Spring Fashion Favs

Sunday, March 26, 2017

In less than two hours on Friday the weather in Chicago went from 78 degrees to 46 degrees. One second Chris, Harlow, and I were sitting on a patio basking in the sunshine, (I was wearing a new spring shirt feeling super fancy) and the next second I was freezing (and feeling like a huge idiot in my "new spring shirt.")

This is said "spring shirt." Perfect for that 77 degree day, not so much for a 45 degree day.

The weather forecast for the next ten days reads, "don't even bother, it's basically going to rain forever." And so today Harlow and I are hunkered on the couch, getting some work done, while watching reruns of Big Little Lies. Are you watching this series? I'm kind of obsessed with it. Whether you watch it or not, do yourself a favor and listen to their playlist on Spotify- it's equally as good.

In hopes that warm weather will return some day, I'm going all in with a quick "spring fashion" post. All selfie pics you're about to see were shot with love from my "blogger bedroom mirror." And I really hope you notice that I tried extra hard to mix up my poses from "knee pop" to "not knee pop." Can't wait to see what you think!

This one is what I call the "darling cupcake" top. Very feminine and fun, not typically my style but I'm keeping it for those times I want to feel extra ... feminine and fun.

This next top feels like the evil twin sister of the top above. Little more edgy, little more knee pop! Summer nights, here I come!

The striped bell sleeve blouse. Perfect for tea at the country club? Perhaps a good work shirt? Verdict is still out on this one. It looked a lot cuter on the model, then again she ironed it and paired it with cute jean shorts so perhaps that's all it needs?

In similar fashion, I'm a big fan of this gingham off the shoulder top as well.

The mules. Found on Amazon here! They're super comfortable and have a heel height perfect for lots of warm weather walking.

I also suggest you check out all of the new spring items from Alice & Wonder. And as I just clicked to her site I realized there is a rather large photo of me on her homepage, which is just a little too large for comfort. Ha! But also, eek.

I had the pleasure of getting a first look at all of her items and they are awesome! PS she has 15% off right now but it's ending soon!

And that concludes my bi-yearly fashion post. I hope you enjoyed the knee pops! What warmer weather styles are you loving?


  1. I like the striped bell sleeve top! Not so much for the bell sleeves - they're trendy but I have to admit the style has yet to grow on me - but I like the colour of it! :)

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. The mules.

  3. I love the mules but have never owned a heeled sandal that has no back and it scares me so I'd need to try them on. Also, I do the knee pop too - and when I take a mirror selfie of my outfit I NEVER know what do with my non-camera-holding hand :-/ lol

  4. I like most of these, but can you move your arms in that black top? It looks like they've tied you down! It's probably my least favorite. I actually really like the pin striped bell sleeve on you! You carry it off well. I'm definitely into the off the shoulder trend!