The Rehearsal

Thursday, August 11, 2016

It wasn't until the Friday morning before the wedding when I woke up with the scaries. You can tell by the look on Chris's face he had the scaries, as well. *so did Lola apparently.

Not the scaries about getting married (Chris and I were common law married like 100 years ago so there was none of that.) I more so woke up with anxiety about everything I still had to do (but should have done days ago.) This included but certainly wasn't limited to:

*wrapping gifts
 -For parents, bridesmaids, ring bears and flowers girls.
*writing cards.
*getting nails did (because my no-chip CHIPPED ugh.)
*getting stuff ready for videographer, photographer, other people, ext.
*checking on packages. (I forgot my dad's tie, but TIE DAY totally saved the day.)
And most importantly:
*writing vows..........

Brides-to-be, take care of all this stuff a week (or weeks) before. My friend Jenna who got married about three weeks before me gave me this sound advice, but did I take it? No, no I didn't. I got to Steamboat and went into vacation mode and left it all until the last minute.

And then there was the phone calls and texts... "what time does this start?" "what is the address?" "can I get a ride?" ..... I've read several articles about "DONT CALL THE BRIDE" the day before or the day of the wedding with questions. And I shrugged it off like, "what's with all the damn diva brides about there?" But then I became the diva bride and I suddenly got it. It seems trivial, and perhaps it is, but I was so overwhelmed with worrying about 1000 other little details it was just a tad bit stressful trying to answer everyone else's questions as well. And maybe don't call the groom, either. Chris is a people pleaser and he was so damn stressed trying to make sure he was coordinating everything and keeping everything together.

The day of the wedding my friend Roy took my phone (because she's a school principal and loves delegating) and put herself in charge of all the calls and texts coming my way and it was wonderful. If you have a friend who is a delegator, give her your phone on your wedding day. Put someone else in charge.

Back to the Friday scaries.

Friday morning was also the day I decided to let it hit me that it was almost all over. And yet it had just begun. But still, that was the morning I started to get sad about post wedding blues. It had been such an amazing week and it dawned on me that it only was only two days from being done. Luckily, I was surrounded by good people who knew exactly what to do.

Sara made me coffee, Kam got me a beer, and Roy suggested we play a game of "what dog would you be?"

Roy is used to dealing with hyper school children and knew exactly what I needed to chill the hell out. And it worked. Following the dog game we had a quick bridal luncheon at a great rooftop downtown called Salt & Lime.

Champagne was flowing and it was just what I needed.

And then there was the rehearsal. Initially we weren't even going to have a rehearsal because we were... lazy. But then we did have one, although half the people who were supposed to rehearse got lost on the way to the ranch and we almost ended up skipping the rehearsal anyway... But let's focus on the good. It happened, it was fine, we're all dandy.

I love how it would appear Kate, the one in the most dainty dress of all, is the only bridesmaid who thought to bring her beer in a red solo cup to the rehearsal. Her dad would be proud.

As I've already mentioned, I searched for my rehearsal dinner dress almost as long as I searched for my wedding dress. For whatever reason, I obsessed over finding the right dress. So when I found this white cotton eyelet dress with little cut-outs, I was all over it. My belly button finally had its moment to shine (you'll see in upcoming pics...)

And yes, whether anyone likes it or not I'm probably going to write an entire post just devoted to the white dresses I bought in 2016 because I love them all dearly. Also the MR&MRS clutch was a gift from my mom that I used every night of the wedding week AND on our honeymoon just so I could obnoxiously tell everyone on our trip WE'RE ON OUR HONEYMOON! Chris got so annoyed.

Our actual rehearsal dinner was at the Ore House, not to be confused with the "Whore House." When said out loud, it's easy to see why people gave me so many weird looks. As rustic Colorado as it gets, am I right?

More to come. Harlow is itching for a walk. I told you I was going to drag this out forever.


  1. Can you pleaseeeee do the white dress post sooner rather than later? I am t-minus 2 months and overwhelmed!

  2. I'm kind of also obsessing over that dress.

  3. Please post the fan fiction you wrote about the couple's on your honeymoon. Would love to read that :)

  4. You're always adorable. I'm really loving your sunglasses, though!

  5. I fully understand your obsession with that dress. It's amazing. My rehearsal dress is one that I already had and knew before even getting engaged that it was going to be my rehearsal dress. Because that's normal, right?

    Jamie | The Caffeinated Jamie

  6. All the white dress - always! I loved wearing all the white dresses when I was engaged and getting married and now they still look so cute with a badass black leather jacket to switch it up from the bride ---> married AF! :)

  7. Love all your white dresses!

    Her Heartland Soul

  8. now I'm wondering if i texted you the day before and I can't remember. AHHH. seriously there is so much little stuff to do. Ore house looks so cool! I can't wait for more :)

  9. Your rehearsal dress was so pretty & that purse - loves it! :)

  10. sounds so amazing - and yes drag it out as long as you can. weddings make for great blogginess.

    on a somewhat related note, i just accidentally deleted the ENTIRE, YEARS-and-YEARS long iMessage between my husband and myself. I FREAKED OUT and am currently restoring my iphone from the last backup which was like, 8 days ago. I would rather lose 8 days of content on my phone than delete a decade-long imessage file from my husband.

    I think that's what marriage is.

  11. Drag it out as long as you want! I love wedding recaps!

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  13. Please do more posts on your wedding week....loving them! Then please follow with more on your honeymoon! Btw, I snickered out loud about the "Ore House". lol

  14. Yes, please more on the white dresses!! I know I'm going to enjoy marriage but I'm really loving being engaged so I want to wear more white :).

    PS- Told ya we'd still come back for more Wedding goodness.

  15. Everything about your wedding looks amazing. Wishing you more than a lifetime of happiness with your groom.

  16. Absolutely loving that dress. Haha also love how Kate used the red solo—that’s the way to go! Ahh, just loving finally getting caught up on wedding posts Love, love love.

    Lexi, Lex Be Livin’