Honeymoon in British Virgin Islands

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The second half of our honeymoon was spent in the British Virgin Islands. We stayed in Tortola, but also visited Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke.

We loved Antigua, but we really loved BVI. The beauty of this place was unreal.

We quickly learned we weren't there during peak season as we basically had the entire resort to ourselves. Granted, it wasn't a big resort to start with (as mentioned we kind of like boutique style places the best) but every single day it felt like we had a private beach.

The resort was called Frenchmans. We had a cute two story little villa with great views from every window. I think Chris found this place through a basic google search. It was so small that we had to call the front desk before arriving since they usually only have one person at the desk, and for only a few hours a day.

But once we got there, this was all ours.

It was amazing! When we'd feel the need to interact with people we'd simply walk the ten minutes down to the marina and sit at a bar by the water and watch the boats come in. And I would also make Chris take photos of me trying out this new smirk. Don't worry, I left the smirk in Tortola.

We took a boat to the Baths one day and I got to live out all of my Goonies dreams climbing the rocks and playing in the underwater caves.

But I am sad to report the Baths ate this hat while we were sitting at lunch when the wind suddenly picked up. Chris didn't seem to mind since he was the one I made carry it in every airport... Floppy hats, how the hell do you travel with those things? Anyone? Anyone?

We left the Baths certain it was one of the coolest places we'd ever been. But then we went to Jost the next day.

And it was the bluest, most beautiful water I have ever seen. Our captain told us Jost is the beach where the Corona commercials are filmed. He could have been lying, but it seems likely.

We anchored the boat, put our stuff in wet bags, and swam to shore to hit up the beach bars just like everyone else. And something about swimming to and from our boat to get shore was wildly entertaining for me.

It was also around Jost where we stopped by a teeny tiny island to do some snorkeling. It was Chris's birthday so I decided to suck it up and go along with him. Much to my delight (and his disappointment) we didn't see many fish, until we got closer to the boat and saw a stingray.

He swam after it and I watched from a safe distance. It was at this moment when I swam back to the boat and was starting to climb the ladder when I saw the biggest, ugliest, fish an arms length away from me, just staring at me. More like glaring. It looked like a bulldog in a fish suit. I scrambled up the ladder as fast as I could, tripping and falling a hundred times in my damn flippers, until I pulled myself on board.

One of the crew on the boat wanted to jump in to take a look at this fish I was freaking out about, (I'm pretty sure he just wanted to make fun of me) but as soon as he got under water he popped right back up and said it was the biggest barracuda he had ever seen. Naturally, I felt quite validated.

I also felt quite stupid for swimming in all of my jewelry, including two dangly bracelets, a necklace, and an ankle bracelet I bought from Claudette the T-Shirt lady back in Antigua. Barracudas are known to go after shiny objects...  I think we can all agree I barely escaped death.

In conclusion, The British Virgin Islands, Yost specifically (well and the Baths) were incredible. We're already in the process of booking a sailing trip for next summer. Our plan is to spend seven days on a boat and sail around to all of the islands. I'll keep you posted on how that all pans out.

And that's a wrap on the honeymoon posts. It was truly two of the best weeks of my life and I am so so happy we chose to go where we did. If you have a question about anything specific ask me below, or shoot me an email.

Now I'm going to spend the next five or six hours in T-Shirt Town. But I'll be okay because the Jon Benet movie is on! Let's all chat about it tomorrow.


  1. I pack my floppy hat in a duffel bag. I put it on top of all my clothes and the floppy part just hugs everything. The hat part gets a little squished, but it gets reshaped when you wear it. The floppy part might lose a little shape, especially if the bag is checked for a flight, but I'm sure Instagram magic can save it.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like you had a great time! Sophie x


  3. Ahh so beautiful! I'm glad the barracuda didn't eat you.

  4. Eeek barracuda are always my biggest fear (secondary only to sharks) when we snorkel or dive! Good thing you GTFO when you did -- those bastards are evil!

  5. Beautiful, just beautiful. Plus, your polka-dot suit, I love it! So cute. :)

  6. I LOVE the Virgin Islands so much. I wish that I could go there again sometime soon.

    As for traveling with the floppy hat, I typically put it closer to the middle of my suitcase with a couple of small things packed inside to hold the shape and put lighter things on top of it.

  7. We chartered a boat in the BVI for our honeymoon and it was nothing short of magical. Seriously. Do it.

  8. Hey girl, I remember that you guys went to cabo and stayed at the pueblo bonito sunset resort. We are going in two weeks and was wondering if you had any tips or recommendations?? Thanks so much!!!

  9. It doesn't look like any of the places you stayed were all-inclusive... or were they? How did it work with your meals and drinks? I'd love to travel to Tortola, a different change from my normal Bahamas or Mexico. But if its not adult only, I stress that I'll be surrounded by screaming kids when I'm trying to chill.

  10. so many things to comment on... 1. how do people keep floppy hats cute? 2. goonies! 3. i like the smirk. 4. instead of booking a sailing trip come to europe. like greece is really pretty. that way i can meet up iwth you. just saying.....

  11. What a wonderful lot of photos you have shared sounds like a great time was had, honeymoons are awesome well they should be awesome.

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  13. Unfriggin real pics!! GAH, now i need a vacation. ha! like i don't always NEED one ...

    and that jonbenet movie!! AH!

  14. LOVE the BVI. I went sailing through them about 10 years ago, and we stopped at Jost, the Baths and several of the other islands. Looking at your pictures brought back some wonderful memories! Glad you had such an amazing time!

  15. Ugh. We just got back from a cruise that stopped in Tortola and we visited Jost. So amazing. We will most definitely be back! I love the idea of sailing around all the islands for 7 days - can't wait to hear all about that eventually!!

  16. Such gorgeous photos! I have never been to BVI but it is now on my list of places to go ♥

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