Wedding Details I Don't Want To Forget

Friday, September 16, 2016

Well friends, here we are. It's Friday September, 16th and I might be writing my last wedding post. I'm not ready for it to end either...

Today's post will be about small details I don't want to ever forget/things I'm so happy we did. Perhaps I've already talked about them, but maybe I haven't? I've been dragging this thing out for so long I hardly remember anymore.

Let's start with the seating chart.

Instead of having table numbers, we decided to name our tables by places (mostly bars) that were important to us. This little detail gave me a real tickle and I'm so happy it's how we designated our tables.

I was so excited to see what our friends thought of this. The names weren't just important to Chris and I, but we sat people at places we thought they'd enjoy as well. One of the coolest things is that we sat my bridesmaid Kate's parents at a table called Barrymores, and it just so happened that's the place where they got engaged so many years ago. (We had no idea.)

2. Out signature drink, The Harlow.

So Harlow was there with us in spirit. (Or in spirits.)

3. All of our signs.
We moved this from the hotel lobby, to the welcome party, reception, ext. It came everywhere!

I will forever be grateful to my mom's very talented friend Natalie Garden for making us all of our cool artwork (the seating chart, the Harlow, and every single table name sign not pictured.) Natalie created all of it and it turned out wonderful! The Harlow sign will be framed and kept forever. As will everything else...

4. Our globe guestbook.
I most definitely found this idea on Pinterest and I'm so glad we went with it rather than a traditional book. We have globes all over our house so it fits in nicely.

I've had several of you ask about where to find globes like this and I suggest two places. 1. Salvation Army and 2. Goodwill. Or any other thrift store! I think this one is from my great grandpa and it probably came from a garage sale.

5. Our Welcome Bags.
Welcome Bags ARE SO IMPORTANT. Jk, but it feels that way the week before.

My mom made the salty mix and Chris's mom made the sweet mix. My friend Kammie created our welcome programs and Chris ordered the mini Fireballs...  We also put in some wildflower seeds in hopes people would plant them and then NEVER EVER FORGET OUR WEDDING. Missing from the photo is our favorite beef jerky from R & R Meats in Norfolk. It's not photographed because we ate it too fast.

6. Bridesmaid Pajama Sets.

From Love Ophelia and they're the softest, most comfortable robes and shorty sets ever. I can't speak highly enough of this awesome store.

7. Personalized Bridesmaid/Bride Hangers from Delovely Details.

Full discloser- this is not my photo. The photos I took on my iphone did not do the beautiful hangers justice, so I'm waiting to share my actual hangers once I get my professional photos back. Delovely Details did a phenomenal job and I'm so glad I decided to add this fun little detail.

8. Makeup by Brooke Rock and she was simply wonderful. It would be such a treat to have her over every single day to do makeup so I could have eyebrows any time I wanted!

And eyes. And lips. Basically just a face.

The further we get from our wedding, the more and more I'm thankful we hired a videographer. Just one more month and I get to relive the entire thing. We hired Ross Wooten from Kansas City, and no I'm not getting commission for mentioning him, I just like to let people know when I find a cool company that is fairly priced. Did I mention we forget our flowers on the bus from the hotel to the reception and Ross and his crew brought them for us? That's pretty legit.

Don't you worry, I'll share the vid with the world as soon as I get it.

And now.... now we write thank yous. It's taken us two months. Ooof.

Very cool "I Love You a Shit Ton" wooden clip board found here by Darling Savage.

And when we're done with the thank yous, we plan to play with our new book, Our Perfect Marriage.

It's a tongue and cheek workbook that Chris and I get to fill out together and it is hilarious and also quite touching.  It's one of those gifts I know we'll be glad we filled out our first year of marriage because we'll always love to look back on it and laugh.

And that's it. Cheers to Friday.

*that might not be it. I can't let this die.


  1. Your table seating idea was great! I really like all of your little details.

  2. Your make up looked amazing, girl! Loving all the details! Wedding posts are my favorite...I feel like I dragged mine out for EVER, but no shame, no shame. ;)

  3. Wow what wonderful beautiful photos, I do so like them, you were a beautiful bride.

  4. Love all of these details and pictures. Every time I say Paul and I are getting eloped because weddings look too hard and stressful, I see your posts and change my mind. #goals

  5. I love every detail of your wedding. Welcome bags are a MUST, we had them for ours and that is what everyone was talking about :)

  6. Wait, so is this my LAST comment ever on DT's last wedding-related post EVER? *sniffles*

    You sure got an eye for detail, girl, and the globe idea is one I've been eyeing for a while now for our Wedding: What did you have people write on there, places you should visit and/or tips? I'm thinking of doing both :).

    Thanks for sharing! (And you're welcome for us being such a captive audience, haha.)

  7. I love the globe idea. I've never seen/heard of that before. Very clever. :)

  8. Love every picture but especially the first one. You look stunning!

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