A Life Update Post

Friday, July 14, 2017

I work from home, for myself, on my own schedule, and yet I find myself in a hurry every single day. (Thus the reason my posts have been sparse lately.) Why is this happening? What is this fake rush I'm putting on myself all the time? It's pretty unnecessary.

Here's a little something about me, if I feel any bit of time constraint when it comes to writing, I can't do it. I put myself in a mental prison and just stare at my computer wasting minutes upon minutes until I finally just say screw it and move on to something else.

So today, for old time's sake, I'm just going to ramble my way out of my mental prison and we'll see what happens. I figure it's 3 p.m. on a Friday afternoon so chances are not many will show up to read this post anyway. I'm sure you're all busy getting ready for happy hour, or catching a flight, or dare I say... Nordstrom shopping online. Don't worry, I'll won't shove another Nordstrom sale post down your throat (today!) I may tomorrow. We shall see.

For those of you not encompassed in the blog world, there's a certain sale going on that seems to make people very excited, or very annoyed. "N SALE" posts are flying all over the place in blogland and there's a lot of feelings about it. #blogprobs, AM I RIGHT?

Man, blogging's a weird occupation. It's ironic to me that for how much I enjoy self deprecation I've ended up in a world where I have to constantly be like "Everyone look at me and how great I'm doing life!" You guys get that feeling from me, right? Because that's what I'm going for here. Pure greatness!

Did you know we're called "social influencers" now? I'm not ready to embrace that term yet. Give me a few years.

Speaking of years, my past checked up on me today, as it often likes to just to keep me humble and grateful for where I am. Har and I were on an afternoon excursion downtown when I happened to look up and notice I was at the tiny market near where I used to work.

It's a small corner store that sells diet Sunkist, if you're a diet Sunkist drinker you know this is a hard beverage to find, so I used to get it quite frequently. Everyday around 2:30 p.m., I'd take a quick ten minute break, hustle to the store, buy my soda, and day dream about being with Harlow and away from the terrible office to which I had to return to for 2.5 more hours while my soul was quietly dying on the inside.

Hiding out in a tiny grocery store, while sipping an orange soda, was my haven back in the day.

God, that sounds awful. And I just remembered why I feel rushed everyday. It's because I constantly feel the need to hustle to maintain the life where I get to walk Harlow five times a day and not have to ask for permission to take a ten minute break.

More tshirt sales, more promos, more emails, more of everything.

When I daydreamed about working for myself I knew it would be difficult, but I didn't realize the urgency I'd feel every single day to keep up. It never goes away. And it's not a bad feeling necessarily; it keeps me on my toes, and keeps me excited to wake up every morning. But it's always there.

Don't get too comfortable... Life in a cubicle is waiting for you...Never forget....

It's a scary thought.  So thanks for listening, but I better get back to work now.

Before I go, I'm going to make a list of posts I plan (hope) to write in the next few days to keep me accountable. If I don't get more consistent with writing here I'm going to go nuts. If you have a good post idea, please let me know (how do we feel about Q and A's?) I need some direction right now...

Posts coming up:
Top picks from the Nordstrom Sale (coming this weekend, so skip it if you've already read 100 others.)

7 Year Chicago Anniversary- Things I've Learned
Home Tour Update
The Long Road Home- things noted driving from Nebraska to Chicago
Things That Have Helped Me Be Less Of An Asshole.
New self help books I love.
Probably a post that's 100% self promotion in some way or form! Cool? Cool!



  1. Yay for rambles! Haha I love it and I'm here for it. You know I work from home like you and I feel that sense of urgency too. Ok so I have a bunch of posts I'd love to see you write bc I think you're hilarious. Do you ever feel addicted to your phone? I'd love to see a post on anything to do with the Olsen twins, hutch rearranging life (the struggle is real for some of us - what to put in the blank space of the built ins!), your take of what it's like to be a part of Taylor swift's squad, what being a dog momager is like, and your thoughts on ganja. Kthxbai :)

  2. I love your ramble posts - one of the few "big" bloggers that still do them and I LOVE that. Looking forward to the house update post - because I really love to see peoples houses apparently (weird - blame HGTV). Also, I love Q&As so jump on it. Finally, write a post from Harlows perspective when you can't find words for yourself ... would love to know what Har is thinking and doing lol :)

  3. I'm here on a Friday night back from a really enjoyable night volunteering at the animal shelter, here reading, and I want you to know I support this post 100%! Keep hustling, but don't forget to center and focus and remember that you are so successful! Thanks for all you're doing for the animals (your IG story). You're a very good person.

  4. Haha, I love that you labelled the Nordstrom sale post "Skip if you've read 100 others". Thank you for actually being aware that every other blogger in the world is posting one and it's getting super boring.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  5. I love this post! You are honest and receptive to your readers.I've recently "discovered" you and your blog - I believe it had something to do with the fact that I live in the town your were raised in and I spend a lot of time on FB! You are smart and funny! I will keep reading if you keep writing -- and I have some catching up to do!! Thank you!!

  6. Although you say this is a 'ramble' style post these are actually my favourites to read haha! x