A Workout Post From 1991

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hello ladies! Happy Thursday!

I've recently gotten quite a few post cards and chain letters from several of you asking about what my daily workout routine is and I'm so excited to share! A few months ago I  started doing this new thing called "Jazzercise" and it is all that and a bag of chips! (Except minus the chips because they're too high in fat grams, more like all that and a bag of Fig Newtons!)

I'm just messin!

Jazzercise is a great workout if you love to dance, do a little bit of cardio, and most importantly, have a perm! Here's a few photos I took on my disposable camera from our class last week. It was held on the green turf in the swimming pool area at the Norfolk Country Club, how fun is that?

Pictured below are some of my new Jazz friends, Theresa, Cassandra, Marci, and Dawn. Marci is wearing the black tank top and I think she's struggling a little bit because she only had rice cakes for lunch. She's on a major crash diet trying to lose weight before her big ten year reunion.

But Dawn on the other hand (wearing the pink shorts, with the white knotted tank top, and the two-tone pink and white slouch socks) is getting after it. Dawn always looks rad. I think she works for Kraft Cheese in sales and makes a lot of money. Or maybe she's a stay at home mom. Either way, Dawn is sweet cherry pie. Her friend, Cyndi, (in the all pink with only a partial black leotard showing) usually seems intoxicated to me. I still like her though.

Fashion is huge part of Jazzercise, as I'm sure you can tell. I couldn't decide what to wear last week, my checkered biker shorts or my neon pink? Either way, I knew I would wear my bright yellow thong leotard over the top. I haven't earned the coveted teal tank top, quite yet! But I am dying to get one. Just ten more classes and that extremely over sized, ill-fitting muscle tank will be mine!

I can hardly wait!

I believe this was taken during the "Rhythm is a Dancer" routine, or was it "Celebrate Good Times," I'm not quite sure? But I do know we were about to go into our "lindy" move followed by a set of "grapevines."

Sandy, the main instructor, loves grapevines! She wears a small microphone that goes in front of her mouth and she looks just like Madonna. I think that's probably why she loves the Vogue song so much. At the end of class she hands out popsicles and cold washcloths from a small cooler she brings, and it's such a nice treat during "cool down" while we all lay on the green turf and do pelvic thrusts.

This is my favorite "butt burn" move so I had to take a photo. But unfortunately, some of the ladies didn't like me snapping photos at this moment, so I stopped shortly after. You can see my cousin, Carissa, looks especially mad. It's like, take a chill pill, Carissa. You know what I mean?

She's been pretty snotty ever since she got her new Nikes. Get off your high horse, Riss!

Plastic sunglasses are optional for class, but I will definitely be wearing some next time.

The instructors are so high energy and I think that's why I love the classes so much. They just got back from a Jazzercise conference in LAS VEGAS where they met Judy Sheppard Misset HERSELF! The founder and creator of Jazzercise, as if you didn't know. As if! I would probably faint on the spot if I ever met JSM.  But maybe someday, you never know!

What do I know is that Jazzercise will probably be around forever. I haven't necessarily lost a lot of weight since I started (I have lost some inches) but I don't really care, because I've gained so many new friendships. And a lot of cool new thong leotards!

After a good workout I like to relax on my davenport with a new episode of Knots Landing and my favorite Devils Food Cake! It's the perfect way to end a Thursday. I hope everyone has a stellar day!

***Inspired by my mom's Jazzercise photo albums (she has several) and also when she really met Judy Sheppard Misset in Vegas, NO BIG DEAL. As well as this very funny post.***


  1. The workout looks really fun, and the best thing is, you seem to have made great friends! I definitely need to take a pointer and join more classes, not to just stay active but to motivate myself to meet new people!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Well done. *insert laugh crying emoji*

  3. This is so great. The picture during the "butt burn" made me actually laugh out loud. Thank you for a Thursday pick me up!

  4. I won't lie... one time back in high school my friends and I did a Jazzercise class... in a church basement... taught by our Yearbook teacher...... And it was a seriously hard workout. That's life in the midwest, I suppose.

    Allie | www.lunavidablog.com

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