Our Trip To Big Sur

Monday, May 8, 2017

Last week we went on one of the cooler road trips/vacays I've ever been on.

We flew into San Fran, stayed a night there, and then got up bright and early to drive to Big Sur to stay in our yurt.

Due to heavy mudslides, scenic highway one is closed (unless you're a local or staying in the area like we were) so we had to take crazy back roads to get there. We were able to drive on a small stretch of the one, but trust me when I say the back roads had just as amazing views.

But if you don't like mountain driving, this drive is not for you. At times it was downright terrifying. We were on a very tight, curvy road, winding around a mountain literally above the clouds, with a huge deathly drop just a few feet away. Even as I type this it makes my stomach flip.

But it was totally worth it because once we got there we did so much! We hiked, played in waterfalls, saw whales, waded in creeks, drank a lot of wine...  And now I'm exhausted and sitting in my normal pile of Monday fear/overwhelm.

Before I jump into full recap let's start with a few photos. 

Chris snapping a pic in the middle of highway one. We think that because so many people hear the highway is closed, no one is trying to get up to Big Sur right now so the trails and beaches were basically empty, which was pretty awesome for us.

The resort we stayed at is called Treebones Resort and other than yurts, they also have tree houses and "nests" you can stay in. It was so cool and we're already planning a trip back.

I've got a ton more photos and YURTY things I can't wait to share, but for now T-Shirt Town is calling my name so I've got to get to do that first. More to come, if you have any specific questions on yurting or Big Sure, ask me below!

//Two Tone Leggings Found Here//


  1. I would love to stay there! Treehouse or Yurt, I'm sold. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Sorry it was a bit chilly and gross.

  2. I just booked a flight to San Francisco for august and would love to go to big sur, but I've heard about all the road closures. Any info you can share about your route and what waterfalls you were able to get to would be great!

  3. Just the handful of pictures you included here look incredible. I've never had a desire to go to Big Sur, but I think I do now...

  4. There's a show on HGTV or DIY or one of those channels called "Love Yurts". So punny. It's about a couple who builds yurts in Hawaii. I love it! I have a lot of yurt questions. Like plumbing? And food accommodations? What great stuff did you eat? And was the whole thing a big surprise? Was it expensive?

    This really speaks to my hippie side and I love every bit of it.

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