The Most Interesting Dog In The World

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Plastic bags blowing in the wind simply stop when he gets near.

His mother nursed from him.

He gives treats to store keepers.

He doesn't ask other dogs if he can pet their owner, he simply does.

His poop comes out already bagged.

Cats bark in his presence.

He can make a squeaker fall out of a toy just by looking at it.

Humans stop to sniff his backside.

He has several world records, one of which includes jumping on a pogo stick for 72 days.

When he leaves the house he puts his owner in a crate.

When he pees on a brick wall it immediately turns into Banksy street art.

Squirrels name their children after him.

He sits in a chair to eat dinner.

He wears roller skates when he walks, usually while pulling his owner on a leash.

He can speak seven languages but simply chooses not to.

When he drools it's actually champagne.

His breath smells like chocolate, yet he's never had a piece.

He sits on furniture that humans aren't allowed to.

His urine makes grass greener.

When it's time to leave the park he calls his owner's name.

His collar simply reads, "dog."

He is The Most Interesting Dog In The World.

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