The Bitchy Bride To Be- Day 1 of the Bachelorette

Monday, June 6, 2016

Don't let the smile fool you, I was stressed AF at the airport the day we left. 
I was running on little sleep having been up until past 1 a.m. trying to fill as many orders as possible before heading to Austin. My Uber picked me up at 5:30 a.m., he got lost twice on the way to Midway Airport, and then finally just dropped me off at the Orange Line stop because he was certain traffic was too bad to drive... It wasn't. 
white jeans. striped sweater.
By the time I met up at the airport with my sister and the Sandys (my mom, Sandy, and her bestie, Sandy) I was a little off balance.

My mom made silly pins with a giant photo of my high school face that said "Taylor's Bachelorette Weekend." Given that I'm a silly person and don't tend to mind a few jokes at my own expense, what do you think I did?

A. Laughed and said "That's great! Give me one to wear."

Or B. Got irrationally embarrassed and demanded they "take those off right now."

I did B. I still don't understand it myself. Given that I'm a fan of doing things that tend to make me look stupid quite frequently, this was super out of character for me. It was a short two minute freak-out and by the time we were having Bloodys at Harry Caray's I had returned to myself and said the buttons were fun and everyone should wear them.

But those two minutes of being humiliated by something so small and done with such good intent have left me perplexed. What came over me? Why did I get so upset so quick?

That my friends, is what we call Bitchy Bride To Be Behavior. Freaking out over little things for no reason at all. I did it a month ago with the flower girl dresses. I'm only going to admit this because we're all friends here, but I almost cried about the flower girl dresses because the one I wanted wasn't the one that was ordered.

I repeat, I almost CRIED regarding a dress that two adorable three year old girls are going to wear.


I'm self aware enough to recognize it and know that it's crazy, but it doesn't stop it from happening.

I just needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for listening. Let's move along with the fun stuff.

Day One in Austin looked like this:

Dress found here.
We explored Austin, had some roof top margaritas, then got ready for a night on Rainey Street with the group that made it in for night one.

White Pants.

Rainey Street was so much fun. I love the chill outdoor vibe of Austin and could have stayed out all night.

Except for the fact I was actually back at the hotel in bed by 11 (in my defense I thought it was much later.) I figured it was time to go home after all the dogs I was talking to at the bar had gone home.

But all in all, day one was a complete success. Day two is when things got a little messy. Literally messy because of the massive rainstorm that hit right when I lost my I.D. outside.

Day Two: The Bride To Be That Looked Like a Wet Dog coming soon!

And okay fine, here is the button...

*yes, I'm wearing a "knotted" strand of pearls under my Hollister jean jacket.

*and no, it's not a filter. My hair was greenish yellow for senior pics because I was a lifeguard. Chlorine is very hard on platinum hair.



  2. looks like it was off to an awesome start. and 11pm is accpetable after all the drinking. and the button wearing.

  3. Oh my gosh, yea, I remember having those moments before my wedding. They were no fun but everyone knows that the bride is under a whole lot of stress & that they should not take it personally. Those buttons are pretty fantastic though. Ha!

  4. I know all about that "Bitchy Bride To Be Behavior," and almost in the same exact capacity. My MOH showed up at my bachelorette with a sash, crown, and blinky ring and I panicked and refused to wear it. What was my problem?! I eventually put the ring on...but dang, what a bitch, right?