The Birth Story of The Daily Tay

Well, it’s about that time of year I reflect
on the fact it’s my three year anniversary with this here blog.
I know what you’re thinking, three years and you already have 590+ followers.
Impressive, I know.
is what someone might think if this was 1993 back when computers were only used for
the Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego.

I assume this was taken in 1993 so it felt right to post it.
And thank God I got that heart tattoo removed in 2005. 

500 followers in three years in 2012? Not so impressive.

I see all of you with your fancy blogs boasting
“1,000 Followers in four months!”
“Help me get to 800, I’ve been doing this since May!”
My favorite is the,
“I started this blog because all of my friends told me I should and
I’m so blessed for how fast it has grown.”
A. No one told you to start a blog. Stop lying.
And if they did, your friends probably need better hobbies, I mean who really goes around asking people to start a blog? Then again, maybe I just have the wrong friends.
B. “Blessed” would refer to God.
So if you really think God is responsible for growing your blog….
Well then you also probably believe God is on Facebook, as well. He has better things to do…
(Like Instagram)
Lighten up, I’m kidding.

Truth be told, the reason I actually started “writing online” is a very cute story.
It’s probably a very similar story to why all of you started your blogs, as well.
I was in college…
and was locked up in a hospital with several homeless people doing a medical study for money,
and had some extra time on my hands.
(I was saving for Europe, but I’m pretty sure the homeless people were saving for meth.)
I was there for five days and had nothing to do in between blood draws so I started writing “posts.”
Although back then I just posted them on Facebook as notes.
Here’s a few excerpts to give you an idea of what my posts were like back in ’09:

Day 2:
Well I was woken up at 6 a.m. and told that I was no longer an alternate because two of the girls’ lab work did not come out okay… Mixed feelings really. This place is getting to me. I’ve done one blood draw today, have another in a bit. The courtyard is the size on the 8 man room at the sorority. I might go walk laps out there in a bit. My spirits are low today, I realized I only packed one flip flop for the showers.

Day 4:
“The male patients are quite “rugged” looking, they dont wear a uniform or anything, at least I don’t think, but then again maybe it is required of them to wear acid wash jeans with a light denim jean jacket over the top of a Nebraska Cornhuskers championship Tshirt. I just try to steer clear of that group. I havn’t been able to walk in the court yard lately because there is a new group out there testing something to do with smoking. I think the test might be more of an endurance test really, see who can stand out in the rain and smoke cigg after cigg with out fainting. So to pass the time my bunk mate, Tara, and I sat in our room and searched looking for Care Bear room decorations for her youngest daughter, youngest of four by the way. Tara is 19, she’s a real fighter. Literally. She fights people. So I’m glad I’m on her good side. Well it was a lazy afternoon to say the least. Two more blood draws and two more ECG hook ups and I get to come home. See you on the outside.”

See, I bet you those lovely blogger gals at The Daybook or Rockstar Diaries
started their blogs because of a very similar situation. 
I wish I had some cute photos to post about this experience but unfortunately
camera phones weren’t allowed in the “hospital” on account of the fact
many of the patients had sexual assault records. 
But like I was saying,
I blogged for a pretty long time without even letting it be known.
I mean that’s normal, right?
Lot’s of people keep an online journal without announcing it to blogworld.
Yeah it’s called Myspace, creep…
I wasn’t aware of all of the great blogs in this cyber world 
until about six months ago. No joke.
I thought Perez Hilton was the only blogger.
But once I figured out there were others out there like me I decided once and
for all to give into the politics of blogworld and see what might happen.
I got a button.
Then I took your button.
Then I tried link-ups. And comments. And sponsors.
And in about four months I finally went from 80 followers to a few hundred more.
Of course I’m nowhere near the numbers of the Mormafia, but a girl can dream.
Mormafia: rulers of the blog world.
They’re well dressed. 
They’re way too cute.
Their families are even cuter.
And if you’re not in a good spot in your own life, don’t read about theirs. 
Because it will make you feel worse.
And this is all meant as a huge compliment to the Mormafia. 
I mean I would never be stupid enough to insult them in their own territory.
Would you go to L.A. and insult the Crips?
Would you look at that. I’ve rambled on for too long now.
That’s the other thing I’ve had to learn about Blogging101: people don’t like to read.
Check out my archives and you’ll see I used to write novels.
I can’t help it, I’m old fashioned.
Three years later I continue blogging because I enjoy it.
So to the asshole on Twitter yesterday who posted,
“I’d never read blogs. If I wanted to know all about your life, I’d ask you.”
Nobody asked you to read our blogs.
And just an FYI- usually bloggers aren’t the ones who are talking all about their lives
at the dinner table, commanding all of the attention.
We just write about it instead.
And then we politely sit and listen as the rest of you ramble about yours. 

Thanks for reading.