The Reception - Say a Little Prayer For Chris

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

From day one, the one thing I knew I really really wanted was a tent.

When I think of dream weddings two movies coming to mind. Father of the Bride. And My Best Friend's Wedding.

Come to think of it, is that even a tent they're in during My Best Friend's Wedding? Maybe it's a weird gazebo, I don't remember. Whatever, in my mind it's a tent.

The point is I really wanted to have a pretty tent. What we got was even better.

These aren't professional pics, but you get the idea. I wish I could go back and live in this tented dreamworld because it was everything. 
This clip is blurry, but I love it never the less. It was taken by Helene toward the end of the night and I'll never forget how happy I felt in that moment. Thank God for boomerang app, amiright?


Everything was just so so good. The drinks, the food, the band, the speeches, when Chris and I got hoisted up on chairs and bounced around the dance floor. Where do I even start?

Our band was Dressed in Black from Denver and they were awesome! They played oldies and newbies, and a lot of Van Morrison inbetween because that's exactly what I requested. Van Morrison all night long! Peter, the lead singer, was a phenomenal entertainer and knew how to work a crowd. He had our entire wedding on the dance floor all night long. If you're in the Colorado area and in need of a wedding band, I can't recommend Dressed in Black enough!

I can't wait to see Elias's photos from the reception. I have a feeling they're going to be quite fun.

Speaking of fun. Let's talk about my sister's MOH speech.

For whatever reason she was very nervous about her speech. Like very nervous. She kept telling me she was going to do a ribbon dance and I told her to do whatever made her feel most comfortable.

So when it was time for her speech and she went to the front of the tent and said, "There's a lot of pressure on this speech, so I think it would be best if we all just bow our heads and say a little prayer," I thought, well okay. She's going the God route. Good for her.

My head was bowed so I didn't realize that the band had quietly taken the stage behind her. When they started playing, "The Moment I Wake Up, Before I Put On My Makeup..." I was like oh helllls.

And then Jade started to sing. Just like Cameron Diaz from My Best Friend's Wedding. And my next thought was, oh no she's going to sing an entire song. 

But after her part she surprised me and passed the mic to my mom. And then my dad. Then brother. Uncle. Grandma. Bridesmaids. And down the line. The microphone was passed from table to table and various people had a part to sing in the song, "We say a little prayer for Chris..."

Can you believe that? I still can't. I felt like I was in a youtube video. I'm still blown away when I think about it. My mom's friend Natalie, a very talented artist who did all of our cool boards and charts I should add, had a part about Harlow and that's the first time I got very teary. But it was good tears. Happy tears. Harlow tears.

And in between each person's specific line my talented friends whom I met during my time in The Second City converatree took the stage to sing the chorus. And of course they killed it. I had several guests ask if we hired them to perform. Lol. No, we didn't. They're just natural born performers and know what to do with a captive audience.

I'm giggling and smiling as I write this because I can feel myself sitting at the head table next to Chris looking at him and saying "Did you know about this? How is this happening right now?" He didn't know either. He just smiled and said, "This is the best night ever."

Once again, this is just another reason I'm dying to see our wedding video.

When the speeches were over I sat at the front in disbelief and made a wish for time to stand still. Sadly, it didn't. But the party that followed probably wasn't meant to last forever. Every muscle in my body was sore for days because of it.

We really let loose.

Next post: nothing but party pics. And maybe if I'm feeling bold I'll post some from the after party... There's some "good ones." Things got weird in 704.


  1. Oh my gosh, what an awesome MOH speech. Seriously so cool! It really is like something out of a movie. :)

  2. This is the best! It made me so excited for my own wedding...not sure we can compete but dammit we will try ;)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! What was the globe used for?

  4. Yet another fun Wedding post! Way to have us get so excited about your video--teasing us like a pro :).

  5. Stunning!!

    Her Heartland Soul

  6. Such a pretty setup. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. TENTS yes. Your tent is my dream wedding tent. The way you talk about your wedding day gives me butterflies for my own. I cannot wait to be as in love and comfortable and happy as y'all are. I'm still LOVING these wedding posts (read: don't stop posting them). I also wish both of you a lifetime of happiness, love, and good times. You make me believe in love that much more!!

  8. Your tent is perfect and totally makes me want my wedding to be in a tent!

  9. I love all of these posts! You are going to be so happy that you wrote about all of these memories in posts like this. Such a great idea that you used favorite places/bars/hangouts as your table names. Sidenote: I used to work at Barrymore's when I was in college. :) Thanks for sharing your special week with us. If I could go back and do it again, I would get married in the mountains by a lake with an awesome tent and live band. You did it right, girlfriend.

  10. dang it, this totally made me tear up. that sounds so freaking amazing!

  11. That sounds like the best MOH speech/surprise ever. And the tent looks so amazing. I love the lights! And how it looks like it could be right out of those famous wedding-related movies :)