My Favorite Fall Sweaters (All Under $50)

Friday, October 21, 2016

And now for a very VERY important piece of writing called, My Favorite Fall Sweaters.

We all like a good fashion post every once in a while, right?  .... Right? No? We don't? Okay whatever, sit through it because I happen to like fall clothes. Also, I took these damn pics and have to do something with them.

But first, what it's like to do blog photos with me: I drag a photographer to some random spot, tell them we have exactly 55 minutes to shoot 100 looks and then I proceed to spend the next 55 minutes talking shit to myself while they try their very best to get a snap of me where you can not see that I am indeed talking shit to myself.

Things said:

"Oh look at me taking blog pics, isn't this just fun."
"Little Jenny Blogger over here, just sitting on a curb."
"That person is staring at me, look away, creep."
"I could not be a bigger loser right now."
"Just smiling and playing in leaves, no big deal, just doing what I do."
"Now I'm going to look away and laugh. Ha ha ha, life is fun."
"Let's go for a walking pic. Can you coach me on this?"
"I'm going to look off in the distance and smile."
"Do I have Stephanie Tanner chin going on?"
"Do I have camel toe? Would you tell me?"
"How do those fashion bloggers do that thing where they look away?"
"Someone's coming, can we pretend we're just talking?"
"Crap, I need my coffee cup. I don't feel right without my coffee cup."

And that's a WRAP! God Bless the recent photographer I worked with, Katie Jorgensen for putting up with my neurosis.

And now my INSTAGRAM MODEL pics. If you'd like to book me to be in your magazine please call my agent, Harlow Wolfe.

For realsy though, this sweater is my favorite of the season.

(only $38, it's one of those you wear all the time, so yes that's why you see me wear it all the time.)
If it's sold out, try this one.
Jeans.  Hat. Booties.
Ring from Rocksbox (use code THEDAILYTAYXOXO for one month free.)

Sweater from Target.
It's a good one! Not cheapy-feeling (in my opinion.) Also it's buy 1, get 1 50% off right now.

Yes, that's me in the photo. Don't worry about it.

Green Cardigan. 
Can't stop, won't stop with this one because I'm wearing it as I write this.
It's just so good.
Similar loafers.

Chunky Knit.
Coming in strong at only $19.99!
And don't worry, I can't take myself seriously in this pic either.

And those are just a few of my favs. Have a question let me? K thanks bye!


  1. I did the SAME THING to the poor photographer who took my blog photos recently too. How do fashion bloggers look so natural all the time?!

  2. All of these outfits are really cute and you look great in all of them!! I also have that first sweater in the burgundy color and I love it. :-)

  3. I love fall sweaters so much and this makes me want to buy all the fall sweaters, crying, clutching my paycheck tight to my chest, and trying to convince myself it's more important to save up for "the big vacation". Because I'm a little bitch when it comes to paying for shipping for multiple sites, is there ONE WEBSITE that you'd recommend to get the best deals on the softest sweaters? Need your sweater expertise, SOS

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