Home Tour Part I

Friday, January 6, 2017

It's Friday morning in Chicago and the temperature says "2." And so I am doing everything in my power to keep Harlow asleep on my lap so he doesn't wake up and give me that look.

That look that says, "we go to park now?"

No Harlow, we don't go to park. Not today. Because today the air hurts. It bites your face and your hands and if you're not dressed in at least four layers it simply hurts to move.

So instead let's take a gander through our house and where we currently stand in terms of decorating. We're getting closer, but not quite done. We're still waiting on a dining room table and hutch, both are authentic mid century pieces that my mom purchased for us for Christmas that I am so excited about. The hutch looks like this and I am losing my mind over it! The only downfall is that both pieces are in Nebraska and have yet to be moved to Chicago... And so we wait.

The overall look we're going for is mid century modern. I've spent a lot of time researching, pinning, and waiting for just the right pieces rather than "buying just to fill space" like I used to do. Also, decorating does not come easy for me. Not at all. It takes me about five times before I get it right.

I've purchased a lot of pieces in Chicago, but have also had a LOT of luck online. Thank God for the internet. One of my go-tos has been Hayneedle; a one stop shop for finding everything, and at very affordable prices.

Nebraska friends, I'm sure you're familiar with Hayneedle as it's headquartered in Omaha. If you haven't browsed their selection you are missing out.  Here's the top five things we've recently ordered.

This Crosely Turntable.

The sound on this is absolutely incredible. How fun is that vinyl has made such a huge comeback? You can walk into a record store in our neighborhood and it's packed.

On to the kitchen... that has a fridge with an ICE MAKER. No big deal.

We needed a little extra storage for Harlow (his request.) He's getting more independent and asked that he has his own area where he can help himself. I respected this so we ordered this kitchen island.

I love this kitchen piece because the quality is so nice. And yes, the alcohol belongs to Harlow. He may have a problem, we're monitoring the situation.

The Sunburst clock is also from Hayneedle, found here. I simply type "mid century modern" in the search box and found so many awesome pieces!

Other favs include: this dining table, this dreamy bookcase, modern sideboard, and this awesome leisure chair. I could (and did) spend so much time on this site.

But anyway, our place is about ten times bigger than any other apartment we've lived in Chicago, but the only downfall is that there are no coat closets. None. And in the winter I wear about 100 coats and scarves so we needed something. Thus we have this coat rack.

I feel like you don't often see a good coat rack in homes anymore (probably because people have closets.) But we're bringing them back (because we have to.)

And this is just part one. As it turns out I'm also terrible at home photography so it takes me several days to muster the courage to do it.

Part two will come after we add some backsplash to the kitchen and retile the fireplace. Chris thinks we can do both on our own. I do not. Welcome to our nightly discussions! Have a good weekend, friends. Stay warm. If you have an animal left outside please call me, I will come get them.


  1. We have a coat rack bc we have no coat closet too!! We're (Eric) is building a bench/storage/hang-y thing so we have a place to sit when we take off our shoes. And we've been battling our backsplash disagreements for THREE YEARS.

    It takes time.

    Our house is still very empty-feeling but it's so much better to WAIT to get pieces you love. It was built in the 1920s and we LOVE it but I would die if I had a husband that wasn't handy. We love mid-century modern and we love your style!!!

  2. I love all of your fun pieces! I have been patiently waiting for the "right piece" to come along for our dining room. We're currently using a hand-me-down table which is in good condition, just too small for our space. It's so hard finding something for me and my husband to agree on. Also - you can totally do your backsplash yourself, we just finished ours last week!

  3. I'm obsessed with that rug! Every time I watch your Instastories (is that what they're even called) I spend half of the time eyeing the rug like a weirdo

  4. Having a kitchen island is my dream! Too bad my tiny flat is only 300 sq ft...

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  5. So funny. We have the same couch and the same coat rack. Your place is #goals for when we can finally get out of the hole of renting!

  6. Okay your home is absolutely goals. I am obsessed.

    Emma | Seeking the South

  7. I came, I saw and thought wow, what a bloody nice house

  8. In the process of moving and buying all new furniture too, will check out Hayneedle! Where's your living room rug from??

  9. You'd go nuts for this local second hand shop in my town that specializes in mid-century modern furniture. It's called Just L. I think the have a FB page.

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  11. We paid someone to do the backsplash in our Chicago condo a year ago. Totally worth the $1500.

  12. Where in the world is that small white felt letter board from?! LOVE it!

  13. I totally love the look of your new home...it's beautiful. However, I have a question totally unrelated to your house. Could you possibly make a t-shirt that says, "He Ain't Worth Missing"? ☺๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚

  14. I personally love coat racks. And your house is so good. SO good. Come do mine.

  15. i love your sofa and the storage cabinet! your house looks so comfy

  16. Your style is refreshing and new! It's not something that you see in every house, I love it! Plus thank you for the introduction to hayneedle! We are redoing our bedroom and I was in need of a new shop!

  17. If you want to come decorate my house..please...come!! It shouldn't take you long to get to Virginia right?

  18. For someone who "isn't good at decorating" your home looks amazing! It's stylish but so welcoming and comfortable. Also, Hayneedle is my new obsession now!

  19. What rug is the one you show in your bedroom! The grey and white one! Love it!