5 Things I Eat Everyday

Friday, January 27, 2017

A now for a post called 5 Things I Eat Everyday.

(Usually.) Weekends are different, they're free game. And it's not like these are the only five things I eat, and I should also note there's no science behind this "diet," I just happen to crave these random foods and have found that they work for my body and maintaining my "normal weight."

So here they are:

Green smoothie.
Greek yogurt.
And wine.

The green smoothie is actually a combination of a lot of foods, so this post title has already been thrown out the window. The recipe for the smoothie I make is found here, and I actually don't even use honey or lemon anymore, just water and ice.

This smoothie tastes good, it gives me energy, and it forces me to eat vegis for once. I'm a toddler and I hate the taste of vegetables, unless it's a cucumber or a green bean (but the argument is out whether or not those are actually vegis apparently.) So I've finally found a way to sneak in my greens. I have the smoothie for breakfast or lunch depending on the day.

If I have the smoothie for lunch it's always with a side of beans or fish tacos. Have I mentioned that I have weird eating habits? I don't usually eat things that "go together" as Chris would say.

I keep my breakfast and lunch pretty light, I get way too lazy if I eat a big hearty meal and would immediately want to take a nap after.

For dinner, Chris and I try to eat healthy Monday-Wednesday but we usually start to slip around Thursday. Healthy for us means fish, chicken, and a lot of tacos. We're not salad people, we try to be every once in awhile but if that's all that we eat for dinner we're snacking on chips two hours later.

And I just realized how boring this post is, my apologies. Do you know what would be more fun? Talking about the 5 things Harlow eats everyday.

1. Lipstick.
Jk, but he tries to (see pic above.)

2. Garbage at the park.
Because he's gross.

3. Greek yogurt.

4. String cheese.

5. And his Petcurean snacks.
His favorite.

Harlow goes nuts for this duck jerky. He will sit and whine at the cabinet where he knows I keep them. I move them frequently to prevent this but manages to find every new hiding spot. If you like spoiling your dog, I suggest you give them a try.

We switched Harlow to Petcurean food about four months ago because his stomach wasn't doing well with his previous food... use your imagination.... but this new stuff is awesome. It keeps him regular and happy :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend, we're off to Vegas to see the Grand Canyon!


  1. Smoothies every breakfast! Except fridays thru Sundays when I eat eggs benny and all the bloodies. Can we puh leeeeease get brunch??

  2. Lipstick that wouldn't taste too good..............
    Smoothies are great

  3. Oh we loved Petcurean! We had Lulu on the Fresh puppy food and she loved it but she was unfortunately allergic to something in the food :(

  4. Have fun in Vegas! I'm the same way with breakfast smoothies--it's usually the only meal where I actually get a good serving of fruits and veggies.