Life Changing Magic of Being a Badass

Monday, October 17, 2016

On the car ride back to Chicago yesterday I listened to the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I think people raved about this book years ago, per the usual I'm a little late to the game.

But late or not, I am ON BOARD. Just wait.

Given that we have two closets total and literally zero storage, I was just a little skeptical whether or not this book would apply to me. For the most part, I hate clutter and am pretty good about tossing unnecessary things pretty quickly. But Chris will be the first to tell you I am terrible at organization (it's a daily "argument" in our house...) so I figured at the very least this book could with that aspect. I warn any guests in our house never to open a drawer, door, or look under a bed. God only knows what could crashing down on you. Most likely t-shirts.

And so on the painful 68 hour drive from Norfolk, Nebraska to Chicago (which I endure rather than fly only so I can bring my bestie Harlow, duh) I started listening to Marie Kondo's wise words.

Let it be known that there are several parts to this book that are quite boring, and very eye roll worthy. At one point she says, "there is simply nothing more exhilarating than a nicely folded sock." Really Marie, REALLY? We're leading different lives, clearly.

Let me spare you the boring stuff and tell you the most important pieces I took from this book.

*Every item in your house has its place. Put in there, every. single. day. 

Especially in the winter when I layer up, I throw my cardigans and scarfs and hats all over the place. Why don't I just put them away? Because I'm lazy. NOT ANYMORE. New life starts today. I'm feeling better already, but mostly because of this second piece of advice:

*When deciding which items to toss, just ask yourself, "does this spark joy in my life?"

Within ten minutes last night I had filled three garbage bags with shoes, clothes, belts and bags. I was starting to feel like a wild woman. Dare I even say, exhilarated?!

It was weird because I realized so many of the clothes I've held onto I did simply out of guilt, which obviously wasn't bringing any good energy into my house.

I've only worn this once so I feel bad. It was a gift, I feel rude tossing it. It's too small, but maybe I'll fit into it again someday....

I tossed it all. My closet holds like 20 things now. And it feels gooooooooood. I can barley write this post because I'm just itching to get to work on the other four rooms in our house.

We have eight margarita glasses in our cupboard that we have taken on every single move with us for the past six years. They're awkward and take up so much space and Chris frequently asks, "why in the hell do we have these?"

"For the fiesta party we MIGHT have some day," I respond.

Not today. Not any day. The marg glasses got to go. They're not bringing me any joy.

The makeup samples I keep for NO REASON, the buttons, the gross hair-ties, the coupons I'll never use, the 100 spatulas in my kitchen drawer, socks without a partner, old scarves, it's all going.

It's probably worth noting here that the organizing part of the book didn't excite me nearly as much as the purging part... I was too busy day dreaming about everything I could get rid of while Marie was spending an entire chapter talking about folding sweaters. I think I'll have to go to back to that section, or perhaps I'll just get rid of everything we own so there will be no need for organization anyway! Yes, that sounds good.

Part two of the drive I listened to, "You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life."

So now you know why I've been up since 6 a.m. filling garbage bags while also simultaneously shouting, "I am one with the Universe!"

Because I am nuts.

And today I am picking up on the all good nutty vibes the Universe is sending me. I hope you do too. This is me giving you my good vibes.

Now go toss some shit and have a good day.


  1. I love this notion, I really do. I think my issues are 1 - I get hung up on the money I've spent on things, I feel like I'm sometimes just throwing actual dollars out .. and 2 - the donations. Where do I donate all my clothes so they actually are going to good use?

    I really need to step my game up. You have energized me!

    1. Go to a consignment shop! There is one by me where they take your clothes and donate the rest. You don't need to pick them up like a typically consignment store either. I bring in clothes from my siblings and parents too so I've made $250 over the past few years. I would donate it otherwise but I like getting some extra cash to boot! Anything with real value, I sell on Facebook or Poshmark but the consignment store is just as easy as the donation bin.

  2. I think I covered this when I moved across the world with just two suitcases. BUT i still continue to buy. It's hard to cleanse.

  3. "You are a Badass" is the one of the best motivational, butt-kicking books out there. Love Jen Sincero!

  4. I need to do this. I moved into a small apartment over the summer which helped me purge so much but now I feel like I have everything I'm supposed to I still feel like I have too much. I love getting rid of stuff, it makes you feel like you're not a hoarder and that is a success in itself!

  5. Ugh I read that book and literally got rid of ALL of my clothes. I had nothing to wear for like 5 months and I finally just decided I needed MORE. I couldn't do it. Maybe I'll save the closet portion for last and try to do the rest of it...

    1. now i'm panicking about the six bags I just dropped off at salvation army...

  6. haha I read the book and organized like 2 drawers and then got distracted. I have SUCH a hard time throwing stuff out! I seriously need Marie Kondo to stand there shouting at me or it just won't work

    Alyssa @ Feathers and Stripes

  7. Girl Konmari changed my life! i blogged along the whole way too! I love my home and my life overall soooo much more now!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  8. I actually HATED that book, haha. Rather than asking myself if stuff brought me joy, which might result in keeping tons of things that had sentimental value that I did not need, I just took the attitude of, "Am I actually going to use this? Do I fit in this currently? Have I used this in the last year?" and started clearing stuff out like crazy. So kinda the same thing but just a different take on the book. :) Glad you're feeling all energized!

  9. I am naturally a purger. I will throw away anything I don't think I need, and I will not buy something unless I think I need it. But sometimes you have to live, and when you live things can get messy. Can you imagine how horrible Marie's tidy little world is?

  10. I am good at tossing clothes that I don't wear or are looking worn and dated, but my daughters all of them tell me I have too much stuff in my house and I need to toss stuff out but what stuff they can't tell me I have cleaned out a few things and tossed them but when I married Tim he convinced me to toss some things I had and after 30 years I still regret tossing the things out. Some people do not understand keepsakes

  11. I listened to Marie Kondo while I was moving apartments a few months ago and it turned me into a mad woman. I got rid of so much and it felt amazing. I really thought I would keep it up, but here we are a few months later and there's a pile of jackets beginning to grow on my desk chair...ugh, maybe it's time to listen to the book again.

  12. I have the book, but need to read it. *eye roll* Procrastination at its finest. Also, when you're done with your clutter, you're welcome to come take on mine.

    I haven't heard of "Badass" but it is on my to read list now! Thank you for the recommendation.

  13. I keep saying i'll go through all my things when I pack and move in the spring. Why not now? I'm thinking tomorrow is a great day to purge all of those clothes I'll never wear. And all those young adult novels i've held onto since middle school. WHY?

  14. Definitely feeling inspired to go home and toss some shit. Seriously. Thanks for this!

  15. I bought this book awhile back and have not started because I am lazy. But I also want to move into a smaller house so the thought of purging rather than packing really thrills me. Moving shit you don't even need sucks!

  16. This book has been sitting on my shelf for almost a year - I think it's time to start reading!