The Last Day of August!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I have been trying to write this post full of fun pretzel pics since Monday morning. It's currently Wednesday and I'm still feeling rushed about it.

I think my Monday got away from me after a customer email, that's what typically happens. Every single day I respond to about 40-50 customer questions about T-Shirts and it's a time warp.

Can you change my size? My Address is wrong. Can I get this yesterday? Do you make crop tops?

One minute it's 8 a.m. and then next it's 4 p.m. When the questions/comments aren't particularly kind I get extra itchy about it and choose to dwell about it for awhile.

On Monday someone was upset with me because they ordered a small, then asked to change to a medium a few days later, but I didn't see the request so I sent a small... My fault, I should have checked all emails before sending orders, but when I'm feeling rushed to get out orders I just start mailing as fast as I can.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, working customer service/online retail has taught me SO MUCH. Everyone should have to do it once in their lifetime, I think.

I won't bore you with any more details, I'll just say that even though I may joke about the crazy shenanigans of T-Shirt Town, in all honesty I really try to provide the best service I can. It drives me insane when I make mistakes or when people don't feel satisfied.

So what I'm saying is that my Monday went downhill fast after a few prickly situations; delayed inventory, which meant delayed customer orders, which meant me going nutso.

My breakfast/lunch finally happened around 3 p.m. that day and it was a can of soup. If you ever find yourself eating canned soup when it's 92 degrees outside simply because it's the last thing in your cabinet perhaps it's time to reevaluate life.

When the easy-tab open broke on it and I almost started to cry I knew it might be time to take a quick Tony Robbins break. ie a little 20 minute self help "Find Your Inner Power" break. But then I thought, you know what would be a better use of my time? Taking a, "Find Your Inner Loser," break instead.

When I'm having a crappy day that's my mind's favorite game to play, "you know what else is crappy?" It's a fun thing I like to do where I go on a self pity journey of everything else that makes me feel like I'm failing. Nothing is off-limits. Blogging, writing, comedy, future career, current career, not being Amy Poehler, ext EXT. Ahh it's a good time when you really want to indulge your "poor me ego."

Even as it's happening I know it's ridiculous, but that doesn't stop the fun.

Retelling it now sounds even extra pathetic, but I'm putting it out there anyway because it happened(s). By the time Chris came home from work I was crying on the couch about cats I had ten years ago because that was my mental stability at the moment.


That's my usual Monday after a long weekend away when I come back feeling overwhelmed. I don't know why it always surprises me like it does, I should be used to it by now. Today I'm back to normal and ready to tackle the world.

And now for some pics from Sara's bachelorette last weekend in the Ozarks that completely counteract my above post.

vacation mode shirt.

This was my first flower crown. It will probably be my last, but I enjoyed it for a hot second because I don't like to miss out on group fun.

Also bikini top found here, it's down to $20 since Victoria's Secret is getting rid of swimwear so get it while it's hot!

Okay yeah, I guess it makes sense why my last two days have been a struggle. Ozarkian people know how to party. 100000 boats were tied together with people just getting after it. It was the most intense boat party I've ever attended.

And on that note, it's time to get to work.

Posts coming this week..... wait for it.... honeymoon recaps!!!


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Time is ticking today because I've got a plane to catch in a few hours for a girls weekend in the Ozarks. Sara's getting married next month so we're going to spend all weekend boat-drinking because of it. Expect lots of slow-mo snaps of us dancing to Miley and Beyonce.

Anyway, I got to thinking, what would be a quick fun post to write so my blurry, sweaty party pics from my last post aren't left up as the main page of my blog for too many days... (this is stuff bloggers think about.)

And then it came to me. A FALL MUST HAVE post. If there's one thing the blog world is lacking, it's a post about FALL. And MUST HAVES.

Like I said, I'm short on time so I have to make this spanky. But I'll do my best. *I don't know why I said "spanky" and am well aware it does not mean "quick or fast." But we'll roll with it anyway.

I love this "Kindness Is So Gangster" mug from Darling Savage. It's totally a "fall must have."

Also, (like so many others) I'm really into the distressed baggy jeans. Find a similar pair here.

Next up, sweater tank tops. For those of us who love sweaters all year long. Let's give it up for the knit fringe tank Ali is wearing. Is that an awesome top, or what? You can find it here.

My white sweater tank is from Urban (yes, I still shop there because it's like a block away from my house and whatever I can pretend I'm 16 still.) I can't find the top online to link it, but it's worth a stop in there. I've worn it like 100 times. *And if you've noticed me wearing it 100 times in my insta vids thanks for not calling me out!

One more of us laughing, because laughing is fun.

And now for photos of people who aren't me wearing sweaters/sweatshirts I will live in for the next 7 months because Chicago is about to get scary.

        Heathered Sweatshirt                    Ribbed Cardigan                         Zip Side Sweater

And guess what I would wear on the bottom.... Did someone say ripped denim? You got it.

            Joes Boyfriend Crop                 One Teaspoon                              More Joes (they're my go-to)

And it just wouldn't be a 2016 blog post without a few off the shoulder mentions.

For my friends who love red this time of year, you know who you are...

This top is coming in strong. And even if you don't love red, it comes in 100 different colors and prints too.

And for some new peep-toes, check out these awesome slingbacks in cognac leather.

There's about 100 other dreamy sweaters I've found but unfortunately my timer just went off and Harlow is itching for a park break. This has been fun. Let's meet up again next week. 

Reception Party Outtakes

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

And now for some good old fashioned party pics.

Some are blurry. And some are really blurry. Enjoy!

Wedding posts aren't over yet, guys. I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve...

The Reception - Say a Little Prayer For Chris

From day one, the one thing I knew I really really wanted was a tent.

When I think of dream weddings two movies coming to mind. Father of the Bride. And My Best Friend's Wedding.

Come to think of it, is that even a tent they're in during My Best Friend's Wedding? Maybe it's a weird gazebo, I don't remember. Whatever, in my mind it's a tent.

The point is I really wanted to have a pretty tent. What we got was even better.

These aren't professional pics, but you get the idea. I wish I could go back and live in this tented dreamworld because it was everything. 
This clip is blurry, but I love it never the less. It was taken by Helene toward the end of the night and I'll never forget how happy I felt in that moment. Thank God for boomerang app, amiright?

Everything was just so so good. The drinks, the food, the band, the speeches, when Chris and I got hoisted up on chairs and bounced around the dance floor. Where do I even start?

Our band was Dressed in Black from Denver and they were awesome! They played oldies and newbies, and a lot of Van Morrison inbetween because that's exactly what I requested. Van Morrison all night long! Peter, the lead singer, was a phenomenal entertainer and knew how to work a crowd. He had our entire wedding on the dance floor all night long. If you're in the Colorado area and in need of a wedding band, I can't recommend Dressed in Black enough!

I can't wait to see Elias's photos from the reception. I have a feeling they're going to be quite fun.

Speaking of fun. Let's talk about my sister's MOH speech.

For whatever reason she was very nervous about her speech. Like very nervous. She kept telling me she was going to do a ribbon dance and I told her to do whatever made her feel most comfortable.

So when it was time for her speech and she went to the front of the tent and said, "There's a lot of pressure on this speech, so I think it would be best if we all just bow our heads and say a little prayer," I thought, well okay. She's going the God route. Good for her.

My head was bowed so I didn't realize that the band had quietly taken the stage behind her. When they started playing, "The Moment I Wake Up, Before I Put On My Makeup..." I was like oh helllls.

And then Jade started to sing. Just like Cameron Diaz from My Best Friend's Wedding. And my next thought was, oh no she's going to sing an entire song. 

But after her part she surprised me and passed the mic to my mom. And then my dad. Then brother. Uncle. Grandma. Bridesmaids. And down the line. The microphone was passed from table to table and various people had a part to sing in the song, "We say a little prayer for Chris..."

Can you believe that? I still can't. I felt like I was in a youtube video. I'm still blown away when I think about it. My mom's friend Natalie, a very talented artist who did all of our cool boards and charts I should add, had a part about Harlow and that's the first time I got very teary. But it was good tears. Happy tears. Harlow tears.

And in between each person's specific line my talented friends whom I met during my time in The Second City converatree took the stage to sing the chorus. And of course they killed it. I had several guests ask if we hired them to perform. Lol. No, we didn't. They're just natural born performers and know what to do with a captive audience.

I'm giggling and smiling as I write this because I can feel myself sitting at the head table next to Chris looking at him and saying "Did you know about this? How is this happening right now?" He didn't know either. He just smiled and said, "This is the best night ever."

Once again, this is just another reason I'm dying to see our wedding video.

When the speeches were over I sat at the front in disbelief and made a wish for time to stand still. Sadly, it didn't. But the party that followed probably wasn't meant to last forever. Every muscle in my body was sore for days because of it.

We really let loose.

Next post: nothing but party pics. And maybe if I'm feeling bold I'll post some from the after party... There's some "good ones." Things got weird in 704.

A Bride Walks Into a Wedding Ceremony - Part II

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

July 23rd, 2016. Lake Catamount, Steamboat, Colorado.
That time Chris and I got married.

So a bride walks into a wedding ceremony. And yes, that was the first line of my vows... The vows I wrote on a tiny scrap of paper I kept tucked in the top of my dress. I wanted to write bullet points on my hand like I do for any important standup set, but Kim politely told me no.

And now some photos from the day that took months to plan and was over in just the blink of an eye.

Right before the ceremony it was chaotic. More chaotic than I'd like to remember... Last minute seating had to be changed in the tent, photos were delayed due to forgotten flowers, not enough chairs were set out for the ceremony, and the woman from our flower shop didn't show up until my mom called and say, "Hey Amy, are you coming?"

Amy did show up. But we didn't get a single photo in front of our beautiful arch because she was still decorating it as guests were showing up and we didn't have time after. Do I sound a little bitter about it still? Because I am. I'm pretty sure I've never used this blog to write a negative review of a business or product, but I have to say The Tall Tulip in Steamboat really dropped the ball with our wedding.

Our flowers were gorgeous, don't get me wrong there. But their overall lack of professionalism, and their childish response to the fact after, is something that still makes me itchy to think about. 

Ooof. Sorry, didn't mean to get negative. Let's carry on with the good stuff. Like the adorable flower girls, Finley and Lola.

Would you just look at how excited Lola is to be here? Luckily, we have Noah saving the day being the lone ring bearer after his partner (Knox) decided he just couldn't handle the pressure and had to drop out 3 minutes before game time.

But it all worked out.  

The wedding party and the wedding kids walked down the aisle to the song Married Life from Up, which is a personal favorite of mine. Followed by the Winner Is, from Little Miss Sunshine. Can you tell I'm a fan of movie scores?

Things I need to remember:

Walking down the aisle. 
It's a surreal moment and I almost missed it because my mind was going a million miles an hour with 100 different thoughts. Were we walking too fast? Or too slow? Did we miss our music cue? But luckily half way down I told all of my annoying inner-dialogue to shut up and pay attention to what was happening.

Not just pay attention, but live in it. Don't think about it, just enjoy it.

So as my uncle played the Forrest Gump feather theme song on the piano, I smiled and laughed and enjoyed every second I could soak up walking down the aisle.

The vows.
We wrote our own and didn't tell each other what we were writing. This was my favorite part because it just felt like us. It was weird how we surrounded by 170 family members and friends and yet for the three minutes we made life promises to each other it felt like we were alone. If it hadn't felt that way, we both would have probably gotten shy and not said half the things we did.

We covered all topics from deep dish pizza, to keeping the tupper-ware drawer organized, and the highs and lows of T-Shirt Town. And of course Harlow. Even though Harlow wasn't physically there, he was there in spirit. I can't tell you how many times he was brought up. And not just by us, almost every guest asked about him at least once, which MADE MY DAY.

Why yes, here he is on the back of our program even.

The feeling of it all.
The ceremony right by the lake, the tent off to the side, the mountains in the background, and all of our favorite people in one place. Man, it was just so good.

Ahhhh. I could think about it forever.

And then we were pronounced "husband and wife" and walked back down the aisle to Home by Edward Sharpe (the piano version as played my uncle who killed it.) I don't mean to brag, but my uncle is the number one pageant talent coach in THE WORLD. He's basically coached every Miss America ever. Nbd. So he knows his way around a keyboard.

And now for a few more photos.

Coming tomorrow: Part III: The reception.

Exactly one month ago today, we had the best party ever. And ended the night smashing cake in each other's face on the shuttle home. *I was the only one smashing cake. 

Sadly our cake didn't make it to Sunday. Which means we don't get to eat year-old frozen cake on our anniversary next July. But I'm pretty okay with that, frozen cake is gross. We can go to Dairy Queen or something.