My Favorite Warm Weather Destinations

Thursday, March 2, 2017

In the past 48 hours Illinois has seen deadly tornados, rain, hail, sleet, and as I write this it's snowing.

Happy March, everyone. Can it just be summer already? This gross weather has me feeling extra moody so I'm going to do something random today and write a post about my favorite warm-weather vacation spots in an attempt to boost my spirits. I hope you'll come along on this journey with me.

First things first:

The backyard located at 908 S 4th Street in Norfolk, Nebraska. Their woven lounge chairs are top notch and the popsicle service is second to none! Every day around 2 p.m. the ice-cream man comes by and sells Flinstone push-ups that are to die-for! (I suggest the orange cream flavor, you'll never have tasted such decadence.)

And if you're a fan of rhubarb (celery's flamboyant cousin) book a visit for May or June when it's in season, then head out to the alley next to the garbage cans and you'll be in seventh heaven! Ask the in house pastry chef to whip up some of her famous rhubarb pie.

I also suggest you go in 1991 as I'm not 100% sure if this resort is still up and running.

Next up:

Henry Doorly petting zoo! During the summer, the heat only intensifies when you mix in the elements of several smelly children + several smelly barn animals. It may only be 70 degrees outside but within the quarters of the petting zoo it's certain to feel at least 100! I suggest you bring your best crooked smile and ratty old bunny blanket.

*Do not feed the animals gummy worms, just because they'll eat them doesn't mean they should.

Zoo outfit on point. Jumper reads "WILD LIFE." Because why wouldn't it?

Third on the list:

Any stretch of warm cement located in Nebraska! Grab your favorite teal one-piece and sassy baby bowl-cut and bask in the hot sunshine of the late 80s! Be careful not to fall off the edge however, as the rough brick wall does not feel good on one's face.

*Nailing the constipated look!

And this is just another shout-out to 908 S 4th Street and their stellar popsicle service. Is that a bruise on my arm, or simply dirt? One may never know! Also, weird to think I look the exact same way when I eat popsicles today...

I started this post with the intention to make it a real post about my fav destinations, but one thing led to another and here we are. If anyone would find it helpful to read the "real post" let me know.

But I can pretty much tell you I was just going to list British Virgin Islands, Cabo, Antigua, Bahamas, probably Havana and a bunch of pretty pics.... obvi. But I am curious, what's your favorite warm-weather spot? We're trying to plan something for May... Chris thinks I'm silly, but I'm dying to go to that island where you can swim with huge spotted pigs in sparkling blue water. Anyone know what I'm talking about here?


  1. Hahaha! I'm cracking up in my office after reading this! Thanks for making my day!

  2. Staniel Cay is the pig place lol :) In the Bahamas!

  3. You were so adorbs! Still are ;-) I LOVE Half Moon Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Super relaxing.

  4. Las Ventanas, Cabo!

    Emily |

  5. St. Maarten is really beautiful! It is a small island (half dutch half French). When we went, we rented a car and spent the day driving all the way around the island. The local parts of the island are beautiful and even the "touristy" parts aren't that touristy if that makes any sense! :)

  6. This is hilarious! You're adorable. My favorite warm weather destination is the backyard pool of my childhood. Luckily my dad has zero intentions of moving from the family house anytime soon.

    My favorite warm destination that anyone can visit would be Myrtle Beach. I grew up spending a short week there every summer with my family. There's a lot of kitsch, but it's one of the most affordable beach vacations. Yeah, I've enjoyed my handful of visits to Hilton Head and Charleston with my wealthier friends, but I still love the accessibility of Myrtle Beach.

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