White Dresses for Brides-To-Be

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ten years ago when I first got engaged I didn't think I was going to do the whole "I have to wear white to every wedding related event" thing.

But then I found one white dress for a shower and it was all downhill (or uphill?) from there. I suddenly loved finding white dresses/outfits and became a little obsessed.

All of this hard (shopping) work has to show for something, right? Yes, thus I present to a recap of my favorite white outfits I wore for everything wedding. This post may be my best literary work yet! Second only to the fan fiction I wrote in my last post at 11 p.m. last night.

1. The White Wayf Midi Dress.

Worn for approximately 100 showers, 10 times on the honeymoon, and even on a travel day when I felt like "bringing style back to airports." This dress is my favorite and it can be found here.

2. The Slip Dress, aka the Bachelorette Dress.

After a crazy bachelorette in Austin I brought this sweet dress to the dry cleaner and she looked at it and said, "you get hit by a car?" Pretty much, yes. Luckily it's back in ship shape form. This one appears to be sold out, but I found a similar one here. 

3. White Tie Dress.

*The dress where the strap broke and I flashed all of Michigan avenue. Nbd. Found here and only $40, and a very similar one found here in more sizes.

4. White tassel cover up!

This may be most bloggy pic ever and I am very proud of it. Similar romper found here. RIP sweet hat :( The Baths in Virgin Gorda ate it.

5. Wide Leg trouser pants. Or that's what we'll call them anyway.

I actually wear these all the time. I have them on now in fact. Similar found here.

Okay, it's time for margs and tacos so I need to wrap this up. We'll finish with my beloved rehearsal dinner dress.

Found here and a similar one found here.

I pray someone finds this post worthwhile because it took me far too long to do and I'm not sure why. And lastly the this top.... because yes.


  1. You looked great in every one! Im loving these wedding posts

  2. I got engaged last month and have already bought two white dresses...

  3. I rarely wear white as I am one of those people who in the past has had a habit of spilling stuff on myself and don't like the idea of ruining or staining a white dress or top but then I am older now and maybe I should give white another go

  4. I have that Wayf dress and love it!

    Her Heartland Soul

  5. Love white everything. It looks so fresh and crisp. I'm not even engaged but still looking forward to wearing white all the time already. And the Married AF shirt.

  6. I have no need for this many white dresses but yet I still want half of them please!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. I really liked the dress you wore for the rehearsal - so pretty. :)

  8. love all these dresses! but for the life of me, can't figure why you're nonchalantly walking out of the water carrying a Dixie cup and your purse ;p

  9. TAYLORR! I HAVE A SERIOUS QUESTION. The white wayf midi dress. How tall are you??? I want to order it (I seriously have loved it forever and now have a reason to buy it lol), but I'm 5'2 and I can't tell if it will be like on the floor. The reviews are mixed on Nordstrom. THANK YOU!!!! I'LL USE YOUR LINK LOL!!

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