Family Vacation Banter- Part III

Monday, June 5, 2017

Day 2: The Tide Really Does Change!

One of my favorite things to do on vacation is drink coffee in the morning. (Also my favorite thing to do at home, I guess.) But on vacation you get to look at new things while you drink your coffee. How fun!

So last week in North Carolina (day two of our family vacay) I walked downstairs around 7:45 a.m., excited to pour myself a cup and sit on the the porch that wrapped around the backside of the home, facing the water.

Much to my surprise, when I reached the kitchen I saw that there was a barely a cup left in the pot that had just been made. Who had already drank the entire pot I wondered the moment my dad came barreling in.

"Hey! Your mom and I are going on a walk! Want to come? It's hot outside! Feels great! We're going to walk now before it gets TOO hot. Want to come along? The neighbors have a great Airstream! Need more coffee?"

Ah. It all made sense now.

"Did you  drink that entire pot alone?" I asked, already knowing the response.

"Yup, two pots in fact. WANT TO GO ON A WALK?!"

My dad drink 5-6 pots of coffee a day. I should have known.

I poured myself the last small cup and set out on a walk with my parents. A plant walk to be exact. For the next 35 minutes of our walk my parents would proceed to point out every single plant, tree, flower, bush, ext, they could recognize. They'd even pause to take photos next to "really cool plants" in people's yards as if they were celebrities. (The plants, not my parents.)

But the real fun was only getting started! When we got back to the house and walked out onto the dock, we realized that the tide really WAS changing!

"Hey mom, look we actually have a small sliver of a beach now," I noted toward the area that was previously under water completely, now showing a bit of sand and seashells.

"Wow, we do! They said the tide changes quite a bit here. I'll get Knox and Lola so they can find some seashells."

"Hey Jade, look! There's a beach now!"

"Wow! There is!"

"Jordan, did you see we have a beach?"

"Cool, is that a beach?"

"Larissa, did you see how much the tide has already changed? We have sand now."

"WHOA! Check out that crab tank, it wasn't there before! The tide IS moving!" -my dad

For the next six hours, we'd observe (out loud) how much the tide changed. Until it proceeded to change the other way. And then we'd start on that. We did this for three days.


six ours later-


We are not coastal people.

Nebraska does not have a lot of oceans, so it only makes sense that this is something that would entertain us. Of course we're familiar with how tides work, this wasn't completely foreign to us, just never the less fun to watch! For example if you came to Nebraska I'm sure you'd note how much the corn grows in certain areas as opposed to others, really the same notion if you think about it.

And so for the next few days our trip consisted of morning coffee on the porch (while we watched dolphins swim just a few feet away,) days in the boat on the water, and evenings with wine back on the porch.

We'd cruise up to sand bars with other North Carolinans', set up shop for a bit, and when the water started to change we'd get back on the boat and cruise around more. We'd have lunch at beach bars and dinner back at the house. Our house came equipped with paddle boards, kayaks, a croquet set, and so much more, and we took full advantage of all.

Also, the neighbor's airstream really was cool. If you look closely you can see the cool wagon in the background, as well. My mom and I were certain he was a writer. Do you ever make up background stories about people you come across on vacation? I do all the time. I've now realized I get this from my mom.

Other than his cool automobiles, he had a quaint little cabin where he sat out on his porch everyday with his computer and typed away, (most likely writing his novel.) What else do people do on computers? They write. DUH.

Not trying to be boastful, but this was the perfect place to welcome in summer. I would go back to Wilmington and rent this exact house in a heartbeat.

And now, we work. Big things coming this week. I know I say this every week, but it's FOR REAL today. Don't believe me? Check out @taylorwolfeshop on Instagram and you'll see what we've got cooking.... Come back tomorrow for that Chicago post I promised!


  1. Your house really does sound absolutely perfect. AirBnB for the win! I love that they had so many things there for you to use. Did you go paddleboarding?

    Also, I bet your writer Airstream neighbor was NICHOLAS SPARKS. You knew it from the start.

  2. Oh how I liked this post, it made me smile and laugh and feel good

  3. Just gotta say ... i'm literally laughing OUT LOUD at your amusement with the tides :)

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