The Year of Weddings + Baby Fever

Monday, October 10, 2016

2016 has been the year of weddings.

In the past six months I've been to nine weddings and five bachelorettes. And I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. It started in April in Palm Springs and ended last weekend in Kansas City.

At the first bachelorette in Scottsdale back in March we all talked about how fast this year was going to go, and we were right. I'm sad how right we were. Time seems to be moving faster every single day and it's just a bit unsettling... Anyone else notice this happening? I feel like I'm going to turn around and be fifty tomorrow.

It still pains me to think it's almost already been three months since our wedding. You know who it doesn't seem to pain? Every single person who likes to ask when Chris and I are going to have kids. Apparently once you're at the three month mark (or 3 week mark who am I kidding) that's a question people like to ask.

My favorite is, "so do you have baby fever?"

Does that cause hangovers and dark eye circles? If so, yes. I definitely have that today (and every Monday.)

The other day Harlow and I were at the park, glaring at the kids like we always do when we can't take over the jungle gym and a sweet older woman made her way over toward me with her dog and started with some small talk before smiling at me and nodding toward the children, "aren't they adorable?"

"Yeah, sure," I said.

"They remind me of my grandkids, I could watch them play for hours," she added. "Couldn't you?"

And then I tip toed out of the park backward and didn't look back.

It's quite the double standard because no one ever asks Chris if he has baby fever.  I bet you if someone saw him staring at children playing at the park they wouldn't ask him if he likes to watch them play for hours... or if he's just itching to take one home with him.

Anyway, enough about my baby fever.

It was a great weekend spent in my old stomping grounds of Kansas City with friends from LA, Austin, and New Orleans that I've been lucky enough to hang out with several times in 2016 thanks to wedding fever. We took this terrible bathroom pic that must be shared because it happened.

I called this my swamp dress but apparently it's actually animal print. Whatever, I'm never been one to turn down a cheap animal print dress, homecoming 2002 what what!

We celebrated these two tying the knot after a lifetime of long distance dating. Sara met Nick back in the 80s on a cruise ship, believe it or not. They went on one of those "love ships for singles" and it actually worked out.

*it was not a singles cruise, but it could have been.

It was actually a family vacation, but still a very fun story. Speaking of family, look at Sara's dad off her right side grinning ear to ear in the background. Pretty cute.

It was a really great weekend. I just love weddings. Our invites have stopped coming in for the year, so if you know of one coming up please let me know. I need something to look forward to, okay? Time to watch the Cubs win.

*Cold shoulder navy dress found here. Runs true to size, but also a little tight... So get them Spanx ready.


  1. If baby fever means baby puppy fever or baby kitten fever, then please take me to the hospital bc I'm sick!

    Lol people ask Eric and me that all the time. It's so exhilarating to say nope, no kids here!

  2. Just wait until you get the flu, or any sort of stomach virus. Because when you're married you can't just have the HAVE TO be pregnant. 🙄

  3. Oh my gosh that is quite a few weddings and bachelorette parties! How fun though! I got married this year as well as two of my friends :) I love weddings!

  4. One of my friends' standard answer was, "Oh no, I couldn't possibly fathom giving up drinking for 9 months!" Usually stopped the questions.

    My Sox are out now, so Go Cubs!

  5. Unrelated question: the marathon was this weekend. Didn't you sign up forever ago? Please tell us what happened with that!

  6. I've been married for almost three years & I get asked about the baby thing too. I'm 35, I have two stepdaughters & I REALLY like the idea of being kidless by the time I'm 40. I like kids & all but it sure is nice to give them back to their parents & go on my merry way. Ha!

  7. If you find a man for me to marry, you totally get an invite. And the bill.

  8. i cannot believe the number of weddings (and bachelorette parties!) you've been to this year. i always tell people i have a baby cold.
    that's so cool they met on a cruise ship. how sweet!

  9. The questions don't stop even after you have a kid. My son is 4 and I still get asked when are we going to have another. My response..."My uterus is closed for business, forever." LOL

  10. I haven't been to a wedding in years and no more children for me only grandchildren I would love more grandchildren

  11. Sadly the questions will only become more and more frequent!

  12. I got married a month before you and pretty much the day we got back from our honeymoon people would ask when we are going to have kids. My favorite was when I would tell someone that I am a newlywed, and then they'd say "So do you have kids?" GEEZ BACK OFF!!! My husband is in the military, and here 99% of married couples have kids. It's SUPER annoying when I'm trying to make new friends and they just talk about their kids for hours. Ugh!!!

  13. Girl you can pop those babies out whenever you want. BUT. When and if you do have kids I know it will surprise you how much you love it because of how crazy you are about Harlow. Having kids isn't that different than a dog- they are cuddly and sweet and adorable and sometimes smell bad. Your heart is huge so you got nothing to worry about with kids- you'll love it! Loving being a mom on the level that I do is the biggest and sweetest surprise of my life.

  14. Forget the babies, where is that leather jacket from? Love it.

  15. It is so offensive when someone asks me when we are having kids. Why do people think that is okay to ask? It's no ones business! I always want to respond "how's your sex life? Oh I'm sorry you seem uncomfortable. I thought we were asking inappropriate questions that were none of our business."

  16. People started asking my husband and me basically as soon as we got married. Um, none of your damn business! kthxbye