Survey Results + Random Musings

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Survey results are in, guys! And this is what I learned:

*SurveyMonkey only allows up to 100 people to take a free survey before they will ask you to pay $26 to see more survey results.

*I should have offered the option for people to choose more than one option.

*I am not good at conducting surveys.

*Out of 100 people surveyed, 3 of you are hate-reading my blog. HEY NOW! We'll dive into this in a second.

But first, the topic most popularly chosen about what you'd like to see more of on this blog...

RANDOM MUSINGS. Followed by home decor, and Harlow!

And my heart exploded. I guess it makes sense given than 95% of this blog is random musings and always has been. So the fact that this is what you actually want to see and not just what I want to write makes me so happy!

The thing you don't want to hear about? BLOGGING. I love it. Everyone else has that covered so I'm pretty glad I'm in the clear there.

And for the majority, "everyone is cool with a fashion post every once in awhile." Cool, cool, cool.

No one thinks I should get bangs. I hear you, loud and clear. No bangs. But... but look how cool I think I look ....

Most of us still aren't over Kimmy Gibler OR The Hills.

AND no one will set their house on fire if I share fiction every once in a while! So much fun.


Until 3 of you admitted I'm a hate-read. Here's the thing, I expect EVERYONE to like me, no exceptions! I only put myself out there on the internets to be praised and loved! So I would like to address this right now.

Jk, jk, I respect your honesty. It stings a little, but I respect it. We're not all going to be everyone's cup of tea. I have a few people I cringe-follow on Instagram and I'm not sure why. That can't be healthy, can it? They don't add much joy to my life so I should probably stop, but every once in awhile when I'm feeling extra snarky I love a good eye-roll. So I suppose if I'm your reason for a good ol eye-roll, no harm, no foul.

Also, he'll kill me for saying this, but Harlow has a TON of dogs he hate-follows on insta. It's a "real thing" for him and we're working on it. It's 100% envy for him but he'd never admit it.

G2G now! But thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for me yesterday!


  1. How could anyone hate read you?? I'm slightly even offended by it. And I hate follow a few people on Instagram too, it's their over the top (ie starting with 'heyyyy chica) stories that just make me wanna unfollow but I cant because I'm terrible!

  2. Everyone gets hate comments though, so someone as well known as you in the blogging world is sure too! I don't have anyone I hate-follow on Instagram, but definitely I follow some out of envy. Their posts make me depressed sometimes but I can't stop looking, haha.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. I never understand the whole "hate read" thing. Don't they have better things to do with their lives?

  4. What trolls! ;) But, can you tell me where your white planter is from????!!!!??? Please don't tell me West Elm because that shit is expensive. (PS: I have to agree about the blogs "How to become a blogger in 90 days post" it's old and do that many people really ask bloggers how to start blogging that in fact all bloggers have to cover it?)

  5. I honestly don't understand how anyone could hate read you but I do love your musings and home decorating. I am so so sick of blogs about blogging but that's just me, an occasional post is no big deal...I personally LOVE your fiction (the jazzercise the other day was phenomenal)!

  6. I don't get the "hate read" thing. You don't like someone/something, move on. What's the point? Some people's kids, I tell ya. :\

    1. Agree. I don't see the point of hate-reading, hate-following, or otherwise trolling. (I blogged about hate-commenting on my own blog today!)

  7. The Hanson Labs definitely hate follow Harlow, so I hope the feeling is mutual ;)

  8. Going on 5 years of loyal reading boo :) Always a good time here!

  9. Where is the plant stand in the picture from??

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