Wedding Beauty Guide- 38 Days To Go

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Four weeks from Friday Chris and I will pack up the car to head to Steamboat and will leave Chicago as mere fiances and will come back three weeks later as HUSBAND AND WIFE.

And so five weeks out my concerns are the little ones. Like ceremony music. Finding wedding shoes. Writing the programs. And writing the vows... That's not a little one, but I'm telling myself it is so as to not freak out.

And then there's the vanity stuff, because every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Which is also just a little funny to me given that every single day Chris sees me looking my very worst. It's as if I want this one day to say, "just look how I COULD look!"  *if I tried and cared more.

So for the physical stuff I'm doing pilates 4-5 times a week. Coming from someone who doesn't like to work out and usually hates classes, I love pilates. LOVE it. I would go every day if I wasn't so sore. I've also dabbled in some fan fiction about the lovely women who attend the Lincoln Park pilates studio where I go, read it here.

For the diet stuff I do my best to eat healthy Monday-Fridayish. And on the weekends I just drink Bloody Marys for every meal. Jk. Or am I....

For hair I'm still using Olaplex about once a week and it's working wonders. I switched from Kerastase to Living Proof because I couldn't pronounce Kerastase and because it was making my hair greasy. Living Proof has made my hair super strong (for me) and it's actually started to grow past my shoulders. Hear that, Codi? You can't call me a grease monkey anymore.

And then there's the skin. I am terrified of having a breakout before my wedding so I'm being extra cautious of what goes on my face. A few months ago I found out the hard way that liquid foundation does not get along with my forehead. After just a few uses I had tiny bumps everywhere and all of my worst middle school memories came rushing back.

I sprinted to the dermatologist, she took one look at my skin and instructed me to never use that makeup again. She gave me (sold me) tinted Elta sunscreen, which I had never used but am now obsessed with, and also suggested I find a good powder makeup instead. *Never buy from the derm when you can find the products on amazon here.

Which brings me to IT Cosmetics. Also just an FYI no one is paying me to write this nor will I make any money if you purchase anything from IT, I'm simply telling you because I've become a big fan of their line.

Their powder foundation, as seen in my hand with my nails that match my makeup bag... is awesome. It covers and it doesn't cause breakouts. I've been using it for almost two months now and have had zero problems.

It was a rabbit hole from there. After I tried the powder I tried the blush, then the mascara, and my favorite right now might be the eyebrow pen. Also, this is going to sound really dorky, but for someone like me who has never really known how to put on makeup, they have short videos under every product showing you how to wear it which proves to be very helpful. So yes, I watched the video for the brow pen/brow lift pen and now I feel like I can really do brows. *Game changer of 2016: learning how to give myself eyebrows.

If you're in the market for new makeup, I suggest you start with their Top Ten. And I have to also tell you their customer service is phenomenal. One of the powders that I ordered arrived broken and they sent me two new ones on the spot. Online service like that is hard to come by in today's world.

Anyway, that's my makeup guide for right now. I'm about as amateur as it gets when it comes to makeup, I simply look for products that are a. easy to put on and wear and b. won't make me breakout. IT Cosmetics achieves both.

What are your staples or makeup secrets that I should know?


  1. Cute outfit! Sophie x

  2. For your wedding day, be sure to NOT use makeup with sf, as it will give you blowback in the photos. Giorgio Armani luminous silk or Makeup Forever HD are two awesome ones I've found. Definitely use brow pencil for the wedding - you need to see your brows otherwise you will look funny. Same goes for eyeliner. I love IT cosmetics as well! Love their CC cream but it has suddenly become too greasy for me so I'll try out the powder! Thanks for the recommendation. And is that the wonderful lipstick that goes on clear and magically becomes your lip color only better? I love that and the lip gloss version as well. Shoot....I'd better just get over to Ulta and buy lots more stuff!

  3. Did I just watch that whole 6 minute video about how to shape your brows? Absolutely. I was cursed with blonde eyebrows that do not match my dark brunette hair at all. I think I'm going to run out and get that brow pencil ASAP. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Emma | Seeking the South

  4. I can't believe it's so close!! it cosmetics is the best!

  5. I could not agree more It Cosmetics is my jam! I am slow replacing just about everything I have with the It cosmetics version. I used the CC Cream for my wedding #flawless!

    Dont stress to much, enjoy the day it comes and goes way to fast!!

  6. "Just look how good I could look" LOL. I'm so late on commenting on this. I've been neglecting bog reading because (I'm bored of them) I'm busy so I'm just scrolling through the past week here. I've had on my "list" to get this It stuff forever..there's this CC cream (or is it BB?) I've been wanting to try. And the concealer I hear is bomb.