13 Misconceptions About Brides-To-Be

Thursday, July 7, 2016

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1. We'll be deeply offended if you wear white to any wedding related event.

Please feel free to wear whatever the hell you want. Unless it's a wedding gown, but honestly that would make for good conversation so if that's your fancy, why not.

2. We all care A LOT about etiquette.

We do not. At least I don't. I've heard that word more while being engaged than I would have ever imagined. I can't seem to understand why I should care about some unwritten rule established by some random old person a hundred years ago. Dear Random Old Person, please stop insisting I do things a certain way simply because "it's good etiquette." At what point do we update this so called "wedding etiquette," I wonder?

3. The wedding is our #1 priority in life.

Yes, planning a wedding is extremely time consuming. But many of us modern gals have several other things on our plate we are trying to manage, as well. This can include but certainly isn't limited to: running a business, growing and protecting said business, spending quality time with our dog, writing a book, taking classes, preparing to buy a house, figuring out how to work snapchat correctly. Ext ext.

4. We were just dying to get him to propose!

A little piece of me dies every time someone finds out my fiance and I were dating for seven years before getting engaged and then I'm inevitably asked "how'd you get him to finally do it?" The person almost always says with a chuckle and elbow nudge and I visibly cringe and want to crawl in a hole. This is 2016, can't we all accept the fact that sometimes an engagement is 100% mutual?

5. We can't wait to get married so we can have children.

Nope, not the case with everyone. Before kids I have my eyes on a few more dogs... Also, isn't it about time we stop pretending you need a marriage certificate to have a child? I understand this is the traditional way and it ties into most religious beliefs, but not everyone is traditional. And not everyone shares the same religious beliefs.

6. We're going to take his last name.

I'm in no means offended by the "C T H" monogramed towels and photo frames I've been sent already, because it just so happens my dog's name is Harlow. So really, it fits perfectly with our family. But my last name isn't going anywhere. And no, I'm not trying to make some big important point by doing this. It's simply my name and I like it and I don't feel the need to let it go. So for now, I'm keeping it. Perhaps it could change in the future, but for now the Wolfe remains.

7. We're all scary and OCD and obsessing over every little wedding detail.

I'll admit I've had a few scary moments during wedding planning (I try to keep those private) but my main concern for the entire event is that I just want everyone to have a great time. Myself included.

8. The brides family does everything.

Nope, we're living in a modern era people. Everyone is helping put this thing together. We opted out of a wedding planner, and instead we're using two sets of parents, a MOH, and the help of friends and family to do plan this wedding weekend of ours. It's an all hands on deck kind of thing. And I'm very appreciative for all of the help I've received.

9. All kitchen registry items are just for us!

I get so many comments regarding our registry and how it's "clearly just for the bride," wink wink, nudge nudge. My fiance picked out all of our pots, pans, flatware and plates. Why? Simply because he's a great cook, and he just has better taste than I do to be honest.

Me on the other hand, I picked out the new stainless steel garbage bin because I like fancy garbage bins.

10. We're all on a strict wedding diet which includes no alcohol and no fun.

True, I'm trying to work out more than average right now. But I'm not changing my entire lifestyle for one weekend (i.e. I'm not giving up the booze.) It's a really fun time in my life at the moment, with weddings and parties and showers almost every weekend. So if I want a cocktail or three to enjoy myself, I'm going to have that cocktail.

Just to be clear (mom) I'm not saying I have to drink to have fun. I simply like to drink to *enhance* the fun. But on the contrary, if you're that bride who is eating super healthy to be in the shape you want to be in, well then hells yeah for you! To each their own.

11. We can't wait to be called a wifey.

This is probably just a personal thing, but I kinda hate that word. I also don't like "wife up" or "hubs" or "hubby." Married AF on the other hand, that I can handle.

12. We need to be in control over every. last. thing.

No. No, thank you. If there's one thing I've learned about myself during wedding planning it's that I hate having to answer 100 questions from people every day asking me about timelines, food choices, flowers, songs, menus, ext. Regardless of what my resume currently says, I am not detail oriented at all. All of the little decisions and delegating who does what, and what goes where, is just a little much for me. I need help doing the things. *see #8.

13. We're all freaking the F out about "The Big Day."

Okay yes, this is partially true. But I'd say it's more like 20% freaking out, 80% excited AF.

Maybe it's more 30/70. Because as everyone keeps reminding us, this is our "BIG DAY" after all.


  1. I'm with you! I think you have a good amount of percentage of excitement over the freaking out.

  2. Just have the best time ever and let the good times roll. Just don't be an asshole like me and take forever to send out thank-you notes. I ended up only sending them to adults (aka the old people who actually care about that shit) and it took me like, 8 months. I still cringe when I think about it but I was so weddinged-out at the time. So. Yeah.

    I don't have any plans that weekend so feel free to let us know if you have an empty seat or two! Hahaha.

  3. AMEN! Being an engaged couple and being a bride was one of the most fun parts of my life, but it wasn't my ENTIRE life. It also was not nearly as stressful as everyone made it out to be. I had so much fun planning everything.

  4. YASSSS girl!!! You nailed it with this one. As a fellow bride-to-be I share just about all of these sentiments!! Thanks for bringing them to light :)

  5. Amen. I went to a bachelorette party in New Orleans the weekend before my wedding and one of the girls there was appalled as I was scarfing down everything in sight. I hated making all the decisions and just said whatever you think to 90% of them. It's all about having a big party with everyone you love in one place who cares about the little details, you won't remember them anyway. Heck I completely forgot we even had a photo booth at our wedding until it was closed 😁.

  6. I've been married for almost 2 years and I didn't change my last name. My husband was pissed at first, but I think he's now accepted it. I just didn't feel like changing it...

  7. I agree about the word "wifey". I don't care for it. I hope that you have the most amazingly fun wedding weekend. Rock on. -Crystal

  8. "I'm not saying I have to drink to have fun. I simply like to drink to *enhance* the fun." I think there is a new Tshirt idea in there somewhere! We are getting married on 7/23 too! It has been so much fun pseudo planning with ya, however the last week or so my anxiety level has gone from 6 to midnight. xoxo -Megan

  9. Yes x1000!! These are all sooo true!! I hated how people would send me the outfits they were going to wear to my wedding because they thought I needed to approve of them. Um, don't care!

  10. Yes x1000!! These are all sooo true!! I hated how people would send me the outfits they were going to wear to my wedding because they thought I needed to approve of them. Um, don't care!

  11. I fully intended to change my name at first. Months went by and I avoided all the paperwork and money to change everything. It's three years later and I am still quite happy sticking with my original name!

  12. So exciting Taylor, I am so excited for you!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  13. I can't agree with #1 - when my mother-in-law to-be showed me her dress for our wedding and it was white, I almost died. And then I made her go buy a new one. But #10 - there was no diet for this girl!

    Alyssa @ Feathers and Stripes

  14. This tshirt brand is selling "married af" shirts. Didon't you brand it? This makes me really angry for you and smallet business. And before you get scared to clink the link, I'm not spam or a robot. I just read your blog a lot and recognized it.


  15. i'm getting married in 8 days! I've had SO MANY people ask about my name change. I am crunk to drop my last name i have now, just because of ignant family that i am tired of being associated with...everyone who has asked has been shocked that i am not keeping my last name i currently have. it's MY name, i do what i want! it's different strokes for different folks, amiright? Oh and i refuse to call him, hubby. Ugh that word just makes my teeth grind.


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