My Dog's Life Is The Best Life

Monday, January 16, 2017

All too frequently I wake up in the morning and wish that I was Harlow.

As I dig into my workload for the day he's usually sprawled out in bed, typically with all four pillows, with a look of laziness on his face that I can't help but envy.

His one job in life is to be a dog-blogger and pose for photos and yet he rarely does that even. If he sees me get my phone out he will actually turn away. So in order to get a good shot I have to sneak it.

Or, I have to lay a cozy blanket on the floor where the sunlight is hitting. And then this ^^ happens! Much to my delight he did exactly as I wanted so naturally I started snapping away.

As you may have guessed, this is one of the shirts from my new winter collection loosely called, "I Never Want To Leave My House Unless There Will Be Dogs Where We're Going," line. Catchy, right? I must give credit where credit is due, so this is actually a design my mom helped me create.

I think she questions my dog-parenting skills sometimes... She likes Harlow, but what she doesn't like is when we go to her house and I implement the "Harlow Has No Rules" rule, because such a thing is not true at her house. Harlow can't be on her couch- a concept both he and I struggle to understand.

I'll be dropping new designs all week and am excited to share them with all of you!

I shared several in my newsletter already. *This would be not-so-subtle reminder to sign up if you haven't already. Click here.

I'm still finding my groove with the newsletter, but it's surprised me how much I enjoy writing it. It literally feels like I'm writing a conversational letter every time I sit down to do it. I'm hesitant to ask for reader feedback given that I'm only three in and know that it will take awhile to really get into the flow and feel like I really have a purpose in writing it, BUT... if you have signed up what do you think? Too long? Too short? Do I need more "bullet points?" More direction?

The one thing I heard when I started a newsletter is, please don't just send an email telling us about your current blog post. And so I've tried to stay away from that, but other than that I'm just kind of jumping in headfirst.

A few of my favorite newsletters are the Lenny Letter and James Clear, which are usually about ten pages in length, so I think I happen to like the wordy ones a little bit more.

But enough chit chat, time to do Monday.


  1. Just signed up for the newsletter! And, seriously, dogs have the best lives!

  2. My cat who thinks he's a dog, Denzel, also hates the camera. Like legit will stop whatever cute or funny thing he's doing and walk away. What the f.

    I do love James Clear as well but I have to dedicate the time to read it (aka, I can't breeze through it). So either way works for me! I'm glad you enjoy writing them as much as we enjoy reading them!

  3. I think this exact same thing every single morning when I leave for work as my cat is snuggled down on the bed, hiding his eyes behind his paw because the light is just too bright for him. Any chance for a cat version of this shirt? :)

  4. Okay, don't hate me but, the English teacher in me won't let me not tell you this (by the way I'm a reader who found your site via "thelifeofbon" and I love it). You accidentally used an apostrophe in "dog's" when it is plural and not possessive--so the apostrophe should be deleted, plus you also used it in "shirt's" when it should just be "shirts", no apostrophe.

    Okay, thanks for being funny and real and all that stuff. Congrats on the wedding!! And you can delete this comment asap cuz I would if I were you. :)

    1. Man, those were pretty obvious errors!! My editor (my mom) has been slacking....

  5. My dog Frosty, also hates the camera. And it's so sad because she's adorable and I just want to take lots of pictures of her haha. I will have to sign up for your newsletter and check out your clothing line! Looks like you have super cute stuff in it! :)

    -Chelsea |

  6. i ordered this shirt last night! so excited to get it :)

  7. I don't get why some people think a dogs life is not a good life for most dogs they have a pretty good life

  8. My dog Lola also hides from camera when it comes out. Sometimes she can let out an audible groan as if to say "seriously? I'm trying to nap." She's such a bitch.


  9. This shirt is perfect! Just signed up for the newsletter too :) Yay!

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