Thursday, August 25, 2016

Time is ticking today because I've got a plane to catch in a few hours for a girls weekend in the Ozarks. Sara's getting married next month so we're going to spend all weekend boat-drinking because of it. Expect lots of slow-mo snaps of us dancing to Miley and Beyonce.

Anyway, I got to thinking, what would be a quick fun post to write so my blurry, sweaty party pics from my last post aren't left up as the main page of my blog for too many days... (this is stuff bloggers think about.)

And then it came to me. A FALL MUST HAVE post. If there's one thing the blog world is lacking, it's a post about FALL. And MUST HAVES.

Like I said, I'm short on time so I have to make this spanky. But I'll do my best. *I don't know why I said "spanky" and am well aware it does not mean "quick or fast." But we'll roll with it anyway.

I love this "Kindness Is So Gangster" mug from Darling Savage. It's totally a "fall must have."

Also, (like so many others) I'm really into the distressed baggy jeans. Find a similar pair here.

Next up, sweater tank tops. For those of us who love sweaters all year long. Let's give it up for the knit fringe tank Ali is wearing. Is that an awesome top, or what? You can find it here.

My white sweater tank is from Urban (yes, I still shop there because it's like a block away from my house and whatever I can pretend I'm 16 still.) I can't find the top online to link it, but it's worth a stop in there. I've worn it like 100 times. *And if you've noticed me wearing it 100 times in my insta vids thanks for not calling me out!

One more of us laughing, because laughing is fun.

And now for photos of people who aren't me wearing sweaters/sweatshirts I will live in for the next 7 months because Chicago is about to get scary.

        Heathered Sweatshirt                    Ribbed Cardigan                         Zip Side Sweater

And guess what I would wear on the bottom.... Did someone say ripped denim? You got it.

            Joes Boyfriend Crop                 One Teaspoon                              More Joes (they're my go-to)

And it just wouldn't be a 2016 blog post without a few off the shoulder mentions.

For my friends who love red this time of year, you know who you are...

This top is coming in strong. And even if you don't love red, it comes in 100 different colors and prints too.

And for some new peep-toes, check out these awesome slingbacks in cognac leather.

There's about 100 other dreamy sweaters I've found but unfortunately my timer just went off and Harlow is itching for a park break. This has been fun. Let's meet up again next week. 


  1. I love that mug!!

    Her Heartland Soul

  2. One Teaspoon is the best for ripped denim!

  3. That mug is perfect! I cannot wait for fall - I love fall weather, clothing, and things to do ♥

  4. I love that ribbed sweater. Bring on the fallness!

  5. I cannot even think about a sweater right now. They are so perfect but it's still SO friggin hot in NC, that I can't even touch one without having a third trimester hot flash.

  6. I don't get the distressed baggy jeans thing but my daughters do so I guess it is because at the age of 53 I am too old to get it

  7. I'm pretty petite so baggy jeans would be a disaster on me haha. But I do love distressed jeans!! Your other picks are super cute too. I hope that you had a good week and have a wonderful weekend!!

  8. I am SO excited to dig out my sweaters! Awhoo hoo! I do not own a pair of distressed jeans...but a part of me thinks that I should. :)

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