Post Fourth of July Life

Monday, July 10, 2017

I vote no more Fourth of July's on a Tuesday.

I'm still thrown off nearly a week later. We started celebrating last Friday, then Saturday, again Sunday, still a little Monday, and I was so done when it was finally the "actual day" on Tuesday. It was just too much. Fun yes, but too much.

And due to a minor car mishap, I'm still in Nebraska... Nearly ten days after I left Chicago. I'm not complaining but, I'm complaining. I need to get home. I need to get into a routine. I feel off balance and out of sorts and I just don't like it.

I'm out of routine with writing, blogging, working, walking Har, ext ext.

So I'm currently sitting in a coffee shop, trying to get my life together and crossing my fingers my car is fixed today.

Last week while I was driving to the airport for a quick weekend trip to San Diego, my tire just decided it didn't want to be on our car anymore. In one fast move, the tire went flying off while I was driving 75 mph on the interstate. Not in shreds or pieces, the entire thing. It wasn't the most pleasant experience, to say the least.

I've blown a tire before (a few times actually) so I'm pretty familiar with the terrible feeling that accompanies it. One minute it's normal, then there's usually an odd pop, or the feeling like you've hit a bump, and suddenly you have 2-3 seconds to pull over as it feels like your car has turned into a wooden rollercoaster and you have zero control before shit gets real.

Luckily, I made it to the grass median before I lost complete control. I called a tow truck, unlike the last time when I was 18 and decided to just hitch a ride with a friendly semi truck driver because WHY NOT.... (I didn't die that time and he was actually quite helpful.) But anyway, our car was towed to a shop, I flew to San Diego, and five days later it's still in the shop.

And thus I'm sitting in this coffee shop just waiting for it to be fixed so I can get home. Oy vey.

Once I finally get back to Chicago I don't plan on leaving until Christmas. I want to hermit in for the rest of summer and enjoy our city while it's still hot and humid and wonderful.

Apologies for this boring post today. I just needed to get it out of the way in an attempt to break through my blog-funk so I can get back into the swing of things.

(and yes, I'm aware my blog looks like crap right now with images missing. working on that, as well. like I said, everything's been just a little bit more of a challenge lately...)


  1. I'm 100% in favor of just picking a day of the week and sticking with it, like we do with Thanksgiving. And I totally get routine, routines can be awesome, the less you have to think about the easier life is for all those big things you do have to think about. I hope your car gets fixed today and you're on your way home.

  2. Sorry but I'm going to need a caption for the pic of Harlow and the yorkie on your lap. can't. handle. the. cuteness.

  3. It is strange how some holidays are based on a day of the week, but you can't really have Independence Day correctly celebrated on another day. (How many Americans know that the Fourth of July is Independence Day...?)

    I think it's super-awkward when Independence Day is a Tuesday or Thursday, since it generally generates excess vacation days. (Of course, for me, I always take the 3rd off when possible, since the 3rd is my birthday, and this year it was my 30th...)

  4. Nothing like a near disaster to make you want to never leave your house again. So glad you're okay! Btw: I loved yesterdays post, very helpful.

  5. Yikes! At least you're safe! Last time I blew a tire (In Omaha) it was winter and absolutely cold as balls. I couldn't change it, so I called my dad. He couldn't change it (It was frozen/rusted/whatever) and we called a tow truck. Ugh. Cars are more hassle than they're worth sometimes.

  6. Did you bite the bullet and purchase the Plus 500 package?

  7. Oh my goodness, so glad you are okay! Losing a tire on the highway sounds like a complete nightmare situation. Thank goodness you were able to make your trip and are safe. I completely agree about a holiday on a Tuesday, throws everything off.