH. It was the best weekend ever and it kills me to think one week ago I was on a flight to Austin right now drinking bloodys with Jade and the Sandys.

Trying to live in the present, but it's a little hard today...  On another note, we leave for our wedding five weeks from tomorrow. So, there's that.


  1. I feel like the pizza pool float is my spirit animal and that white dress is amazing.

  2. Looks like a BLAST!!! Omg I was dying on the swan pic and your "marble-size flare up" when you're about to drink. HAHA! Love it!


  3. YAS GURL. You rock it. A wet hot mess is only fun when you're drunk (or so I think!)

    Rachel /

  4. Love those tanks! Bachelorette parties are the best. I would have been sulking about my lost ID all night too, girlfriend. Glad it all worked out!
    Samantha |

  5. I love that your mom was there!! That is soo awesome! :-D

  6. I love this, I wish I could have partied with you, and I TOTALLY would have bought you as a friend. Glad I did it for freeeeee!

  7. What a fun bachelorette! Glad you were still able to party without your ID!

    Her Heartland Soul

  8. Looks like a blast! I was a Theta too! (Although at Purdue, not Nebraska). My friends and I joke that if we bought our friends, it was the best investment we've ever made. Seriously.

  9. Can I book Jade and The Sandys for my next girl's weekend?

  10. You really do have the most fun, don't you?! That pizza raft is cracking me up! Tee hee! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Lollllll sulk mode, I love it. I can totally picture it. (Happening to myself I mean, not that I can picture you in sulk mode lol!) Probably one of the reasons I didn't have a wedding (besides 500 others) was because I don't have any friends so none of this cool stuff would be possible. Although sisters really are THE KEY to wedding stuff. Don't know how anyone could do it without them. Those pizza floats are amazing and I'm wondering if it would be super weird to get one and bring it to the pool at my apartment alone lol. Damn, I need some friends. Anyways, talk about a random comment. Looks like you had a blast! And holy shit 5 weeks?! I feel like you've been planning this wedding for eternity lol!

  12. looks freaking awesome. even if you lost your id (you found it, bonus) and it rained. i would not have noticed the bone thing unless you pointed it out. man i love weddings. brings people from ALL over the place to celebrate. IM SO PUMPED.

  13. I'm having a little dilemma planning my bridal shower/bachelorette and immediately thought of your post (my memory when it comes to minute personal details I read about online is kind of disturbing... lol). I noticed your mom came on your bachelorette weekend... how did that work out? My mom and her friends are definitely "cool" moms and want to partake in the nighttime festivities after the bridal shower (we're doing it all in one weekend as I'm coming home from London). But my MOH think its odd to have a mom involved in the bachelorette and that my friends will feel awkward. I don't really care either way but don't want feelings hurt. Did your mom go out with you guys/partake in games? Any thoughts...? Thankssssssss ;) xx