How To Buy a House

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This photo feels like it was taken a year ago, but also a day ago, all at the same time.

We went downtown last Thursday at noon, signed 1000 forms for about two hours, and then walked out with keys to our new place.

"You're officially Chicago home owners," they said. "Good luck."

And it's been a whirlwind ever since.

Moving boxes, unpacking, Home Depot, Lowes, cleaning drawers, sinks, Target, boxes, organizing, Home Depot, Lowes, moving, moving more, help, help, help.

As I look around the room only about four piles remain (in this room.) We're getting closer, but there's still so much to do.

So. Much. To. Do.

We need more rugs, and hooks, new towels, a coat hanger, lamps, ext, the list goes on.

And all I'm craving is to wake and drink my coffee and check my emails like the good old days of last week. I just want to be settled. When my house is a cluster so is my mind. I don't work well in disorganization.

I'm the type of person who wants our place to look perfect now, where as Chris keeps telling me to slow down... It will all come together. But I want it together nowwww.

All in all, we're both very happy to be here. We finally have space and we don't know what to do with ourselves. *Correction, I know what to do: laundry! I've done 18 loads  since we've moved in and it feels luxurious AF. I still catch myself hoarding quarters, but old habits die hard.

I also found out the neighbor across the street has a pet pig he walks on a leash, so that's awesome. I'm really hoping to pig-sit in the future.

And now to end with a photo of Harlow and I trick or treating down Division Street last night.

Wool Coat.

He's an astronaut. I thought that was easy to tell but everyone thought he was just ready for winter in his new snow suit, lols. Watching him waddle down the street in this thing brings me more joy than I'd like to admit. And he actually likes wearing it, I think it's kind of like a thunder jacket for him. Makes him feel invincible.

And now it's time to tackle the T-Shirt Room.... Wish me luck.


  1. We just had our offer accepted - I like that I can peek into your process as a guide for what the next 6 weeks of my life are going to be like...

  2. I know everyone's experience is different, but how long did the whole process take for you?? We are so eager to start house hunting, but we are in our lease until March!

    Congratulations and embrace the craziness!

  3. I'm dying because I didn't think he was an astronaut or wearing a snowsuit. I thought he was Piper from Orange Is The New Black, LMAO!

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  5. Your neighbour has a pet pig - AMAZING! Wishing you love and happiness in your new home!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

  6. I JUST saw the pig on the leash 2 weeks ago! If you live in the gold coast that is. Perhaps there's more than 1 pig. I about DIED, it was the cutest.

  7. Please get a picture of the pig on a leash! That is awesome! Enjoy your new home.

  8. You linked the wool coat but not that awesome costume Harlow is wearing?? Girl please! ;) Just kidding, you guys look great, congrats on your newest adventure. :)

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