Staying in a Yurt

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

So let's talk about the yurt. Google says a yurt is a "a circular tent of felt or skins on a collapsible framework, used by nomads in Mongolia, Siberia, and Turkey."

I call it the best way to camp!

In our yurt we had electricity, a sink, a heater, a bed, a couch and a small table and chairs. The only thing missing was a toilet and shower... Luckily, the communal bathrooms were just about 50 steps away. And they weren't your average camping bathrooms either, they were nice, clean and private, and I was pleasantly surprised!

The resort has a "main yurt" where you can get drinks and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We did all four. On a non-foggy day you can sit outside at the bar with a glass of wine and gaze over the beautiful Pacific ocean. Instead, we sat outside and watched as the fog rolled in. And then after we drank too much I made Chris push me in the swing, a swing designated for relaxing and definitely not "aggressive swinging" or "underdogs." Still fun, though!

Tree Bones Resort is pretty self sufficient and a lot of the food they serve comes from their very own garden. And it's awesome! You're not just eating hotdogs or burgers, they're serving up delicious dishes. I had pesto kale spaghetti (which I will be trying at home because it was so good) and Chris had shrimp stir fry. At this point I feel I should state that Tree Bones has not asked me to write this, nor do I think they even care that I'm writing this. Let's just say they're not exactly the kind of place that seems to worry about social media, or could give a shit about asking bloggers to come in. And I mean that in the best possible way. There's literally one spot in the resort where you can get "satellite wifi," it's pretty crappy, and to be honest I felt like an idiot being on my phone there anyway.

You're supposed to be one with nature in your yurt, not Instagram. That said, please follow me @THEDAILYTAY if you don't already.

Moving right along.

As mentioned before, highway one is closed because of mudslides, so instead we were able to take back roads up the other side of the mountain through a military base that are usually closed off to the public. It was so scenic and beautiful we didn't feel slighted at all for not being able to take highway one, as we had originally planned.

And the best part was having all of the parks to ourselves.

After we'd had our fill of yurting, we jumped in the car to drive toward Santa Monica, another absolutely gorgeous drive filled with mountains, rolling green pastures, and beautiful California vineyards. We stopped in Santa Barbara for lunch and were greeted by two whales who just happened to be cruising by while we were sipping on Bloody Marys.

And that seems like a good spot to end for now because I just realized my mom and sister will be needing a ride from the airport in less than an hour! So I g2g! TTYL!


  1. I've never heard of yurting - it reminds me of what people call "glamping"! But it does sound like the best way to camp. ;)

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. This sounds like everything I love about camping, amplified by about 20!

  3. Okay this place looks awesome! But I'm confused...because Big Sur is 4 hours away from Santa Barbara...?

  4. How long was the drive from San Fran to Santa Monica with the closures? We are driving from Seattle down to LA in July and everything says the Pfiffer Bridge closure blocks off the coastal highway.

  5. This sounds really fun! Way better than a plain old tent! :) Laughing out loud at aggressive swinging and underdogs. After some of that wine, that would totally be me.

  6. Love this. My hubby is more of an "indoor girl@, but I bet with all of the amenities, I could get him to do this. ��

  7. What a fun getaway! Definitely a step up from traditional camping :)

  8. I would try something like this. It's like high-end camping. Your photos are beautiful.

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