How Well Do You Know Your Dog?

Friday, November 18, 2016

I was asked to participate in the #DiscoverYourDog campaign, sponsored by Dognition. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own, and all results are 100% from Harlow. 

Harlow and I were on our lunch break yesterday, shopping around Milwaukee street, when we stopped to talk with a security guy at a store we frequent.

"Does your dog go everywhere with you?" he asked.

"He does," I responded.

"I see you in here quite a bit, and he's always with you. I think he's the happiest dog I've ever seen."

I laughed and without a second thought said, "he's my best friend."

I openly talk to Harlow in public, tell strangers "he's my best friend," and do a plethora of other weird stuff because I forget not everyone views their dog like I do. When you spend 24/7 with your pup, you know every look, bark, ear movement, ext. Simply put, we get each other.

However because I'm obsessed with Har, I wanted to really see just how much we get each other. So when I was offered the chance to try out Dognition, a site that offers science-based games that assess 5 core dimensions of your dog's cognition — empathy, communication, cunning, memory, and reasoning, I said YES PLEASE.

I'll take any chance to get to know what's going on in Harlow's head. So one afternoon, Harlow and I spent a couple of hours playing the Dognition games and his results gave me all the heart eyes. But before I dig into Harlow's results, there's quite a few benefits to Dognition I'd like to mention (other than just giving owners the warm fuzzies.)

The Dognition assessment can help with:

* Identifying which training approaches may be best based on your dog’s learning style.
* Helps you connect with your dog on a deeper level and helps reduce frustration with behavior that
may seem puzzling.
* Helps identify activities that are best suited to your dog’s cognitive style.
* Creating that bestie relationship and making sure your dog is as happy as he can be.

The first set of tests were aimed at scoring Harlow's empathy level. I am happy to report, he was "off the charts." Dognition used the words, not me. Just take a look for yourself. #humblebrag.

"If most dogs are bonded to their owners, Harlow absolutely adores you."

Obviously I always knew this, but it's just nice to confirm it, you know? For example if I'm ever having a down day, Harlow will not leave my side (more so than usual.) Also, no arguments are allowed in our house. Harlow just doesn't stand for it. If Chris or I raise our voices even a little, Harlow gets very upset. He's just a sensitive little guy and picks up on everything.

Beyond the fun of getting to know your dog on a new level, Dognition is a super user-friendly site, and personalizes everything for your pup.

If you're a dog owner, I highly suggest you browse the site here. The assessment is $19 one time.

Also, the games are very stimulating. As you can see Harlow was exhausted after!

I also like that Dognition is a dog cognition assessment, not an IQ test or an “intelligence” test in the traditional sense. So there is no “score” or “dumb” dog. Just like humans, all dogs have their own special genius, and combination of strengths and weaknesses. For example Harlow is very empathetic, but not exactly the best listener when it comes to leaving a treat on the ground... But like any good parent, I'll only focus on his strengths.

At the conclusion of the assessment I received a full (15 page) report detailing what kind of dog Harlow is and how he sees the world. Note the words "BONDED" in bold at the very top. That means he loves me a lot.

The report also told me that Harlow can "read me like a book." True, very true. But the moment I turn my back he may just slip into naughty mode and do whatever the heck he pleases... Again, also true.

What area do you think your dog would test the highest in: empathy, communication, cunning, memory, or reasoning? To see for yourself, check out Dognition. Hint hint: it's also a great holiday gift to give!

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. You and Harlow are so adorable! That is so neat that they came out with these test. I am curious to try it with my two pups!

  2. This is the best! I tried Dognition with Sheba a couple years ago. The tests were so funny to do with her (especially where you yawn and then they yawn)!

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