The Best On The Internet This Week

Friday, June 24, 2016

And today I bring you a good old fashioned ramble post, a compilation of things on my mind and cool things on the internet.

First of all, Orange Is The New Black. Who's with me on this one? I just finished the last season two nights ago and I CAN'T stop thinking about it. I continue to love the writing on this show and the way it humanizes people behind bars. The writers don't glorify the criminals, they tell their story. I could talk for days about my love for this show and the characters in it, so maybe instead I'll write an entire post and just leave it at this for now.

On to lighter things... Like floating on swans all summer.

Can you spot the bone spur on my leg? For whatever reason Spurry's been quite active this summer. Also yes, that's a Vizsla on my red, white, and blue koozie. Fourth of July accessories won't buy themselves!

Now don't mind me as I pose in my swimsuit and casually look off to the side... In my humble opinion, Target killed it with their patriotic swimsuits this year. They seem to be sold out of a lot of sizes in stores (as usual) but you can find this top and bottom online still. The top is a halter and almost fits like a sports bra, so when I wear it I like to pretend I'm an Olympic swimmer.

On to other things.... I've been on the hunt for the perfect pjs for my wedding week. I'll be staying in a suite with a bunch of my gal pals (presumably doing late night shenanigans together) so I figured it's time I stop wearing gross old tshirts to bed with basketball shorts and dress like an adult.

I've always wanted to be the type of person who wears matching top and bottom pj sets. Like someone from a Nancy Meyers film. Because to me, that person has their life together.

So look at me go. I'm an adult now with nice pajamas! I got this white shorty set from Needham Lane and I love it! I wore it on my bachelorette and about five of my friends immediately ordered a pair as well. What I love is that the material is soft and light, but yet it's still thick enough so you can comfortably wear these pjs without a bra underneath and not feel exposed.

I also got this blue striped robe because I'm a big fan of robes. Check out their entire sleepwear line here.

Now Harlow's being needy so I'll end with him. Truly Pawsome, have you heard of it? Clearly Harlow has. It's his new favorite thing to get in the mail.

Truly Pawsome is a monthly subscription box of 4-5 hand-selected natural, eco-friendly and quality doggie treats and toys.

But what I really love about Truly Pawsome is that they've partnered with Rocket Dog Rescue, and send 10% of their proceeds there.

Also, they have free shipping. Help animals, get free shipping. What's not to love?

Time for the Friday stuff. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

*Comments turned off because FRIDAY.