Sharing Our Wedding Photo Book

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Big news! We just got our wedding photo book back and once again; I am reliving the entire weekend one photo at a time.

When our photographer sent our photos last month, I'll admit I was slightly overwhelmed. I mean, there were hundreds, maybe thousands even, to sort through. The thought of creating a photo book seemed just a bit daunting, but I also had this feeling that if I didn't do it soon, it might never get done.

And so last Sunday evening I sat down with a glass of wine, a good movie, and the mission to create my book on Shutterfly. Now Shutterfly can be a dangerous site for me if I'm not careful. Iat always starts with just one item (like a photo book) but the next thing I know I'm ordering mugs, pillows, t-shirts, coasters, magnets, I suddenly think I need everything with my photos on them because Shutterfly's products are just that fun.

In short, I'm pretty sure I've ordered almost every item Shutterfly offers over the years, but hands down our wedding book is my new favorite. I can't even begin to express how wonderful the quality is- but I'll try. I'll also show photos (of photos) but they just don't do it justice.

I love this photo of Chris and his friends in the pool while all of the girls were spending hours in hair and makeup. Also the blueness of the water and overall beauty of the day captured in this image has me craving a hot summer day very bad right now as snow is falling outside.

For starters, let me give you the details on the book we ordered because Shutterfly offers a wide variety of choices. We chose the 12 x 12 book (perfect size for a coffee table) with a premium leather cover, double thick pages to prevent tearing, and true spread pages to allow photos to spread across the binding of the book.

I knew that I will only make a wedding book once in my life, so I wanted to do it right.

I've mentioned before I'm not the best at design stuff, I just don't have "the eye" for knowing what looks the best so I opted to use Shuttefly's Make My Book service. This allows Shutterfly designers to assist in curating your photos to ensure you make the best book possible, which made the entire process so much easier than I thought it would be. I don't know why I even stressed for a second about making a book because it was no trouble at all and less than a week later I already have it in my hands.

If I sound like I'm gushing now, I totally am. The quality of the photos completely surpassed my expectations and looking at them right now takes me back to Steamboat all over again.

I had some fun with the party photos as you can see... I really wanted to capture the essence of the evening. I think I did a pretty good.

Best part of all? The photo books on Shutterfly are very affordable, a great alternative to purchasing a book straight from a wedding photographer- and you get to be a part of the process!

If you're still sitting on all of your wedding photos and aren't sure what to do with them, think no more and start creating your wedding photo book on Shutterfly today! You'd have it in time for the holidays!

And that's a wrap! Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone!

This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Memorable moments, lovely details. Celebrate them all in a wedding photo book personalized in your style, your way.


  1. Love it! I remember when I got my wedding album, I could not stop looking through it & every time someone looked through it, I was right over their shoulder. They are so much fun. Yours looks great! :)

  2. Loveeeeeee it!! And now you're making me want to go make a wedding album. We only got married almost 2 years ago...

  3. Shutterfly is my favorite! I'm not even engaged yet, but this has totally inspired me to look into their wedding books when the time comes. Beautiful wedding photos, by the way!

  4. I love Shutterfly! They're my go-to for printing photos and photobooks. Their quality is superb and they always have such great deals!

  5. OMGSH I did not know they can help you make the book!! I got married last summer and seriously only went through my pictures once and not even ALL of them - it's sooo overwhelming. I've been wanting to make a photo book but every time I sit down to do it I somehow end up in the coasters section... How long did it take you to make??

  6. This is exactly what I did with out wedding photos. I ended up ordering extras to give to our parents also as a bit of a gift for them.

  7. This is my plan for Christmas presents once I actually have wedding photos.. I'm not so patiently waiting for them to show up any day. I did a test book with our engagement photos from Shutterfly because I was not feeling the wedding album from the photographer and it turned out amazing. I also just ordered our Christmas cards from Shutterfly last Sunday and they were here in three days, no kidding. I LOVE Shutterfly and your book looks incredible!

  8. oh man this turned out SOOOOO good. I love the hair flip pic.

  9. We used Shutterfly to make our guest book. We chose pictures from our entire relationship, plus our engagement photos. Plus we made a point of including photos from all the weddings we had attended together. It's such a great book, and now it's filled with sweet notes from our friends and family.

  10. Hey!!! I'm in the process of doing my Shutterfly book too! Yours looks amazing! Question...did you upload all your photos and have them pick the best ones or did you pick the ones you wanted to use?! Why is this such a daunting task??? So many pictures to choose from!!!!

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