Tasty Tuesday

Last weekend Chris and I jumped on our bikes and rode downtown to the Taste of Chicago to get in on a little foodie action. We proceeded to taste: 
french fries with curry sauce

chorizo empanadas


steak tacos 

beef perogies

and a good old fashioned Chicago dog for dessert.
And then we went on to bike about 20 miles all over the city in an attempt to work off the 15,000 calories we just ate in one setting.  So while the Taste was a good time, I discovered I’m not exactly a huge fan of large eating festivals in 90 degree heat. There was just something about being surrounded by thousands of other hot people, licking their fingers while stuffing their faces that kinda grossed me out. *it’s not judging if it’s true.
All things aside, if you’re still looking to book a vacation this summer come to Chicago. Just look how beautiful this city is, I can’t get over it.

I’ve gotta keep this short and sweet because I’m busy working at a unicorn sales conference all day today. Wish me luck.
Happy Tuesday!

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