One Month To Go

Thursday, June 23, 2016

This photo strip has hung on our fridge in every apartment we've lived in for the past five years. It's dated June 10, 2009.

It's such a staple that I rarely even notice it anymore. Until I do. Like last week when I picked it up and realized it was almost seven years ago exactly when it was taken at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City.

It was the summer after our senior year of college and Chris drove with me to Kansas City for a job interview. The job was a recruiter for a culinary school and my interview was making seven layer bean dip in front of everyone else interviewing, while throwing in some fast facts about myself and a few jokes of course.

Let's just say my work history is weird and leave it at that.

After the bean interview, which I felt I had nailed by the way, we were supposed to drive back home to Lincoln. But as we were heading out of Kansas City we passed a sign for Worlds of Fun. Suddenly we both had great memories of childhood moments spent there that came rushing back.

"Wanna go?" Chris asked.

"We can't," I said.

It was late in the afternoon and we both had to work tomorrow. And being the broke college kids that we were, a $50 ticket to the park was a lot of money. Not to mention all of the stupid over-priced park food I would inevitably want. I can't go to an amusement park and not eat a corndog and Italian Ice, I just can't.

"We could though... Why not?"

And so without a second thought we did.

We were at the park until it closed, riding the Mamba over and over and over. By the time we left it was pretty late so we checked into a very cheap, very dumpy hotel, right by the park that was definitely one of the top 5 grossest places I've ever stayed. We both slept in our clothes because the bed was ... the opposite of clean. Luckily, there was a great dive bar next to the hotel where we had a few drinks before having to sleep in the pube ridden bed.

I would argue that you really haven't lived until you've slept in a hotel room where you're scared to walk around barefoot, or turn on the bedside lamp in fear you might see what's really lurking on the bed sheets. We once stayed in a hotel in Paris where we literally had to walk behind (or under) the front desk to get to our room.


The random Worlds of Fun moment back in 2009 has become one of my favorite memories. In a lot of ways it captures so many of the things I love about Chris. His spontaneity that keeps me on my feet, his desire to always do something fun and adventurous, and most of all, his love for trashy amusement parks. What more could a girl ask for?

If only I could get him to love waterparks as much as I do. Wisconsin Dells has been calling my name for five years now.

One month from today I get to marry Chris. The guy who asked me to be his girlfriend over an Italian Jimmy Johns sub in his Fiji frat room. It's been ten years in the making, but we're finally ready to do the thing.

Our invites are sent and the RSVPs are back. (Most of them, you know who are you.) Minted did all of our paper and I really couldn't be happier. Their quality and service is unbeatable.

What are your colors? What is your theme? What are you going for?

The questions I continued to get that I didn't know how to answer, until I chose the invites. I didn't necessarily want "mountain rustic" as so many people suggested. But I didn't know what I wanted either. When I found these floral invites on Minted I loved everything about them so I said, that. Let's do that. And so we've tried to build "the theme" from there.

All of the last minute things are coming together.... I think. I hope.

If you've planned a wedding, or are planning a wedding, what should I be doing one month out? It's the things I think I'm forgetting that keep me up at night.

One month from right now I'll be sipping champs with my besties and getting eyebrows painted on. Life is but a dream!


  1. This means mine is 3 months (and 1 day) away and now I'm panicking! Any tips for things I should be doing now?! Good luck with all of the final details!

  2. I just want to say you did a very smart thing by getting a good (and short) wedding website url. I used a free one from The Knot and it was so ridiculously long that it had to be in teeny tiny print on my invites. I got an earful from several of my relatives that they couldn't read it, "even with their glasses on". Ugh. Happy one month out!

  3. I of course totally stalked your wedding website. Can I come? ;) (I felt like I had to put the emoji there to make sure you knew I was kidding. I'm not actually looking for an invite.) It looks like it will be a blast! So much fun!

  4. Oh my gosh I love y'all's love story. So stinkin' cute. Being a Kansas City girl myself, hearing Worlds of Fun brings back all the memories (even if I did refuse to ride roller coasters, and still do). Oh, and you need to go to the Wisconsin Dells ASAP. Also went there as a kid. Happy 1 month until "I do!"

    Emma | Seeking the South

  5. Awwww, what a sweet story...except for the creepy motel you stayed in. Eeek! I think that Chris for sure needs to bring you to the Wisconsin Dells - ah, Noah's Ark aka Best Waterpark EVER! :)

  6. I am just so so so excited. I have no doubt this will be as awesome as your ride on the mamba.

  7. What an adorable story and an amazing memory! Those spontaneous memories are the best! Congrats at being one month away!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

  8. Spend the next month soaking up all the excitement that's coming! The wedding day will be a whirlwind!

    I firmly think having a spontaneous spouse is so much fun. Amir is similar in that way and it definitely makes for a fun life :)

  9. I got married 3.5 years ago and I barely remember the planning process. I think 1 month out I was just tracking down everyone that didn't RSVP - about 2/3 of those invited, fun times. All in all, just enjoy it. It will not go exactly as planned (mine involved spilling wine), but as long as you're married at the end it was successful! So don't lose sleep.

  10. Start taking xanax and pass all of the responsibility off to your mom and wedding planner and find a hot pink bride pimp cup and drink all of your wine out of that. least that is what I did!

  11. Yayay! I love those invitations! Also, your wedding weekend sounds crazy fun. I'm 5 months out and I just have weekly stress dreams about everything that could go wrong. So I can't help you there.

  12. I'm hoping at the one-month mark I can just enjoy being one month away...because at the four month mark, I'm ready to jump off the roof. Wedding planning is hard. Love that sweet story though, congratulations!